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Ao Guang held a huge seal in his left hand and pointed at the seal with his right hand. The vibratory supernatural power of a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was terrifying. Furthermore, the power was used to activate a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. A giant green dragon flew from the Green Dragon Seal. The dragon flew to Nezha with fangs bared and claws brandished. Although it was formed by supernatural power, it seemed to be a real green dragon because it was so awe-inspiring.

Under the attack of the green dragon, Nezha's expression turned solemn. Although he was mischievous, he was not foolish. He knew that, at the Peak Realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, he could not withstand the attack of a Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. If he could not ward off this attack, he could be killed here.

Instead of attacking, Nezha immediately threw out the Universe Ring for defense. At once, the ring emitted golden lights in the air and a solid defense was built with the power of Heaven and Earth. However, Nezha also knew that the green dragon's attack could not be warded off with only this. Then, he promptly brandished the Red Armillary Sash. Immediately, Nezha was tightly wrapped like a rice dumpling without any leakage after it had lengthened.

As expected, the green dragon ran into the Universe Ring. The golden light barrier immediately broke into pieces after one or two breaths and scattered between Heaven and Earth. The Universe Ring also became dim. As the green dragon dashed against the ring, the Universe Ring immediately flew out and left an arc in the air. In the end, it hid in the defense of the Red Armillary Sash.

The Universe Ring was extremely firm. Although it failed to ward off the green dragon, it could weaken the power of the attack to some extent. Conversely, the Red Armillary Sash was extremely soft. After dashing against the sash, the green dragon seemingly entered into a muddy swamp and its attack slowed down. However, the Red Armillary Sash was also split into pieces by the green dragon and scattered all over the sky.

In the end, the green dragon's attack was not warded off by the Red Armillary Sash. With a great sound between Heaven and Earth, the green dragon was defeated and dispersed. When debris of red cloth was scattered all over the sky, the figure of Nezha appeared inside. All the people were stunned, and even Ao Guang pulled a long face and frowned. He had never thought that Nezha could ward off this attack or that Nezha still had other terrifying defensive skills.

The Red Armillary Sash broke into pieces and scattered all over the sky. Inside, Nezha looked pale and the corner of his mouth was bleeding. The scene was heartrending. He held the Universe Ring with one hand and caught the remaining one-foot Red Armillary Sash with the other hand. The most important thing was that he stepped on a sixth-ranked, blood-red lotus throne.

At the sight of the Sixth-Ranked Red Lotus of Fire, those people who did not know Nezha's master immediately realized that the Red Lotus of Fire was a supreme treasure of Ancestor Minghe of the Blood Sea. Ancestor Minghe divided his Evil Separation with a 24th- Ranked Red Lotus of Fire. It was unknown how it came into being. Therefore, the disciples of the Blood Sea were represented by the Red Lotus of Fire, and each disciple owned a Red Lotus of Fire.

Since Nezha had a Red Lotus of Fire, he had to be the disciple of Ancestor Minghe. As an expert of Origin, Ancestor Minghe only had three self-imparting disciples—Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise. As a child, Nezha probably was received as a disciple by one of the three self-imparting disciples. Judging by Nezha's behavior, it could be predicted that he might be the disciple of Taoist Liu Er.

Nezha wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then looked at the remaining one-foot Red Armillary Sash in his right hand. He randomly waved it several times and then it became longer at once. In an instant, it had gotten back into its original shape. One of the Red Armillary Sash's features was that it could get back to normal as long as there was a little of it left. Nezha stood on the Red Lotus of Fire and looked at Ao Guang fearlessly.

Ao Guang looked at Nezha with complicated emotions. Under the present situation, he faced a dilemma. On one hand, he mobilized so many troops to get revenge for his son. All sides of the Untainted Land were watching. If he was frightened into retreating by the Red Lotus of Fire, he would lose face before all living beings of the Untainted Land. On the other hand, Nezha was Ancestor Minghe's disciple's disciple, and he dared not to start a fight.

Ancestor Minghe was an expert of Origin, and even his Three Separations were in the Realm of Origin. Although the Dragon Tribe was also a major tribe, for Minghe, it was not even worth mentioning. If Ao Guang were to wound or kill Nezha today, that would be equal to thoroughly offending Minghe. Let alone the small Four Seas, Minghe even dared to send troops to attack the Sage Ashram.

Originally, the Human Tribe sent troops to the East Sea. Although it was a matter of the Human Tribe, all people knew it was led mainly by Musen, the Ancestor of Martial Arts. Musen was the Self-centric Separation of Ancestor Minghe. At the thought of his words "Kill the Dragon Tribe", Ao Guang was still terrified. Not to mention one of his disciples, Musen could intimidate the Dragon Tribe just with the Human Tribe.

Between his own prestige and the survival of his race, Ao Guang wanted to choose the easier one. But, as a head of the tribe, he could not bring the entire Dragon Tribe into danger due to his personal grudge. He took a breath, suppressed his killing intent, and said indifferently, "Nezha, I just punished your little mistakes to prevent a large-scale repetition. As long as you make an apology, I will forgive you because you are very young."

Everyone watching laughed upon hearing that. They clearly knew that Ao Guang was afraid of the disciples of the Blood Sea, rather than the reason that he had just mentioned. He had just found a way to save face and settle the problem. Unquestionably, what he did was indeed right as the Dragon Tribe could not afford to offend those people from the Blood Sea, even a third generation disciple. After all, there were only a few disciples in the Blood Sea.

On hearing that, Nezha said coldly, "Make an apology? Elder Dragon King, is there something wrong with you? I do not think I did something wrong. If your bad son had not induced evil ideas at the sight of my valuables, he would not have died. So you want me to make an apology? Dream on!" Nezha was young, but he was headstrong. He was reluctant to make an apology if he had not made a mistake. Although he was young, he was principled.

Killing intent flashed in Ao Guang's eyes. He did not think that Nezha had no sense of propriety. Although he conceded out of fear of Nezha's master, he still could not suppress his killing intent somewhat. He ground his teeth and said, "Nezha, do you want to refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit? If not for your age, I would not forgive you so easily."

At the Peak Realm of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, Ao Guang directly approached Nezha with a momentum like a huge mountain, mixed up with a little bit of killing intent. Although Ao Guang tried his best to restrain himself, he still showed some killing intent. After all, his son was just killed by Nezha. His hatred of Nezha was absolutely irreconcilable. If not for the Dragon Tribe, Ao Guang would not have made a concession.

Nezha faced the huge momentum and killing intent. Although he had the Red Lotus of Fire, he still felt ill. He was injured before, and now he looked paler. He did not give way but showed great perseverance on his pale face. One should not be bent by force. If he gave way, he would not have been Nezha.

Nezha endeavored to sustain under the coercion as his Primordial Qi ran through him to gradually let him recover from his injury. As the coercion got stronger and stronger, Nezha had the possibility of overturning at any time like a shaky boat on the sea. Although there was only one realm between a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and a Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, they were incomparable, because it was not proper to speak of ice to insects that only live for one summer.

To make Nezha apologize, Ao Guang constantly forced Nezha with coercion. Gradually, his killing intent could not be suppressed due to Nezha's perseverance. He had an impulse to kill Nezha, but his mind told him that it was wrong. There was no turning back. Once he killed Nezha, everything would be irreparable.

Stimulated by the coercion of Ao Guang at the Peak Realm of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, the Primordial Qi rapidly ran through inside Nezha, as if it had reached the limit. Suddenly, Nezha gave a light shout. The Cloud of Blessings drifted over his head. Three Flowers just budding were in full bloom. A momentum of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal rose up from Nezha. For a moment, Ao Guang's momentum was somewhat overwhelmed. All of the people were surprised that Nezha could make a breakthrough under such circumstances.

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