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Nobody expected Nezha to make a breakthrough at that moment, which was somewhat dramatic. Although Nezha had just reached Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, he possessed an incomparable momentum much greater than those whose cultivations were at the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. His cultivation was at least at the Secondary Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. It would be interesting to see how Nezha, at this Stage, would fight Ao Guang at the Peak Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Ao Guang had never thought that his coercion promoted his opponent. Although his cultivation was at the Peak Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, he had spent tens of thousands of years on cultivating it. However, Nezha was only a child and he had reached the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm. Presumably, it would not be hard for Nezha to reach the Sage-to-be Realm with his aptitude.

After the breakthrough, Nezha laughed and said, "Hhha, Old Dragon King, I want to thank you. If not for you, I, the young master, would not have made a breakthrough so quickly to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm. Just now, it does not count. Let us start over. I want to see what skills you have." Now, Nezha was more confident to fight Ao Guang. He did not consider their stark differences as well as his injuries.

Hearing Nezha mention "young master", "Old Dragon King", and "thank you", Ao Guang could not suppress his intent to kill, and his anger exploded. His eyes grew red and he said, "Nezha, since you are ungrateful, I'll show you no mercy. Today, I'll kill you, the lawless fanatic, in your master's stead."

Obviously, no one foresaw Nezha's arousing of Ao Guang's intent to kill. However, Ao Guang was completely possessed by the killing intent, and he had never considered the consequences. His overweening arrogance indicated that he would show no mercy.

"Eh! Ao Guang, do you think you are qualified enough to punish him in my stead?" A slight laughter suddenly came from the sky. A figure quietly appeared beside Nezha. At that moment, Ao Guang's momentum disappeared. When Nezha saw the comer, he called out with a smile, "Master, why are you here?" The comer was Liu Er.

Everyone was still a little surprised at the sight of Liu Er although they had guessed that Nezha's master was likely to be Liu Er, as their behaviors were almost the same. How the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal competed with a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was similar to how Liu Er competed with the Honoured Lord of the Origin. The master and apprentice were really alike.

Upon seeing Liu Er, Ao Guang calmed down at once and looked sullen.Taoist Liu Er, Minghe's chief disciple, had at least reached the Late Stage of Sage-to-be Realm. Since he challenged many Sage-to-be masters in the Untainted Land, he had not fought for many years. No one knew which realm he had reached.

As Minghe's chief disciple, Liu Er had attracted much attention. However, few people knew his background. He was very mysterious because only the Sages and a few Almighties knew his actual strength besides the Blood Sea. Once upon a time, someone had speculated that Liu Er would have acquired the Fruit of Origin like Minghe several years later. By then, the Blood Sea would be powerful and prestigious.

As Liu Er despised his questions, Ao Guang could only suppress his anger. He looked sullen and said, "Liu Er, my Fellow Taoist, Nezha beat a Sepatroling Yaksha to death. Moreover, he beat my son Ao Bing to death and pulled out his dragon tendons. What's your opinion, my Taoist friend?" Before Liu Er, Ao Guang was no longer domineering.

Obviously, Liu Er did not pay attention to what he said. Instead, he looked at the nearby Nezha and derided, "Nezha, I shouldn't have let you out. Just within a moment, you've created trouble. You really are good at this. But I forgive you this time, since you have broken through the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm. Come here and eat Peaches of Immortality for healing. Otherwise, your parents will be worried about you."

At the sight of the peaches passed to him by Liu Er, Nezha could not help drooling. The peaches were not planted by Liu Er, but from the Garden of Peaches of Immortality. Furthermore, they were only harvested once every 9,000 years. After Liu Er became Haotian's brother-in-law, he had often gone to the heavenly palace. Each time, he would wander around the Garden of Peaches of Immortality in the Jasper Lake. Since Haotian and Yaochi wanted to cozy up to Liu Er, they would turn a blind eye.

Seeing Nezha eating the 9,000 years Peaches of Immortality, those bystanders could not help swallowing. It was exasperating if one was being compared with another. Nezha not only wore spiritual treasures but also ate the 9,000 years Peaches of Immortality. They looked at themselves and lamented that they could not compare with Nezha, who was so lucky to have a good master.

It was like pouring fuel on fire when Ao Guang felt that he was being despised by Liu Er. At first, he was filled with the intent to kill. At present, he bristled with anger. Looking at Liu Er and Nezha, Ao Guang said angrily in a low voice, "Liu Er, my Fellow Taoist, don't push me. Even if you have a deep cultivation and a good master, I won't be afraid of you. If ... Puff..." Before he could finishing speaking, he spat one mouthful of blood out of his mouth.

Liu Er suddenly turned around and squinted at Ao Guang. His strong coercion at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be Realm gradually weakened. However, Ao Guang was fully affected by such a strong coercion. Although Ao Guang had reached the Peak Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, he was far away from Liu Er in cultivation. Just one strike from Liu Er, Ao Guang was injured and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Looking at Ao Guang, Liu Er stopped smiling and said coldly, "Ao Guang, you haven't taken my words to heart. Let me say it again. You aren't qualified to call me your friend. At least, only those Sages-to-be are qualified. Since I'm in a good mood, I forgive you this time. But next time, I'll kill you."

It was so unreasonable for Liu Er to kill Ao Guang just because Ao Guang called him Fellow Taoist. Obviously, he had a prejudice against Ao Guang. There were so many cultivators in Untainted Land, and they called each other Fellow Taoists when greeting without considering the differences amongst the realms. However, Liu Er just called those of the same realm as Fellow Taoist. Although it was so easy to offend people, Liu Er did not care.

Ao Guang looked sullen after hearing that. He looked at Liu Er and clenched his jaw, saying, "Ok. Liu Er, I, Ao Guang, will remember the humiliation of this day and seek retribution later. However, your disciple Nezha killed my son Ao Bing, will you account for that?" Since Ao Guang was totally disgraced that day, the whole Dragon Tribe would be the laughingstock of the Untainted Land if he conceded.

Liu Er laughed gently, "Account? What account? Your son Ao Bing coveted my disciple's Spiritual Treasure, so he deserved to die. Do you want my disciple to die? It's so ridiculous. Ao Guang, you think highly of yourself and your Dragon Tribe. Are you capable of asking me for an account for my actions? "

After hearing that, Ao Guang turned frosty. He knew it was impossible to ask Liu Er for an account, as Liu Er did not take the Dragon Tribe seriously. How pathetic! Back in the old days, the Dragon Tribe was awe-inspiring during Longhan Cultivation Tribulation. However, during the reign of the saints, the Dragon Tribe had lost its superior status. In case of any carelessness, it could be exterminated.

Just then, the sea waves intensified. A golden spiritual dragon suddenly flew out of the sea, and its golden scales glittered in the sun. Surprisingly, the golden dragon had five claws. So, it was a Five-clawed Golden Dragon. In the Dragon Tribe, the Five-clawed Golden Dragon was highly respected and inferior only to Ancestor of Dragon. However, it was the only Five-clawed Golden Dragon in the Dragon Tribe.

It fell before Ao Guang and turned into a man - a domineering middle-aged man. As Ao Guang looked at the man, he immediately knelt and said, "Greetings, Forefather. I am Ao Guang of the Dragon Tribe of East Sea." At the same time, all the shrimp soldiers and crab generals also knelt down. The man nodded and said gently, "You have my permission to rise!"

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