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With the involvement of the four Sages-to-be of the three religions, the battle was spectacular. Just seeing their power, the disciples of the three religions were panicking. Even if some of them were already Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, confronted with an attack like that, even an aftershock would be powerful enough to wound them severely. The Sage-to-be Realm were "sages" after all.

Confronted with the four, Kong Xuan took the fight seriously for the first time. If he possessed the complete Divine Five Colored Light, he could have taken more attacks like this. Whereas it was slightly trickier for him now. Then Kong Xuan released his power. The Divine Five Colored Light immediately released lights in blue, yellow, red, black and white, coloring the clouds beneath his feet.

While the five-color light was gathering, Kong Xuan activated the Five Colored Glaze Fan. The light waved towards all directions immediately, clearing the clouds and mists in its way. Only four magnificent five-color rainbows were left. The Divine Five Colored Light collided with the attacks of the four, after a thunder-like noise, a huge partly hidden and partly visible sun appeared in the sky.

The disciples of the three religions were all stunned when the aftermath dropped from the sky. Though they boasted enough cultivation and magic weapons to withstand it, there were still numerous soldiers of Western Zhou that may face heavy losses if they were left alone.

Witnessing that, Chi Jingzi's expression changed drastically. He shouted, "Fellow Taoists, let's take action and ward off the aftermath together." The disciples of the three religions then activated their powers. At that moment, the magic weapons and magic arts covered the sky. They resisted the aftermath. If the expedition army suffered severe losses, it would be hard for them to win the following battle, even though they passed the Golden Chicken Mountain. Considering the differences between the immortals and the mortals, immortals could not kill a mortal casually. After all, the Holy Land of the Human Tribe still existed.

However, the Army of Five Elements of Kong Xuan was not affected by the impact. Their formation changed immediately when the attack came. It seemed that they were coordinated with the Impregnable Pass behind. A tactical formation of the Five Elements formed, resisting all the aftermath and then vanished. As if it never appeared.

On the cloud, Xuandu, Dipamkara, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha were not affected by the aftermath. They backed off a little. When everything settled, Kong Xuan's figure appeared. Kong Xuan stood on the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, though he was the center of the attack, it did not injure him at all.

The four felt quite upset when they observed Kong Xuan' s Red Lotus of Fire. The Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. Its defense strength probably was the strongest factor, even when compared with some Primordial Spiritual Treasures. Thus, it required great efforts to be broken. However, what made the four depressed was the fact that they could not use any magic weapons of the Five Elements, or Kong Xuan would amass it.

Kong Xuan was standing on the Red Lotus of Fire, stared at the four and beamed, "You were late already. Now it's my turn." The Red Lotus of Fire under his feet began to swirl slowly, releasing numerous red lotus fire. The fire eventually formed into four fire peacocks. The size of which was not gigantic, but scary, after all, it was red lotus Fire.

When the four fire peacocks gathered together and formed, Kong Xuan sat cross-legged. He cast the Five Colored Glaze Fan upward and activated the tactic. Then the suspended fan immediately released numerous Divine Five Colored Lights, which turned into five feathers and decorated the tails of the peacocks. Suddenly, the four peacocks seemed to be vivid creatures with souls.

"Go!" Kong Xuan shouted. The four fire peacocks flew towards Xuandu, Dipamkara, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha. The four confronted it with magic arts calmly. They felt too frustrated to fight with Kong Xuan and dared not activate even their most powerful magic weapons. Since once Kong Xuan amassed the magic weapons, they would never get them back.

The more frustrating thing was that when the Red Lotus Fire and the Divine Five Colored Light cooperated, the attack and defense forces would double. They could only deal with Kong Xuan with magic arts. Though, Kong Xuan was waiting for them to use magic weapons and collect them with his Divine Five Colored Light. Once that happened, they had no chance to withdraw the weapons.

Witnessing that, the disciples were shocked. It never occurred to them that Kong Xuan could be so powerful. Even four sages-to-be could not gain the upper hand. Maitreya of the Western Religious Sect smiled and said, "Fellow Taoists, given that Kong Xuan is too powerful, let's go to help our senior brothers." He did not mean to smile at that moment, but he was born with a smiling face.

Hearing that, the disciples of the three religions started buzzing. Kong Xuan even obtained the advantage while confronting the four. It was just a matter of time for them to lose the fight. If all of them were defeated, the morale of the three religions and Western Zhou would drain seriously. Thus it would be impossible for them to strive through the Golden Chicken Mountain, unless with their master here.

Whereas they knew it would be useless even with their master here since Kong Xuan has a master as well. If he then gathered his brothers here, they would have no chance to win anymore. Though they might gain a notorious reputation for confronting Kong Xuan alone, there was no time for them to be concerned about fame. If Xuandu the four were all defeated, the three religions would be a joke in the Untainted Land.

Immortal Yu Ding of the Clan of Enlightenment stared at the five men fighting with magic arts on the clouds and said seriously,"Fellows, ordinary people may not bear the battle among sages-to-be. Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals will be the only proper candidates, and they should be careful, in case their magic weapons are taken away by Kong Xuan. Now that the three religions joint hands, we should care for each other and avoid being defeated separately."

All the disciples of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals nodded while hearing that. What Immortal Yu Ding said was reasonable. It would be hard for them to win the battle if they did not help each other. Gaining others' approvals, Immortal Yu Ding flew up and joined the four in the sky, saying,"Fellow brothers, I come to help you."

Dozens of disciples in the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal flew to the cloud and settled around the four. Seeing this, Guang Chengzi activated the tactic suddenly, blocking the fire peacock temporarily, and said,"You should be careful. Stay in the periphery and do not go into the center rashly. Pay particular attention to his Divine Five Colored Light."

All disciples nodded their heads. Although they were all Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals who boasted fame in the Untainted Land and were somehow masters in their places, they still could not compete with Kong Xuan, as one level's gap between the Sage-to-be and Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal suggested a huge distinction. Even with one hundred Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, they may fail to match a single Sage-to-be. Thus, they could only stay around and try to interfere with Kong Xuan.

In an instant, hundreds of thousands of magic arts were directed towards Kong Xuan together. They behaved themselves shotting attacks Kong Xuan with magic arts, rather than their Spiritual Treasures. Nevertheless, such attacks may not even break the defense of Kong Xuan's Red Lotus of Fire. They could only disturb Kong Xuan for a while and create some opportunities for Xuandu the four.

Kong Xuan beamed ironically while observing those magic arts. He waved the Five Colored Glaze Fan once, then all the magic arts vanished. Those little tricks could not hurt him at all. The gap between Realms could not be narrowed by expanding the number of attacks. Glaring at those disciples surrounded by him, Kong Xuan suddenly stood up and recalled the tactic. The four fire peacocks then disappeared between heaven and earth immediately. Kong Xuan scanned those disciples and said mildly, "Warm-up is over. Let me show you something really powerful."

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