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Now, Winged Rain-dragon had no choice but to fight with Liu Er to retain the Dragon Tribe's dignity. He stretched out his hand to hold a spear at the level of Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. And then, he said coldly, "Liu Er, since you want to fight, I'll fight till the end to see how strong you are."

Liu Er laughed and a golden light flashed across his body. Suddenly, He put on a suit of armor and held the Rod of Origin. "Now that's the way to talk! Take this!" Liu Er immediately leaped towards Winged Rain-dragon with the intent to kill. He waved a long rod to hit Winged Rain-dragon with endless power. Although it was just a piece of rod, it was suffocating like being pressed by Mount Tai.

After all, Winged Rain-dragon had lived in the "Three Tribes" period, so he had experienced many battles. Confronted with Liu Er's thundering attack, he was in no hurry. He fiercely stabbed at Liu Er with his glittering spear. The spear stopped Liu Er's Rod of Origin and remained intact. That proved that his spear was extraordinary.

Although Winged Rain-dragon successfully warded off Liu Er's attack, the aftermath of the collision between spear and rod was unevitable Under the strong impact force, a fathomless trench was formed in the sea, and all nearby shrimp soldiers and crab generals died. At the sight of this, Ao Guang ordered his shrimp soldiers and crab generals to retreat to safe zones.

Nezha had eaten Peaches of Immortality and was watching the battle between Liu Er and Winged Rain-dragon. When he saw the deterrent force of one strike, he was so frightened that his jaw dropped. As a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, he would have been seriously injured if he had suffered the aftermath. Although Sage-to-be Realm was one level higher than Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, their realms could not be compared, because Sage-to-be Realm was somewhat related to Sage.

Nezha was extremely shocked when he saw the battle between Liu Er and Winged Rain-dragon. All the time, he had been proud of his cultivation. At three or four years old, he had been a Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. Now, he was a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. It was really unprecedented in the Untainted Land and it was something to be proud of.

However, Nezha suddenly felt that he still had a long way to go. Although he had broken through the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, there were still the Sage-to-be Realm and even the Realm of Origin, which was dreamed of by all living beings of Untainted Land. At that moment, Nezha suddenly desired to become stronger. A seed of being a powerhouse was silently planted in his heart, and it would bloom and yield fruit one day.

The battle between Sages-to-be was so extremely turbulent that mountains fell, the earth split, the sea disordered, and the ambient creatures escaped one by one. Fortunately, they noticed this and gradually shifted the battle to the sky to reduce the damage. Furthermore, they could boldly fight with each other, without Nezha, Ao Guang, as well as shrimp soldiers and crab generals nearby.

After warding off Liu Er's rod, a ball suddenly appeared in Winged Rain-dragon's left hand. It was the Dragon Tribe's supreme treasure, also Ancestor of Dragon's Eternal Spiritual Treasure. Dragon Pearl was a Primordial Spiritual Treasure. After Ancestor of Dragon died, it fell into Winged Rain-dragon's hands. Being activated by supernatural power, the Dragon Pearl immediately emitted golden rays to Liu Er, as if he was directly penetrated.

Liu Er promptly brandished the Rod of Origin to form an airtight rod-wall, to ward off the oncoming golden light. However, the golden light was too much, and some light bypassed the wall to shoot Liu Er. And then, Liu Er unhurriedly conjured the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire to ward off the golden light.

As the golden light disappeared, a Five-clawed Golden Dragon jumped on Liu Er, with a Dragon Pearl in its mouth. As soon as it opened its mouth, a bolt of violent lightning illuminated Liu Er. Liu Er shouted loudly and his figure expanded sharply to become a giant ape. He struck a blow and smashed the bolt of violent lightning. Without hesitation, he faced the upcoming Winged Rain-dragon's true form.

Winged Rain-dragon obviously underestimated Demon Ape, Liu Er's Real Body. Liu Er was personally taught by Minghe to practice the Arcane way of Divine Beings, so his human body was no less than Ancestor of sorcerer's Real Body. Although Five-claws Golden Dragon, Winged Rain-dragon's true body was next only to Ancestor of Dragon's in the Dragon Tribe, it was still inferior to Ancestor of sorcerer's. It was evident that Liu Er gained the upper hand when he fought Winged Rain-dragon's claws with fists.

"Click..." As Winged Rain-dragon's claw collided with Liu Er's fist, it was surprising that dragon scales broke into pieces and the dragon claw was badly damaged. He never thought that Liu Er's human body was so strong. At that moment, he spouted a water column to force back Liu Er. Originally, he planned to take advantage of fighting hand-to-hand. However, clever people may be victims of their own cleverness. Now, he had become the victim.

Liu Er was fearless in the face of Winged Rain-dragon's water attack. He waved the Rod of Origin to divide the water column into two, and Winged Rain-dragon behind the water column appeared. With a stronger momentum, Liu Er rushed to Winged Rain-dragon again with the intent to kill. Liu Er had perceived the Law of War that if the battle lasted longer, his combat power would be stronger.

Winged Rain-dragon was stunned that Liu Er had launched another attack. He never considered Liu Er to be that strong. Previously, he saw that Liu Er was at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be Realm, so he was agreed to fight with him. His cultivation time was tens of thousands of years longer than Liu Er's. He believed that he could suppress Liu Er with his cultivation, but Liu Er's strength was far beyond his previous expectations.

Since he did not take advantage of the Real Body, Winged Rain-dragon would not continue to do this. And then, he immediately turned into a human and his Dragon Pearl spat endless True Concentration Fire to burn Liu Er. Correspondingly, Liu Er restored from Demon Ape. He rotated the Red Lotus of Fire under his feet to spurt endless Red Lotus Fire. It directly collided with Samadhi True Fire.

Although Samadhi True Fire was strong, it was not the top-level fire. However, Red Lotus Fire was different. As long as it was an object, it could burn anything, including fire. After being burned by Red Lotus Fire, Samadhi True Fire was burned out. Later, it overspread Winged Rain-dragon, leaving no leeway for him.

Winged Rain-dragon was shocked, as he never expected Red Lotus Fire to be so fierce. He once again activated his Dragon Pearl to draw water from Ruoshui River to damp down Red Lotus Fire. However, Liu Er would not miss such a good opportunity. And then, he changed his figure and rushed to Winged Rain-dragon without giving him a chance to take a breath.

Confronted with Liu Er's attack, Winged Rain-dragon just dealt with it in a hurry. When Liu Er swept through once with his rod, Winged Rain-dragon managed to ward if off, but he was still hurt. A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth, and he looked very pale. In despair, Winged Rain-dragon could only shake himself and change his form. He conjured his Good Separation and Evil Separation to help him in fighting. Finally, the three joined up to force Liu Er to retreat.

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