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Liu Er was depressed when he heard Yaoji's suggestion. Nezha was indeed extraordinary, but why should he accept a child as his disciple? He received Yang Chan as his disciple when she was only 11 or 12 years old. This time, it was a newborn baby, who was just a meatball. Could it be that he was born to have the fate with children?

But thinking carefully, Nezha was indeed good. He could only reincarnate with the cultivation of his previous life because of Goddess Nvywa. No one in Untainted Land was a match for Goddess Nvywa when it came to Fate. Being talented, Nezha was an ideal disciple. But at the same time, accepting him as his disciple was also a headache. But would Liu Er be afraid of it?

Liu Er laughed and said, "Since my wife has suggested it, I'll take him as my disciple. The Blood Sea really needs a gifted third-generation disciple, so that we can maintain our prestige and reputation." Most importantly, Yaoji suggested it, and thus Liu Er could not reject it. Though he was undisciplined, he really cared about Yaoji.

Just then, a servant suddenly went to the door and reported, "Master, there's a Taoist outside, waiting to meet you." After Li Jing heard this, he apologised to Liu Er and Yaoji and walked out. He was a member of the Tribe of Humanity, which belonged to Taoism. Now, a Taoist paid him a visit, so, he could not snub him, in case he was the disciple of the Tribe of Humanity.

All of a sudden, Liu Er laughed. Yaoji was bewildered and asked, "Husband, what's making you laugh?" Liu Er replied, "Nothing. There's a Taoist coming here to vie for my disciple. You just stay here. I'm going to meet him." After he finished speaking, he turned around and headed towards the living room.

Li Jing saw a Taoist standing in the living room. He hastened to salute him and asked, "May I know who are you, Immortal? And what is the purpose of your visit?" The Taoist was surrounded by Immortal Breath. Li Jing could not tell his cultivation. Therefore, he didn't dare to address him as Fellow Taoist directly. It was not bad to call him an Immortal.

The Taoist waved the hossu in his hand and said, "I'm Immortal Tai Yi of Golden Light Cave, Mount Qianyun. I've predicted that the General will have your third son today, so I come here to congratulate you. Would you please take him here and let me have a look?" The one coming here was the disciple of Honored Lord of the Origin, one of the Twelve Golden Immortals of the Clan of Enlightenment, Immortal Tai Yi.

After knowing the comer's identity, Li Jing cupped his one hand on the other and said, "Oh, it's Immortal Tai Yi, please forgive me for not welcoming you in person. If you want to see my son, I suppose it's not the right time. He...isn't fully born yet." Li Jing didn't know how to describe his son because Nezha was still a meatball.

Immortal Tai Yi frowned upon hearing those words. As a disciple of Honored Lord of the Origin, he naturally knew the identity of Li Jing's third son. Thus, he predicted his birth date and came here. But Li Jing said that the baby was not born, did he try to blind him? No, wait. Not fully born yet? What did it mean? Did something happen?

Immortal Tai Yi asked confoundedly, "I've predicted that today is your son's birth date, so I came here to visit you. What do you mean by saying that he's not fully born yet? Did something happen?" When Li Jing said that the baby was not fully born yet, his expression seemed strange. Apparently, an accident might have taken place.

Li Jing dared not ignore Immortal Tai Yi's question as the Immortal was his martial uncle. So he replied, "Nezha did come out from my wife's belly, but now he looks like a meatball. He still needs another three days to be completely born. Therefore, you may have no opportunity to meet him in a short period of time."

Immortal Tai Yi was delighted. He definitely knew what Li Jing was talking about. Goddess Nvywa the Sage sent Ling Zhuzi to reincarnate. However, judging by her love toward Ling Zhuzi, she definitely would not let him cultivate again when he was reborn. The so-called meatball was the transformation of Ling Zhuzi's cultivation in his previous life. After he absorbed all the cultivation, even if he hadn't started to practice, he would possess a good cultivation.

However, Immortal Tai Yi was a little bit surprised that Li Jing could be so calm when he saw that his son was a meatball. If he cut the meatball into halves, Nezha could be born earlier, but it would destroy Nezha's cultivation. Now the meatball was sound and safe, which made Immortal Tai Yi confused. But it was not too strange, after all, Li Jing was a practitioner, he should have some knowledge about it.

Thinking that his future disciple would possess the cultivation of Primordial Unity Golden Immortals when he was born, Immortal Tai Yi was pleased. He then laughed and said, "General, I come here not just for taking a look at your son, but also intending to accept your son as my disciple. He was born during one-three am, which have committed 1,700 killing commandments. Only if he be my disciple can he escape tribulations."

Li Jing was embarrassed when he heard Immortal Tai Yi's words. If Liu Er did not appear, Li Jing would absolutely agree with what Immortal Tai Yi had said. However, Liu Er had accepted his son as his disciple first. Furthermore, he could not offend Liu Er. So he just said, "I'm sorry. You're late, Immortal. Nezha has a master now."

Upon hearing this, Immortal Tai Yi was furious. How could he be not angry when the ready disciple was received by someone e;se first. He said angrily, "General, you'd better not be cheated by a fake and shallow Taoist. Nezha has his fate with the Clan of Enlightenment. It'll be his fortune to be my disciple. You don't need to feel awkward, just lead me to meet that person. I have my ways to let him give up."

"Oh, really? How can you let me give up? I wonder whether you'll take out the Clan of Enlightenment or your master Honored Lord of the Origin?" Liu Er entered the living room. He definitely knew that Immortal Tai Yi would not say something good about him. Moreover, Minghe had said that, if he met people from the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment or the Western Religious Sect, he could kill them if he disliked them.

Immortal Tai Yi's temper flared up when he heard this. But after he figured out the identity of the comer, his countenance changed drastically. Little did he expect that the one who had received Nezha as disciple firstly was Liu Er. When Immortal Tai Yi's master, Honoured Lord of the Origin, attacked Minghe when he was passing tribulation, the Clan of Enlightenment and the Blood Sea had already possessed enmity against each other. Now, when he met Minghe's disciple, how could he not be terrified?

But after all, he had cultivated for a long time. He regained his calm in an instant. Looking at Liu Er, he said, "Oh, it's Fellow Taoist Liu Er. I don't expect that you've come here first. But Nezha and the Clan of Enlightenment has a huge fate. I took the order of my master, Honored Lord of the Origin, to accept this disciple. Could you please do me a favor and give up?"

Although Liu er's cultivation was higher than his, he didn't worry about it. Receiving Nezha as his disciple was indeed what his master, Honoured Lord of the Origin, ordered him to do. Otherwise, how could he know the birthplace of Ling Zhuzi? Accepting Ling Zhuzi as his disciple was equal to drawing Goddess Nvywa, which was neutral, to the side of the Clan of Enlightenment. Immortal Tai Yi could not give it up, after all, his teacher always focused on this matter. He could never give it up or it would be disgraceful.

In Yuxu Palace, Mount Kunlun, Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Chentang Pass from a distance. He felt quite surprised when seeing Liu Er. But when he saw Immortal Tai Yi was calm and didn't concede when confronting Liu Er. He felt gratified because Immortal Tai Yi had saved the reputation of Yuxu Palace. A strand of killing intent floated around him. He was thinking about to kill Liu Er this time, in order to impair the strength of the Blood Sea.

However, when he thought about Minghe's strength and temperament, he gave up immediately. If he killed Liu Er, perhaps Minghe would go to Mount Kunlun to fight with him. Thus, before the God Deification Ceremony could begin, scores of disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment would be listed on the Investiture of the Gods. It was not wise at all.

In the mansion of Li Jing, Liu Er snorted when he heard Immortal Tai Yi say these high-sounding words. He said, "Fellow Taoist? Tai Yi, you really think highly of yourself. In the Clan of Enlightenment, only Guang Chengzi is not bad. As for you, you're merely a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Even if your master is Honored Lord of the Origin, how do you deserve to call me your Fellow Taoist?" Immortal Tai Yi was a second-generation disciple of the Clan of Enlightenment, nominally, he was of the same generation as Liu Er. But he was just a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Liu Er had his self-esteem, he disdained to be the Fellow Taoist of a man who often talked about his master.

When he finished speaking, his eyes were wide open, and the undisguised killing intent exploded directly, pressing toward Immortal Tai Yi. Li Jing, who suffered some residual power, felt like as if he was in the harsh winter. He couldn't help quivering. All he had in mind was that, what a mighty killing intent it was! Is this the strength of a Sage-to-be? Even if it was the remaining power, it also made him unable to move.

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