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Although Jiang Ziya and Shen Gongbao were disciples of Sages, their situations were quite different. Jiang Ziya practiced hard and listened to the teaching of Honored Lord of the Origin frequently, but his cultivation did not increase a lot together with the help of magic elixirs and Spiritual Fruits. However, since Shen Gongbao became Zhunti's disciple, he was favored by Zhunti, and his cultivation skyrocketed as if he had taken drugs.

After seeing that Jiang Ziya and Shen Gongbao had become disciples of the Tribe of Enlightenment and the Western Religious Sect respectively, Minghe finally could rest assured. All his efforts were worthy. Since then, he did not pay any attention to them. The Tribe of Enlightenment and the Western Religious Sect would spare no effort to help them in the Battle of Gods Investiture. This was what Minghe wanted.

Now, the Shang Dynasty had the most honorable influence among the human world. Besides, there were four big vassals and 800 small vassals. the Shang Dynasty always worshiped the Tribe of Severity, so the latter was quite influential in the Shang Dynasty. Compared to the Tribe of Severity, the influence of the Tribe of Enlightenment and the Western Religious Sect were extremely weak. Even in the 800 small vassals, few people would worship these two sects. Hence, they almost gave up their religious lineage, which was built up in the human world.

Now the Battle of Gods Investiture was around the corner, and the two sects were waiting for a good time, which could help them to preach in the Human Tribe again. At present, the Shang Dynasty was peaceful and safe, the economy was prosperous, the weather was favorable, and all other states had acknowledged allegiance to the the Shang Dynasty. Therefore, these two sects had no chance to interfere in all these affairs. It was the opportunity for them to preach when the Shang Dynasty was in chaos.

30 years later, a big event took place in the Shang Dynasty; the emperor of the Shang Dynasty, Emperor Yi, passed away. The one who succeeded to the throne was his son, Emperor Xin. After his acension to the throne, he was named King Zhou, and he relocated the capital city to Mo City, whose name was later changed to Zhaoge. Since then, King Zhou did a lot of things, and helped the tottering and fading Shang Dynasty to irradiate some vitality.

King Zhou was talented when he was young. He was a master of pen and sword; he was also eloquent. He was quite brave because he had practiced Martial Arts. Before he succeeded to the throne, he often went on campaigns with armies and was therefore extremely prestigious amongst soldiers. All the armies headed by him were invincible, which made the turbulent Shang Dynasty become somewhat peaceful.

However, not long before King Zhou succeeded to the throne, Eastern Yi rebelled against the Shang Dynasty. As Grand Preceptor, Wen Zhong led armies on expeditions. Wen Zhong was not an ordinary immortal; he once was the disciple of Sacred Lady Jin Ling of Jadeite Palace in the Tribe of Severity. After practicing for five decades, he came down the mountain to assist Emperor Yi. Emperor Yi asked him to take care of his son, so he had a lot of prestige in the Shang Dynasty. Even King Zhou revered him a lot.

Grand Preceptor Wen had made great contributions in battles. King Zhou naturally could rest assured with his crusading against Eastern Yi. Since Grand Preceptor Wen went on an expedition, the Shang Dynasty regained peace, and King Zhou leisurely enjoyed his life as Emperor. Though King Zhou sought enjoyment, he was not fatuous. He handled state affairs as usual. His ministers and he were united as a whole, without any sign of turbulence.

In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa looked helplessly at Ling Zhuzi, who cried in front of her. Ling Zhuzi used to be a spiritual pearl. After Goddess Nvywa opened Wahuang Heaven, she transformed it as a Child Attendant. Since Ling Zhuzi was born till now, he had not left Wahuang Heaven. Thus, though he had practiced for 10,000 years, he still acted like a child.

Ling Zhuzi threw a tantrum while he was crying. He said, "Goddess, please let me descend to the world and have fun. Brother Luya would accompany me if he was still here, but he has left now. How pathetic I am! You often do Closed Door Meditation and leave me alone in Wahuang Heaven. It's so boring. Could you please meet my desire?"

Goddess Nvywa was helpless. When Ling Zhuzi referred to Luya, she began to worry about him. Now Cultivation Tribulation occurred again. Although Luya had the cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, he was not invincible. If he was involved in the Battle of Gods Investiture, he may lose his life. But Luya insisted on going, and she had no choice but to agree.

However, after Luya had left, Ling Zhuzi cried and hoped to have fun in the human world. Goddess Nvywa had a headache now. She could only pacify him and said, "Ling Zhuzi, now Untainted Land is undergoing Cultivation Tribulation, the secrets of heaven are in chaos, and Menace Intent is discernable. You may be in danger if you descend to the world now. I promise you that after the Cultivation Tribulation is over, I'll let you have fun in the human world. What do you think?"

Ling Zhuzi pouted and said angrily, "Goddess, you're looking down on me. I'm really strong and powerful." While saying, he lifted his pink and tender fist. He was pretty cute. Young as he was, he had practiced for 10,000 years. Although he was a little playful, he had the cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Besides, he always listened to the Teachings of Goddess Nvywa, so ordinary Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was no match for him.

Seeing the childish Ling Zhuzi, Goddess Nvywa had no other choice. Though Ling Zhuzi was her Child Attendant, she treated him as her disciple. 10,000 years had passed, Ling Zhuzi was still innocent. Thus Goddess Nvywa was quite anxious because she did not know when would Ling Zhuzi obtain the Fruit of Sage-to-be.

After knowing that Ling Zhuzi wanted to descend to the world, Goddess Nvywa became determined. She finally allowed Ling Zhuzi to descend to the world. Although the Cultivation Tribulation was extremely dangerous, it could also be considered as a trial. She only hoped that Ling Zhuzi could be mature during the God Deification Ceremony. Moreover, with her looking after him, he should be safe and sound.

Goddess Nvywa looked at Ling Zhuzi and said softly, "All right. I agree with you. But you can't descend to the world just like this. You should undergo incarnation, do you agree?" If she let Ling Zhuzi go down the human world with his current cultivation, he could not be tempered. It would be better for him to go through incarnation and become a mortal. After he grew up and passed the Cultivation Tribulation, Goddess Nvywa would pick him up.

Ling Zhuzi did not cry. Instead, he smiled immediately. He said, "Really? Goddess, do you agree with me on this matter? It's so nice. I'll let them know my strength, and how powerful and imposing you are." Ling Zhuzi was delighted after he heard that Goddess Nvywa had agreed with his request. As for incarnation, he did not pay any attention to it.

Goddess Nvywa noticed Ling Zhuzi's elation and signed. It seemed that she still needed to pay more attention to him. She pointed at Ling Zhuzi, and then a golden light irradiated from his body. All of a sudden, he transformed into a spiritual bead. Goddess Nvywa stretched out her hand to open a passage, which directly led to Six Paths of Reincarnation, and put Ling Zhuzi in it.

Although she intended to let Ling Zhuzi suffer a trial in the human world, she still worried about his security. Hence, she only sealed his memory and let him took his Magic Weapons together with his cultivation of preexistence to undergo incarnation. After he became a Sage-to-be, he would regain his memory and return to Wahuang Heaven. She truly hoped that she could see a different Ling Zhuzi then.

In the Eastern region of the Shang Dynasty was a place named Chentang Pass. The Governor there was Li Jing, who pursued immortals to study Tao since he was young. He became the listed disciple of Immortal Du'e of the Clan of Humanity and learned Five Element Escaping Skill. However, he was not talented, so he could not achieve the Way of Celestial Immortality. Therefore, he could only go down the mountain. He was awarded as local governor of Chentang Pass because of his contributions in battles. He enjoyed a happy and ample life.

Li Jing had a wife named Lady Yin. After they got married, she gave birth to two sons. Li Jing named the first son as Jinzha, who became the disciple of Immortal Wen Shu in Yunxiao Cave, Five Dragons Mountain. The second son was named Muzha and later became the disciple of Samantabhadra in White Crane Cave, Nine Places Mountain. Li Jing's two sons were disciples of the third generation of the Tribe of Enlightenment. However, Li Jing was a disciple of the third generation of the Tribe of Humanity. Though they were father and sons, they were the same generation of two different sects.

Soon afterward, Lady Yin was pregnant again. But this time was very different. She had conceived the baby for three years and still had no sign of delivery. Li Jing was shocked and doubted at the same time. But if he did not sense any evil breath from this fetus, he would let Lady Yin abort her baby, in case of causing disasters to the human world.

However, over three years, rumors got around in Chentang Pass. Some said that it was a saint, who was about to be born, while others stated that it was a monster. Opinions varied on this matter. Li Jing was under much pressure, and he often complained to his wife. "The baby has stayed in your womb for over three years without any sign of delivery. It's too strange. Could it be that my Taoist cultivation was too low that I can't tell the evil breath of this monster?"

Lady Yin was furious and replied, "How can you speak ill of our baby? In ancient times, Three Sovereigns also stayed in their mothers' wombs for many years before they were born. Now that you haven't found any evil breath in the fetus, maybe it's a Great Sage of the Human Tribe. You should be happy secretly when he's born."

Li Jing did not talk much about this matter. He was a practitioner, so, he naturally heard some events of ancient times from Immortal Du'e. Before Heavenly Sovereign Fuxi and Earthly Sovereign God Farmer were born, they indeed stayed in their mothers' wombs for many years. He now only hoped that his baby was a sage of the Human Tribe too. Otherwise, his reputation would be ruined.

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