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One day, Li Jing was dealing with official affairs in the government office when a servant ran to him. Panting, he reported , "Master, master, the lady is going to give birth the baby." When Li Jing heard that, he was elated. His wife had been pregnant for three and half years. Finally, she was going to deliver the baby. Thus, he immediately put his business aside and went home at his top speed.

When he returned home, he heard the cries of Lady Yin coming from the bedroom. After a long time, she stopped crying. But the door was opened abruptly, and a panic maidservant rushed out. Li Jing asked anxiously, "What's up? Does lady deliver the baby successfully? Is it a boy or a girl? Why haven't I heard the cry of the baby? Could it be..." When he finished asking, his face suddenly turned pale.

The maidservant was in a panic. Facing the inquiry of Li Jing, she was jittery. She stammered, "Ma...Master, lady ga...gave bir...birth to a...a meatball." The maidservant had been served Lady Yin all the time, she had thought that Lady Yin must have conceived a saint, but little did she think that it was a meatball. It totally freaked her out.

Upon hearing this, Li Jing's countenance changed sharply. He rushed into the room, only to see a red cloud of air with fragrance permeating the whole room. Within the room was a meatball, which was pink and tender, and looked like a wheel. Li Jing thought secretly, "It must be a monster." Suddenly, he pulled out his sword hung on his waist and wielded it toward the meatball, intending to kill it right here.

While he was about to kill the meatball, a Green Light flashed and protected the meatball. Clang! Li Jing's sword hit the Green Light and broke into two pieces suddenly. Li Jing's purlicue became numb because of the force bounced back from the sword. Seeing this scene, he was completely stunned for no other reason than seeing two people. To be precise, they were a human being and a demon.

The human being was a woman. She was of exquisite beauty and looked like a fairy who had descended to the world. Her temperament was noble. However, the demon was a monkey with a hairy face which looked like Thunder God. Although it wore a robe, it smiled all the time, which made people feel that it was frivolous at the first sight. The woman stood arm-in-arm with the demon monkey. It seemed quite strange.

They showed up without any sound, which shocked Li Jing. With the cultivation of Heavenly Immortals, he failed to notice them. Therefore, it proved that their cultivation was much higher than his. Moreover, they probably were the ones who had protected the meatball. Li Jing suddenly shouted, "Who are you? Why did you intrude into my house? Is it your profound cultivation that makes you so rude?"

The monkey grinned at Li Jing and said, "Haha, you're Li Jing, right? I heard that you've formally acknowledged Immortal Du'e of the Tribe of Humanity as your master. Even if it is your master, he should be polite and courteous in front of me. There's only one person named Xuandu among the Tribe of Humanity that I thought much of. The others could get no attention from me. Little did I expect that as a disciple of the third generation of the Tribe of Humanity, you're acting so rudely. You really helped me learn a lot."

Li Jing was greatly shocked. The demon monkey easily figured out his mastership and even did not value his master Immortal Du'e much. Furthermore, he said that he only thought highly of Xuandu. Therefore, he may have a mysterious and profound background. Li Jing surely knew who was Xuandu. He was the only core disciple of the Tribe of Humanity. With profound cultivation, he was a Sage-to-be in Untainted Land. The monkey could directly speak his name. Perhaps he was also a Sage-to-be?

A Sage-to-be! Though Li Jing was the disciple of Immortal Du'e, he had never seen Taoist Xuan Du. Now, a Sage-to-be showed up in front of him. How could he stay calm? He once heard his master Immortal Du'e talking about some famous Sages-to-be in Untainted Land. How about the one stood in front of him? A monkey with the cultivation of a Sage-to-be, could it be...

Thinking about this, Li Jing was in a panic. The monkey must be Taoist Liu Er of the Blood Sea. No wonder Li Jing was freaking out. Laozi and Minghe had enmity against each other, now as a disciple of the Tribe of Humanity, how could he feel ease when Taoist Liu Er of the Blood Sea appeared in front of him? But now he had no choice but to resign himself to fate. He saluted nervously and respectfully, "The disciple of the third generation of the Tribe of Humanity, Li Jing, pays his respects to Immortal Liu Er."

Yeah, the two were Liu Er and Yaoji. When Li Jing figured out his identity, Liu Er laughed and said, "Yo! I don't expect that you've recognized me. Not bad. You don't need to be nervous. Although the Blood Sea and the Tribe of Humanity do have enmity between each other, I won't injure a junior like you. If I do, I'll ruin my reputation!"

After hearing Liu Er's words, Li Jing felt greatly relieved. Rumors had it that Liu Er was an undisciplined man who dared to offend Sages, so it was common for him to kill a junior. After he knew that Liu Er had no intention to injure him, Li Jing asked, "Immortal Liu Er, I'm wondering if its you who have saved this meatball?"

Liu Er laughed, "Yes, it's me. Li Jing, what has you learned from your master for so many years? How could you treat your son like a monster? If I didn't protect him, you should have destroyed his Fated Chance. Your son and I have met before, but never did I expect to see him here again."

Li Jing was dumbfounded. My son? Fated Chance? Filled with puzzlement, he asked, "Do you mean this meatball? Is it my son? Immortal Liu Er, could you please explain?" No wonder Li Jing would ask Liu Er about the origin of the meatball. He only had the cultivation of Heavenly Immortals and possessed superficial knowledge and experience. How could he figure out its origin?

At the same time, Yaoji was also curious and asked, "Husband, is there anything special about this meatball? When you passed here three years ago, you said the same unintelligible words. Now, you went here on purpose and said you've met him before. Who is he indeed? Why does he attract your attention?"

Liu Er laughed and explained, "It was named Ling Zhuzi, the Child Attendant of Goddess Nvywa. I met him at the Feast of Peaches, but we haven't met for a long time. I didn't expect him to reincarnate, and it was probably be the arrangement of Goddess Nvywa. When I passed here the last time, I've sensed his vital force, so I paid attention to him."

"Today, I was here to help him pass through his first tribulation after his birth This meatball was the transformation of his cultivation in his previous life. If it was cut into two halves just now, though he could be born earlier, the cultivation he could inherit would become much less. He could at most have a cultivation of Golden Immortals. But waited till he absorbs all his cultivation in the previous life, he'll have the cultivation of Primordial Unity Golden Immortals when he is born. If he practiced for some time, he can regain his cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals."

Golden Immortal, Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. When Li Jing heard these words, he was puzzled. None of them was what he could pursue, but he never thought that his son should have such a background. As the Child Attendant of Goddess Nyuwa, he was very distinguished and honorable. But Li Jing was envious when he thought that his son was a Primordial Unity Golden Immortal when he was born. However, he was only a Heavenly Immortal.

At this time, lying on the bed, Lady Yin was very weak and she asked faintly, "Immortal Liu Er, could you tell me how long will it take before I can see my son?" Although Liu Er said that meatball was her son, it was still strange for her to stare at a meatball all the time. As a mother, she only wished to see her son as soon as possible, the son she had ccarried in her womb for three and a half years.

Liu Er laughed and replied, "It won't take long. Judging by his speed, he'll come out three days later." Li Jing and Lady Yin were elated. Three days was not a long time. They've waited for three and a half years, so they didn't feel troublesome to wait for another three days. Meanwhile, Lady Yin could take these three days to have a good rest.

Lady Yin suddenly remembered that the baby was not named now, so she asked Li Jing, "Husband, why don't you name our baby?" Li Jing remembered this matter then. Seeing that Liu Er was here, he asked, "Immortal Liu Er, would you please name my third son?"

Liu Er was embarrassed when he heard Li Jing's request. How could he know how to name a baby? He glared at Li Jing and turned to Yaoji. Seeing Liu Er's eyes, Yaoji said, "Li Jing, you seem to have another two sons, one named Jinzha and the other Muzha. So, I suggest you name your third son Nezha."

Seeing the pink and tender meatball, Yaoji said, "Husband, how about accepting one more disciple? Though Chan'er is your disciple, she's a woman, who can't inherit everything from you. Nezha is extraordinary, how about accepting him as your disciple?" Upon hearing this, Li Jing and Lady Yin were full of hope. Liu Er was a second to none expert below the Sage. If his son could be his disciple, it was a huge Fated Chance. Though his son was really extraordinary.

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