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Looking at Liu Er's shocked face, Nezha said with a smile, "Master, how is it? Am I strong enough? Last time you told me that if I could complete this, you would allow me to go out and have some fun. You can't break your own promise, right?" After all, Nezha was just a kid inside, so it was natural for him to be cocky. Even if he had reached the Realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, Nezha was only about 3 or 4 years old, so it was normal of him to be naughty.

Remembering his previous promise, Liu Er said, "Okay, then I shall allow you to go out and play, but you have to get your parents' permission first. Besides, you mustn't cause any trouble nor use any of your Magic Weapons." Nezha was crazy about playing and possessed plenty of Spiritual Treasures. It would be dangerous if he got cheated by others.

Hearing that, Nezha jumped happily and said, "Ooh, I can go out and play. I'll tell my parents immediately." Then he ran out vivaciously. Looking at Nezha's back, Liu Er couldn't help worrying. So he pulled out a golden hair and blew gently, attaching it to Nezha without any noise.

As Immortal Tai Yi said, when Nezha was born, he committed 7,000 sins. Liu Er was afraid that there would be some troubles among the God Deification Ceremony. As for Nezha going out, Liu Er naturally had some concerns. It was not because he was afraid of Nezha causing trouble outside; Blood Sea was never afraid of anyone. What he feared was that Nezha may be in trouble. Although Nezha reached the Realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, he was not invincible. He still needed to be careful.

The golden hair attached to Nezha was condensed by the Power of Infinity of Liu Er, so its power was incomparable. Once Nezha came across any danger, it would be activated and then transformed into the Incarnation of Liu Er with the cultivation of the Peak of the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. It could last for about an hour, which would be enough for Liu Er to come and help.

Before leaving the peach orchard, Nezha picked a basket of peaches. Then he flew back to Chentang Pass on Wind Fire Wheels. After he returned home and saw his mother Lady Yin, Nezha handed over the basket full of peaches, smilingly said, "Mum, I am back. Look, I brought some peaches back for you and dad. With this you would be much faster in cultivation."

Being a disciple of Liu Er, Nezha had had enough of those peaches. Although the peaches couldn't be compared to the Peaches of Immortality in Garden of Peaches of Immortality, they were also rich in Spiritual Air. Eating the peaches for a long period of time could not only improve one's constitution, but also speed up the cultivation. It just took Li Jing 3 or 4 years to improve his cultivation from Heavenly Immortal to Black Immortal, which all profited from the peaches Nezha had brought back.

And Li Jing's wife, Lady Yin, who was originally a mortal, had reached the stage of Veridical Immortality by then. Besides, even the generals in Li Jing's home became Earthly Immortals. As an old saying goes, when a man gets to the top, all those connected with him will benefit. Thanks to Nezha, Lady Yin received a set of transforming exercises from Liu Er.

Looking at the basket full of peaches that were picked by Nezha, Lady Yin touched Nezha's head, scolding but smiling, "You're so naughty! Your master planted those trees with so much effort. But you pick some of them every time when you get home. Be careful that your master may scold you." Lady Yin definitely knew that Nezha did this out of filial piety. But she was worried that Nezha's master would not like him because of this.

Nezha looked up at his mother and said with a smile, "Don't worry, my master must have done something to the peaches. They're growing so rapidly. Every time I get there, there are plenty of peaches on the tree. It seems that they are inexhaustible. You and dad are too slow in cultivation, I hope that you can improve your cultivation faster by eating more of those peaches. In a few days, I'll ask my master for some self-defense Magic Weapons for you."

Hearing Nezha's words, Lady Yin felt quite gratified and said, "Don't bother your master. I don't need any Magic Weapon for self-defense since I'm always at home. As for you, you went to visit your master this morning, why are you back all of a sudden. Did your master teach you any new magic arts?"

Hearing Lady Yin's words, Nezha suddenly remembered why he came back, and said ingratiatingly, "Mum, my master had promised me that only if I learned the Magic Skills of Three Heads and Six arms, he would allow me to go out and play for a few days. So I came back to ask for your permission." Then he just stared at Lady Yin with his big shining eyes. It was really cute.

Seeing this, Lady Yin didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and she just said, "Okay, you don't have to act like this. I agree. But you can't run too far away, and you mustn't cause any trouble outside. Or you may get punished by your master. Besides, you have to take one general from home. I ..." Nezha disappeared before Lady Yin could finish her words.

When Nezha was flying in the sky, he turned over and said to Lady Yin, "Mum, don't worry! I won't run into any trouble. Besides, it's too troublesome to take a general from home with me. They rode the cloud too slowly, while my Wind Fire Wheels is far faster than theirs. I'll be back early." It was true that Wind Fire Wheels were primordial spiritual treasure which was very rare. They could travel 120000 miles in a moment and be even faster than Sun Wukong's Jindowin.

Having left Chentang Pass, Nezha headed east riding on Wind Fire Wheels. Chentang Pass was not far from East Sea, and Nezha had never seen the sea since he was born. He used to hear about the vastness of the sea, now he had the chance to see it. After a while, Nezha arrived at the cost of East Sea. Looking at the boundless East Sea, Nezha was stunned instantly.

Nezha landed on the ground excitedly and overlooked the boundless sea. Tons of waves stroke against the rocks, making a huge noise. Nezha had never seen such a spectacular scene before. So he just gathered all the Magic Weapons and stepped to the coast with bare feet. Stepping in the water, kicking sands and catching crabs, he had so much fun there.

While playing excitedly, Nezha took out Red Armillary Sash directly and stirred the coast of the sea. Red Armillary Sash was a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. Although Nezha didn't activate it, its power was really impressive. For a while, the sea area nearby was stirred into rolling waves and great sprays. The Creatures in the nearby sea area were all escaping.

At the same time, a Yaksha patroling nearby the coast of the sea saw the Creatures in Sea Clan escaping and asked them. Then he knew that it was because of a kid playing by the sea, which caused the turbulence in neighboring sea area. As a result, they had to escape from that sea area. Hearing that, the Yaksha rode on waves and came to see who caused such a scene and left the Sea Clan restless.

The Yaksha came to nearby sea area and saw Nezha waving Red Armillary Sash in the sea. With the swing of Red Armillary Sash, the sea was filled with great waves. The Sepatroling Yaksha stared at him with astonishment. Nezha was very young, and he didn't hold back the light of Red Armillary Sash, which let the Yaksha notice the outstanding power of Red Armillary Sash.

Although he only had the cultivation of Veridical Immortal, the Yaksha still knew enough about primordial spiritual treasures. He had seen one of the primordial spiritual treasures before, which were the treasures that could only be possessed by the crown prince of Dragon Tribe. But the red sash in that kid's hand was shining with the light of treasures, which was similar to the primordial spiritual treasure he had seen. The Yaksha was filled with greed seeing this.

The Yaksha saw that Nezha was alone and just a kid, so he conceived an evil intent to kill Nezha and take his treasure. He had seen such behaviors before, but now it was his turn to take such a great treasure by force. He activated the waves immediately, came along by the coast and shouted at Nezha, "Kiddo, how dare you to create such unrest here?"

Nezha looked to the source of the sound, where he saw the Yaksha. His face was blue, and his hair was vermilion. With a big axe in his hand, the Yaksha looked very fierce. But young people dare to do anything and feared nothing. After all, when Nezha saw Yaksha's cultivation, he was not afraid at all. He pointed at the Sepatroling Yaksha and said, "Hey, what are you? How dare you be so arrogant?"

The Yaksha was very angry when he found out that Nezha was not only unafraid of him but also scolded him. He shouted, "I'm the Sepatroling Yaksha conferred by East Sea. You caused so much trouble here, making the Water tribe miserable. And you even scolded me. I'll give you some punishment today." After saying these words, the Yaksha jumped down and waved his giant axe at Nezha.

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