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After a long time, Minghe and Red Lotus Taoist stopped their refining at the same time, with satisfying expressions on their faces. Red Lotus Taoist nodded to both Minghe and the Sect Leader Tongtian, then transformed into a flash of light flying into Minghe's body. Minghe waved his hands, and a new God-killing Sword Formation slowly moved out of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. Looking at this new Formation, Minghe smiled with satisfaction.

The God-killing Sword Formation's aura had changed a little instead of appearance. The previous one contained strong killing intent, but this palm-sized God-killing Sword Formation just looked like a find artwork without any aura of a supreme treasure. It seemed that nobody would find any connection between it with the well-known God-killing Sword Formation.

Tongtian stretched his hand to call back the God-killing Sword Formation. He checked it carefully and showed happiness on his face at once. This Formation could be called perfect now and even had the capacity of suppressing the Luck. With this treasure, Sect Leader Tongtian could feel that the Luck of his Tribe of Severity wouldn't lose anymore, which was excellent news for him.

Looking at Tongtian, Minghe asked,"How do you like it, My Fellow Taoist? Now that I have helped you to complete this God-killing Sword Formation, our deal is done. As for these two treasures, I will also give them to you. You better make your choice as early as possible." Minghe waved his hand, presenting the Origin of chaos and a Jade Slip in front of Tongtian. Then, he stood up and left.

After Minghe's leave, Tongtian looked at the three treasures for a long while. Waving his hand, he collected the God-killing Sword Formation and the Origin of chaos. He stretched his hand and held the Jade Slip in his hand. After injecting his Spiritual Thoughts into it, he was shocked. For a moment, Tongtian's eyesight changed, and it seemed that he had made a decision.

At Golden Chicken Mountain, Bo Yikao, Ji Fa and the immortals of the three religions had set their armies before the Impregnable Pass. Looking at the lofty Pass, the disciples of the three religions frowned. Even if most of them weren't good at tactical formations, they could figure out this Pass was constructed by the Five Elements Tactical Formation. The construction of this Pass was an integral whole it must be a masterpiece created by Kong Xuan, who was proficient in the five elements tactical methods.

Right at that moment, the gate of this Pass opened, and Kong Xuan led his army walking out step by step. After arranging his soldiers into a formation, he walked in front. Noticing that all the disciples of the three religions and the millions of soldiers had gotten ready, Kong Xuan grinned. Even if the three religions were all joining in this battle and his counterpart owned millions of soldiers, he was not afraid!

Bo Yikao was confused when finding that Kong Xuan was a gentleman, which was entirely different from the three religions' immortals' descriptions. In Bo Yikao's mind, Kong Xuan should be a mighty and powerful man. But the one in front of him did not look like the person who made all the immortals of the three religions scared.

Bo Yikao asked with confusion, "Taoist Priest, are you the Kong Xuan, Taoist from the Blood Sea?" There was an obvious doubt in his words. Xuandu and the others also noticed that, but they said nothing. Indeed, Kong Xuan looked like a gentleman who couldn't make the others afraid of him. However, you can never judge a person only by his appearance.

Looking at Bo Yikao, Kong Xuan was stunned a little and then smiled mysteriously. He answered,"Yes, I am Kong Xuan from Blood Sea. You must be the eldest son of the Marquis of the West, Bo Yikao. You have the quality to be an emperor, indeed. I know you want to overturn King Zhou's tyranny, and I don't care. However, I won't open the gate to let you go through my city, so you should find another way to go."

Find another way? If they could find another way to Zhaoge City, why would they come over here? Rolling mountains surrounded the Golden Chicken Mountain, and nobody knew how many there were. It was really impossible for hundreds of millions of army to go through them. If they had to find another way, they would not only waste quite a lot of time but also suffer from a lack of food. What was worse, the other ways to Zhaoge were all difficult to get through, so the Impregnable Pass was the only way for Xiqi's army to get to Zhaoge safely.

Hearing Kong Xuan's words, Ji Fa started to say, "Taoist Priest, you must know King Zhou's inability and autarchy. Our Western Zhou's movement to overturn the Shang Dynasty is the decree of the Heaven. As a notable immortal, why do you choose to get involved in this battle? We really don't want to be on the opposite side of you, so please withdraw your troops and let us get through this Pass. We Xiqi soldiers will always remember your righteousness."

Hearing Ji Fa's words, disciples of the three religions couldn't help smiling bitterly. If it was somebody else, Ji Fa might have had a chance to persuade him. However, today they were facing Kong Xuan. If he could be persuaded that easily, they wouldn't have all gathered to cope with him. Although Kong Xuan didn't take action directly, he had mentioned that they should find another way. Even if Bo Yikao and Ji Fa agreed, the disciples would not accept it. If they did, it seemed that they were afraid of Kong Xuan, which would hurt their dignity.

Kong Xuan smiled after hearing Ji Fa's words. He said, "Haha, as a mortal, how dare you talk about submitting to the Heaven's will with me? What a joke! Hey, Clan of Enlightenment, is this the wise master you choose? What a naive person! Haven't you told him the grudges between the Blood Sea and your three religions? Do you want to get through this Pass? OK, pay with your lives."

Ji Fa felt embarrassed and angry after hearing Kong Xuan's words, but he dared not say anything because Kong Xuan was a powerful immortal who even made all the immortals of the three religions afraid. From Kong Xuan's words, the disciples knew that war between them was unavoidable. Since Kong Xuan started a war against them, they would not back off. They did not only represent themselves but also the dignity of the four Sages.

Xuandu walked out of their formation and said, "Kong Xuan, Fellow Taoist, since you want to start a war, I will be your first opponent." Suddenly, a flash of white light passed by and a sword came out. This sword, black on one side and white on the other, was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure sent by Laozi. With the Yin and Yang sides, it was super powerful and suited well with Xuandu's Tao.

Holding this sword, Xuandu flew to a cloud. This would be a fight between Sages-to-be, so even the aftermath of the war would kill some mortal soldiers. Therefore, they needed to start this fight in the sky. Standing on the clouds, Xuandu waved his sword, and a flash of Sword Aura seemed to separate the Yin and Yang of the Heaven and Earth. It was weird that everyone saw black and white after Xuandu's wave.

Feeling the Sword Aura moving towards him, Kong Xuan had a five-colored fan in his hand, that was his weapon, the Five Colored Glaze Fan. Kong Xuan waved his fan slightly, and the powerful aura disappeared immediately. This fan could break up all the five elements of Heaven and Earth. Since the Sword Aura belongs to the gold element, it could naturally break the Sword Aura.

Kong Xuan stepped on an auspicious cloud and moved to the sky. Looking at Xuandu, he said with a smile on his face,"You deserve to be the disciple of the Sage Grand Pure. The Sword Aura from the Sword of Yin and Yang is really powerful. But you forgot my Divine Five Colored Light can break up all the five elements of Heaven and Earth. Although your Sword Aura is fierce, it's also a part of the five elements. If you are only good at this swordsmanship, you will lose this fight."

Xuandu did not panic, because he had already expected this outcome before taking action. It was just a temptation. What was more, from Kong Xuan's action, he found something abnormal. But he was not sure. If it was so, they might have a chance to win with the three religions working together.

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