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King Zhou immediately began to use his mind to consider after hearing the words of Minghe. Since his royal uncle Bi Gan and important officials like Grand Preceptor Wenzhong could manage the court well, Shang Dynasty would never become a scene of chaos, that was to say, Sages would not attack mortals. If they did so, they would leave bad images in the Human Tribe, which might greatly influence their preaching. Besides, many disciples of Tribe of Severity were also in court, so Tongtian Sect Leader would not just stand by if Sages launched their attack.

Then, the most effective and also the simplest way was to deal with him, the Human Sovereign first. As long as the Human Sovereign became fatuous and tyrannical, those important officials would have no ways to stop the Sovereign even if they wanted to. At that time, Shang Dynasty would naturally become a mess. This made King Zhou sweat heavily, for he was just a Golden Immortal this life even though he was in the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal in his previous life. How could he defend himself from the attack from the Sage?

When thinking of this, King Zhou suddenly understood what Minghe said a few minutes ago. It turned out that Minghe did not mean to threaten him but just told the truth. King Zhou then gave his salute to Minghe and asked, "My great Ancestor, please save me." King Zhou wanted to be safe all his life when he was Wu Zhiqi in his previous life, however, a task which could not be refused found him, so he was involved in the reincarnation. He could finally cultivate for longevity again, so he certainly did not want to be killed by a Sage.

Seeing King Zhou came to realize the reality, Minghe then said with a smile, "As long as you do as I said, I will save your life. If I don't want to save you, I would not enlighten you when you were just born and gave you the transforming exercises Spiritual Treasure. Apart from these, I have also done many other things. Don't you realize that your one hundred thousand Emperor's Bodyguards are very special?"

Minghe's words suddenly occurred to King Zhou that the Emperor's Bodyguards in his Zhaoge City now were the troops he relied on to conquer the whole country before, which could be called pretty invincible. In addition, King Zhou felt a sense of kinship with them, so he asked them to protect Zhaoge after he became the king. Since Minghe mentioned it, he himself also thought it was a little bit strange, so King Zhou asked curiously, "What's so special about my Imperial guards? Please tell me."

Minghe laughed and said, "As I found you got involved in the incarnation and became King Zhou, I selected a hundred thousand soldiers from the Ashura tribe to form an Ashura army, sent them into incarnation and made them members of the Human Tribe. Since they also carried some Origin of Shura during the process of incarnation, it was natural for you to feel familiar with them. With a troop with a hundred thousand soldiers, you could surely conquer the Human Tribe."

After hearing Minghe's words, King Zhou came to figure out that why he felt familiar with his troop with hundred thousand soldiers. It was because that they shared the same Origin. Besides, the reason why King Zhou and all of those soldiers could become stronger quickly during the battles was due to the effect of Origin of Ashura. As for the Ashura Tribe, Evil Spirit and senses of killing were the best tonics for cultivation.

However, King Zhou still could not understand why Minghe would turn those hundred thousand tribesmen into members of the Human Tribe. Did he only do this to increase the Shang Dynasty's strength? Therefore, King Zhou asked, "What's Ancestor's aim to arrange the incarnation of those hundred thousand Ashura members? Is it related to the mission you asked me to complete? Please make it clear."

Minghe replied, "This troop naturally has its role to play. During the Battle of Gods Investiture, humans will fight with humans, and immortals will deal with immortals, as will Sages. So immortals will not kill the Human Tribe. This army will become the fatal edge tool for all of them. What you should do now is to hide it quietly and pretend to not care about the affairs of court, making Shang Dynasty become a mess. Only this way can the three religions be involved."

King Zhou soon understood that Minghe was preparing a great plan. The turmoil of Shang Dynasty would become a bait to lure Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment and Western Religious Sect, while King Zhou still had his own concerns, so he could just say, "As Ancestor ordered, I will certainly obey you. However, I'm afraid that Ancestor's plan will be influenced if the Sage stealthily kills me."

Minghe laughed, "I know what you are worried about. I have my arrangement, so take it easy and just do what I said." Then, Minghe gave a brocade box to King Zhou. King Zhou was pretty happy when saw what was in that box, so he hurriedly thanked, "Your Ancestor, thank you for giving me this treasure, I will not disappoint you." The exciting expression on King Zhou greatly showed that the treasure in the box was pretty valuable.

Seeing the excited King Zhou, Minghe finally enjoined, "Wu Zhiqi, you will gain a lot from me after you finish the mission. Hope that you can conduct yourself well." Minghe then suddenly disappeared after saying those words. After Minghe left, King Zhou stood up and looked at the brocade box on his hand carefully. He was excited though, he also got his own concerns. Being involved in the conflicts among the Sages, he could just take it one step at a time.

Minghe then stood in the sky above Zhaoge City, overlooking this prosperous city. Though people there lived a happy life now, Cultivation Tribulation and wars for God Deification Ceremony would turn this city into a mess. A turmoil would certainly occur in the Human Tribe, while Minghe would not give up his plan because of mercy. In addition, it was the will of Heaven, what Minghe would do was just to speed up the process.

Since the layout related to King Zhou was set up, Minghe had no reasons to continue staying here. Then he rode the cloud and left. The God Deification Ceremony had begun, all Sages were preparing their layouts, so Minghe naturally needed to prepare more. Although King Zhou's role was effective, it was not enough. Minghe needed to find more resources.

Right among the mountains outside Chentang Pass, many Wild Beasts lived there and barely any human beings would go to that place. However, a flourishing peach forest just grew among such mountains, floral-scented. The Wild Beasts nearby were also attracted by this scent, while it seemed that something horrible was in that forest and none of them dared to get close to that forest.

Right at this time, a blow of red light suddenly fell down to the ground from sky, which made the Wild Beasts around frightened and flee as if it were some horrible thing. However, after that red light faded, a child about seven or eight years old showed up. He carried Fire-tipped Spear and stood on Wind Fire Wheels. Red Armillary Sash was twining around his shoulder and Immortal-bundling Rope was hanging around his waist. It was Nezha who was born after three and a half year's pregnancy.

Nezha was the disciple of Liu Er now. Liu Er was living outside Chentang Pass for the time being, and he would plant a peach forest wherever he went, for he liked eating peach very much. Since Chentang Pass was not far from here, it was very convenient for Nezha to go between here and his home in Chentang Pass. As for why those beasts would feel scared of him, that was because he always bullied those beasts badly although he did not think his actions to them were bully.

Glancing at those escaping Wild Beasts, Nezha murmured angrily, "Hum! Am I that horrible? It seems that I gain no good images from you with feeding you those peaches, I will never feed you again." In daily life, Nezha always fed those beasts with peaches Liu Er planted, so those beasts both loved and hated him.

Without paying too much attention to those escaping wild beasts, Nezha kept his Wind Fire Wheels and ran towards the peach orchard. Meanwhile, he shouted, "Master, master, where are you? I'm here to greet you." However, his impatient behavior was totally not appropriate at all to greet a master, he was lucky that Liu Er his master did not care too much about it, otherwise, Nezha would have already been reprimanded.

At the center of the peach orchard, a house made up of bamboos sat amidst it, which was well-designed. The designer must be Yaoji. Right now, Liu Er was lying on a stone bench alone, enjoying the peach. As for Yaoji, she went to see Peach Blossom Fairy and Yang Chan several days ago. Liu Er was leisurely staying here alone.

After hearing Nezha's voice, Liu Er sat up. Seeing Nezha ran to him in a hurry, he said sadly, "Nezha, didn't I make it clear that you need to cultivate the Magic Skills I taught you at home now? Why are you here again?" To be honest, Nezha was too naughty, which even made Liu Er have no ways to deal with him. Especially, every time Nezha came, Liu Er's peach orchard would be badly damaged, so he could just ask Nezha to cultivate at home.

Liu Er just taught him new Magic Skills a few days ago, however, Nezha came to him again in such a short time. This definitely made Nezha a headache for Liu Er. When hearing Liu Er's words, Nezha soon laughed and said, "Master, see, I have already mastered the Magic Skills you taught me. Turn!" Suddenly, Nezha turned into a man with three heads and six arms, holding the Magic Weapons in every hand, who looked very powerful.

Seeing this, Liu Er, it was a bit surprised that Nezha's talent was really very good. The Magic Skills of three-headed six-arm was the result of his Enlightenment of the Ashura Real Body. He did not expect that only within a few days, Nezha got the hang of it. Nezha was really a talent. It was one of the best things he had done to recruit Nezha as his discipline. Nezha had enough cultivation and aptitude to prop up the banner of the third generation disciple of the Blood Sea.

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