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Nezha did not look scared at all when seeing the Sepatroling Yaksha chopping at him with an axe. The Sepatroling Yaksha was only a small officer, and the axe in his hand could hardly be a Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure. Besides, Nezha cultivated Minghe's Arcane Way of Divine Beings with Liu er, he had a strong physical body, which might not be hurt even if the axe struck his body.

However, Nezha was not accustomed to receiving blows in a passive position. Besides, if his clothes were ripped, Lady Yin would undoubtedly scold him, and then it would be hard for him to go out to play. The most important thing was that Nezha received many Magic Weapons from Liu Er, but he never used them. Now he could just have a try.

Seeing the Sepatroling Yaksha chopping at him with an axe, Nezha took out another Magic Weapon, the Universe Ring. With the ring, he directly attacked the Sepatroling Yaksha's axe. However, Nezha forgot that the Universe Ring was a primordial spiritual treasure and extremely powerful. So powerful it could not be resisted by a plebeian weapon, especially when the plebeian weapon was handled by a Veridical Immortal.

The Sepatroling Yaksha's breathing became heavier when he saw Nezha took out another treasure. Could it be that he would hit the jackpot today? Unfortunately, it was the last treasure he saw in his life as the Universe Ring had directly smashed his axe and his head as well. His blood splashed, and it was the last scene he had witnessed.

Nezha did not think his casual resistance would kill the Sepatroling Yaksha. Looking at the dead body of the Sepatroling Yaksha and the blood on his Universe Ring, Nezha couldn't help growling, "You beast, just fuck off if you want to die. Why do you come to me and run into my Universe Ring? You soiled it."

It was Nezha's first time to kill a living being, but he did not have any feelings, just feeling as commonplace. It might be the generality of the world. Nezha put the Universe Ring into the sea to wash away the bloodstains on it. Looking at the clear Universe Ring, Nezha cheered up again. He kicked the Sepatroling Yaksha's dead body into deep water to avoid affecting his interest.

However, it happened that another Sepatroling Yaksha who arrived after hearing the news saw this scene. When the arriving Sepatroling Yaksha saw Nezha kick off the dead Sepatroling Yaksha, he suddenly submerged into the water and swam away quickly. After a little while, the Sepatroling Yaksha arrived at a deep place in the sea, where a group of shrimp and crab soldiers gathered.

The Sepatroling Yaksha hurried to the center of the soldiers, there he saw a young man sitting on the corals with dragon horns on his head. That was Ao Bing, the Third Prince of Dragon King of the East Sea, who hung out and had a rest here. Ao Bing saw the Sepatroling Yaksha in panic and coldly sneered. "Why are you in a panic?"

The Sepatroling Yaksha hurried to report. "Crown Prince, the Sepatroling Yaksha Li Gen was killed by a child just now on the coast." Ao Bing frowned upon hearing his words. Although Li Gen was only an insignificant Sepatroling Yaksha, he worked for Ao Bing. Now he was killed by a child, which made Ao Bing a little angry.

Ao Bing coldly asked, "A child? Are you sure you saw it correctly?" Li Gen's cultivation only reached the Realm of Veridical Immortal, so Ao Mei did not care about him. However, he was still unable to believe that a child could kill Li Gen. When did the Sepatroling Yaksha become so weak that even a child could beat them? Couldn't the East Sea be laughed at if this thing spread out?

Seeing Ao Bing did not believe him, the Sepatroling Yaksha immediately explained. "I saw it vividly. The child has two treasures, one is a red satin ribbon which can overturn rivers and seas, and the other is a golden circle with which the child smashed Li Gen's axe and head. Both treasures shone with a light even stronger than that of your Crown Prince's long halberd."

A primordial spiritual treasure? Ao Bing's eyes suddenly light up. His halberd was a Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure given by his father Ao Guang, Dragon King of the East Sea. If the light of the treasure was stronger than that of a Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, it must be a Mid-Grade one at least. What's more, there were two treasures. Ao Bing was so excited that he waved his hand and led the shrimp and crab soldiers to the coast. He did not want to miss such a chance.

After arriving at the coast, Ao Bing immediately saw Nezha who was playing with the Red Armillary Sash. He found the sea was churning and understood the Red Armillary Sash caused it. When he saw the Universe Ring on Nezha's body, his eyes lighted up. They were indeed two primordial spiritual treasures. However, he immediately thought that the child might not be an ordinary person, so he had to ask and make it clear first.

Ao Bing arrived at the coast riding on the water beast with the shrimp and crab soldiers beside him and shouted to Nezha. "Child, who are you? How dare you raise winds and waves in my East Sea and even kill one of our Sepatroling Yakshas! Do you know the Sepatroling Yaksha is the bailiff of Dragon Palace in East Sea? You killed him, which means you've offended the Dragon Tribe of the East Sea."

Hearing his words, Nezha immediately said, "I'm Nezha, the third son of Chentang Pass Commanding Officer Li Jing. I was playing here, but he hit me and ran into my Universe Ring. He deserved to die. Who are you then? How dare you to mind my things!" Although many hands provided great strength, Ao Bing was only in the Realm of Golden Immortal, which Nezha did not mind.

Ao Bing suddenly laughed after hearing what Nezha had said. It turned out to be the son of a commanding officer in the mortal world so he could rest assured. Ao Bing arrogantly said, "I'm Ao Bing, the Third Prince of the Dragon King of the East Sea. The Sepatroling Yaksha you killed worked under me. I wanted to give you a chance to correct your errors and make a fresh start, but I did not expect you talk so wildly after killing a man. Don't blame me for teaching you a lesson. Soldiers, beat him!"

Thousands of shrimp and crab soldiers rushed forward to kill Nezha. Seeing this, Nezha waved the Red Armillary Sash. The Red Armillary Sash, which was initially two meters long, now became longer and attacked the soldiers rushing to Nezha. All soldiers were catapulted over the sky.

Ao Bing was astonished to see such a scene, as he did not expect that Nezha would be so powerful. He angrily shouted. "You're so hard to deal with. I just wanted to capture you and take you to your father to teach you a lesson, but I never expected that you dared to resist and even hurt thousands of people of mine. It seems that I can't spare your life. Even if I killed you twice, your father could not say anything."

Ao Bing leaped up from the water beast and threw the long halberd to Nezha with his right hand. Then he waved his left hand causing the water to rise by tens of meters and turn into monstrous billows hitting towards Nezha. Ao Bing wanted to kill Nezha as his Magic Weapons were too tempting. Even if he was the Third Prince of Dragon King, he had only one primordial spiritual treasure.

Seeing Ao Bing hit towards him, Nezha suddenly laughed. He took down the Universe Ring and threw it out, hitting Ao Bing's long halberd. The sharp recoil made Ao Bing unable to hold his halberd. As a result, the long halberd flew away. Before Ao Bing could recollect his halberd, Nezha had come in front of him stepping on two fire wheels, looking at him with a grin.

Ao Bing was shocked to see this scene. He did not think Nezha had other Magic Weapons. What's more, Nezha acted so quickly that Ao Bing had no time to react. In addition to Nezha's strange smile, Ao Bing also saw a white and delicate foot kick on his handsome face. With a scream from Ao Bing, he flew away upside down.

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