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Seeing the Ancestor of the Dragon Tribe, Liu Er smiled. He never expected that there was such a master in the Dragon Tribe. Surprisingly, he and the Ancestor, who had reached the Late Stage of Sage-to-be Realm, were well-matched. Liu Er smiled and asked, "It was said that Ancestor of Dragon had a brother, who was a Five-clawed Golden Dragon and named Winged Rain-dragon. Are you the one?"

Winged Rain-dragon replied, "Yes, I am. After the Cultivation Tribulation that year, my brother fell and I was severely wounded. Moreover, I was encumbered by Karma. Therefore, I had to live in seclusion for Closed-Door Meditation. When I paid off my Karma, I came out and discovered that the present Dragon Tribe could not be compared to the past one. My brother dramatically expanded the Dragon Tribe. It's a pity that I am unable to guard it. I've failed to live up his expectations."

Winged Rain-dragon gave Liu Er a piercing stare. It said coldly, "Liu Er, my Fellow Taoist, although your master is an expert of Origin, it's a vain attempt if you want to trample on our dignity. If you can't answer to our dragon tribe, I'll attribute the responsibility to you."

Winged Rain-dragon's appearance stunned everyone. They never thought that there was such a great master in the Dragon Tribe. They were also surprised by Winged Rain-dragon's attitude. It did not matter even if there was one more master at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be Realm. If Minghe was angry, the Dragon Tribe would be completely crushed.

Perhaps there were sages who supported the Dragon Tribe? However, even so, the situation of the Dragon Tribe was not optimistic. Moreover, Minghe alone was equal to four Sages, not to mention that he had a Puppet of Origin. Five Sages were needed at least to deal with Minghe. Were there so many Sages supporting the Dragon Tribe in the Untainted Land?

In the Holy Square Mountain, Jieyin looked at the scene in the East Sea. He asked the smiling Zhunti, "My Junior Apprentice Brother, why did you provoke Winged Rain-dragon to attack Liu Er at this time? Furthermore, you said that you supported the Dragon Tribe. Originally, we were enemies with Minghe. At present, you're provoking the Dragon Tribe against him. Without a doubt, Minghe will first deal with our Western Religious Sect during the Battle of Gods Investiture."

Zhunti smiled and said, "My Senior Apprentice Brother, please be assured. I have my own plan. Do not forget that it was not just us who sneaked up on Minghe at that time. Moreover, I plotted the Dragon Tribe's provocation against Minghe for a reason. You should know that the ashram of the Sect Leader Tongtian is in the East Sea. Meanwhile, many in the Dragon Tribe are disciples of the Tribe of Severity. If Minghe recklessly slays the Dragon Tribe, he'll surely fight with the Tribe of Severity. It'll be interesting to see that."

Jieyin immediately understood that Zhunti had not planned to save the Dragon Tribe but instead, wanted to provoke Minghe into going against Tongtian through the Dragon Tribe. Amongst the seven sages of the Untainted Land, although Laozi had the most advanced cultivation, Tongtian with the God-killing Sword Formation was the strongest. At that moment, Minghe had openly quarreled with five saints, including Laozi, the Honored Lord of the Origin, Houtu, Jieyin, and Zhunti. If he provoked Tongtian, it would be hard for Minghe to win.

The Blood Sea was stuck in a dilemma. If Liu Er did not give the Dragon Tribe an account, the Dragon Tribe certainly would not give up that easily. Until then, a major war would be unavoidable. Even the Sect Leader Tongtian and the Tribe of Severity would be probably get involved. As a result, it would be bad for Minghe. If Liu Er did not give them an account, it would certainly damage the awe-inspiring reputations of the Blood Sea and Minghe.

At the peak of an unnamed mountain, Minghe naturally sensed the changing situation in the East Sea. Winged Rain-dragon's attitude was enough to prove that he was supported by sages. Certainly, Minghe could predict their scheme that someone wanted to drag the Sect Leader Tongtian into the mire. In that case, it would not be easy for Minghe to win.

Would Minghe withdraw? His face took on a faintly ironical look. Although it was a good move, it was impossible to make Minghe withdraw. He thought to himself,"The God-killing Sword Formation, what's the big deal? Is it true that only four Sages can break the formation?" Minghe wanted to have a try because the worst situation was for the both of them to die together. After becoming Rakshasa, Minghe became more combative. He was eager to have a big fight, a phenomenal one.

After Winged Rain-dragon finished his speech, Liu Er's smile instantly disappeared because the Winged Rain-dragon's overtones were obvious. If he did not give the Dragon Tribe an account, they would not give up easily. Until then, there must be a big fight between the Blood Sea and the Dragon Tribe, which would cause a butterfly effect. Therefore, Liu Er had to make careful considerations.

Seeing Liu Er's smile disappear, Winged Rain-dragon re-evaluated his intentions. Previously, the Sage Zhunti had connected with him. It meant that Two Sages of the West were willing to support the Dragon Tribe. Moreover, they told him two possibilities. At that time, the Dragon Tribe was faced with a terrible dilemma. If they shrank back again, the Dragon Tribe would be thoroughly discredited. Reluctantly, Winged Rain-dragon had to bet on the Blood Sea's people not being absolutely desperate lunatics.

Unfortunately, he was wrong. Liu Er laughed sardonically and said, "Hhha, Winged Rain-dragon, having someone like you in the Dragon Tribe is alright. However, even if you threaten me with the name of the Dragon Tribe, I won't be afraid. Since Nezha is not wrong, so I think it's unnecessary to give you an account. If you want to fight, please shut up and fight with me. I would like to see your capability as the Ancestor of the Dragon Tribe."

Winged Rain-dragon's expressioned changed. This was the worst ending he could imagine. Had Liu Er not know that he probably will be against the Tribe of Severity by doing so? Had he not thought about the consequences? Winged Rain-dragon said coldly, "Liu Er, have you thought it through clearly?" Meanwhile, he was looking at the Golden Turtle Island as if he was giving him a heads-up.

Although Liu Er was often careless, he was not stupid. Looking at the Golden Turtle Island, Winged Rain-dragon was reminding him of the Tribe of Severity in the East Sea. The Tribe of Severity was known for being worshipped by tens of thousands of immortals. Among them, some people of the Dragon Tribe were apprenticed to the Sect Leader Tongtian. In case of a big fight, the Tribe of Severity would probably be involved. But if Liu Er was afraid for this reason, he would not be Liu Er.

Liu Er sneered and said, "Winged Rain-dragon, you're not who I thought you were. You're just a coward scoundrel. Do you think that I'll hesitate because your people are members of the Tribe of Severity? You underestimate me. My teacher said that all conspiracies are absurd under the absolute power. Since you have appeared today, I think that will be fine to have a big fight."

Winged Rain-dragon's expression changed. He never thought of that Liu Er would figure out his plan and verbalise it. Although a few people of the Dragon Tribe worshipped the Tribe of Severity, the Tribe of Severity and the Sect Leader Tongtian were also set up, as Winged Rain-dragon wanted to force Liu Er to withdraw by the name of the Tribe of Severity. If the Sect Leader Tongtian was offended and got angry, the Dragon Tribe would suffer great calamity.

In the Jadeite Palace of the Golden Turtle Island, the Sect Leader Tongtian watched everything on the east coast with a solemn expression. It was not because he had been set up by Winged Rain-dragon. He knew that Winged Rain-dragon was not that brave. He suspected that there might be some sage offering advice in the background. Moreover, it was probably Two Sages of the West. Of course, it might also be Laozi or Honored Lord of the Origin.

Since the Battle of Gods Investiture had not started yet, Minghe was still the most powerful person in the Untainted Land, and the Sect Leader Tongtian was second. If the two of them fought with each other, it would greatly benefit the other three religions. Obviously, the Sect Leader Tongtian understood the mystery. Although the Tribe of Severity believed in education without distinction, it was just propagating doctrines. If the Dragon Tribe wanted to resort to the Tribe of Severity, it would just be an idle dream. As for the disciples of the Dragon Tribe, he would keep them safe, as long as they did not leave the Tribe of Severity.

As for Minghe, the Sect Leader was interested in fighting him. But, it was not appropriate to fight at that time. As the Battle of Gods Investiture was imminent, the Sect Leader Tongtian had to show consideration for his disciples, even if not for himself. The Tribe of Severity was powerful, but it had no supreme treasure to suppress evil luck. In case of any carelessness, the Tribe of Severity might be beyond redemption. Therefore, the Sect Leader Tongtian had to be cautious.

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