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There were countless people coming here to formally seek a master. Being late, he naturally was at the back of the line. But he didn't worry about it. He had practiced martial arts since he was young. However, without talent, he could only pursue Tao and hope to become an immortal. Now that there was a chance before him, he was not anxious. He had waited for so many years. How could it be troublesome if he needed to wait another short period of time?

Standing amongst the crowd, Jiang Ziya looked into the distance where the trial was held and suddenly became nervous. Scores of people were here to formally seek a master, but few would pass the test. Even those who already were immortals could not. How could he not worry?

Jiang Ziya acknowledged that although he had practiced Martial Arts since he was young, he didn't excel and could only regard it as a way of building up his health. Thus, he turned to Tao. Luckily, his sworn brother Song Yiren gave him a scroll to help him practice Qi. However, he didn't catch the intricacies of it after studying for a long time. This also demonstrated that he had no aptitude for the Way of Celestial Immortality. Could he pass the trial formation that Sages had set?

He was worried, but did not cower. He was already here, so there was no reason to not try. What if he passed? Nervously, he stepped into the formation. But he was out when a white light flashed. When he realized that he remained at front of the mountain gate, he knew that he had failed.

Jiang Ziya looked back at the lofty Mount Kunlun and left reluctantly. Filled with disappointment, he looked back with every two steps. He had pursued Tao for over 20 years. Now that he was presented with a great chance, he had no affinity with it. How could he not be frustrated? Was he destined to be a mortal?

At Yuxu Palace, Mount Kunlun, Honored Lord of the Origin sat above the cloud platform with Cloud of Blessings above his head. Three Flowers were swaying gently and the vital force of the Way of Heaven was faintly discernible. Honored Lord of the Origin was a Sage, and he could enlighten the Way of Heaven at any time. Since Minghe had demonstrated his strength, Honored Lord of the Origin's desire for strength increased. Apart from cultivating, he spent all his time teaching his disciples.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and the Cloud of Blessings and Three Flowers disappeared. Confusion appeared on his face. He counted his fingers to deduce, but came up with nothing. He was agitated. It was if something he was going to lose something, so he stopped practising.

Deducing carefully, he still couldn't get anything. He frowned. Could it be that there was someone plotting against him? Perhaps it was other things? Then an idea occurred to him. Could it be that it was the one responsible for God Deification Ceremony? That person's secrets of heaven were difficult to figure out. Even Hongjun could not deduce the location of that person, let alone him.

Perhaps the one responsible for God Deification Ceremony had come here to formally acknowledge a master? Honored Lord of the Origin swept around with his Spiritual Thoughts. Those who passed the trial were few, but none of them had the Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger. Maybe he didn't pass the trial? As it was related to the God Deification Ceremony, Honored Lord of the Origin could be bothered to search for those people around the mountain with his Spiritual Thoughts.

All the hard work paid off. In a short period of time, Honored Lord of the Origin saw Jiang Ziya, who was going downhill. He had the Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger, and his secrets of heaven were mysterious. Even though Honored Lord of the Origin was a Sage, he could not deduce anything about him. Evidently, this person was the one responsible for God Deification Ceremony that Honorable Ancestor had told him about. Hence, he was overjoyed.

Little did he expect that the person had come to Mount Kunlun, but if he sensed the omen in his State of Mind, he would miss him. With a wave, Honored Lord of the Origin transported Jiang Ziya downhill to the Yuxu Palace. Now that he had come, Honored Lord of the Origin definitely would not let him go. Even though he didn't pass the trial, he was the one responsible for God Deification Ceremony after all, and special matters deserved special treatment.

In the hall of Yuxu Palace, Jiang Ziya looked at the scene before him, confounded. He was going downhill. How could he come to a splendid palace all of a sudden? When he saw the Honored Lord of the Origin who was sitting on the cloud platform, he was stunned. This person looked so much like one of the people enshrined in the temple of Three Pure Ones.

Sage Jade Pure? Honoured Lord of the Origin? Could it be? After Jiang Ziya came to himself, he instantly knelt down and said, "I am Jiang Ziya of Human Tribe, here to pay my respects to Sage Jade Pure." Disappointment was superseded by the euphoria. He thought he had no hope of pursuing the Way of Celestial Immortality, much less seeing the well-known Sage Jade Pure in such a short period of time.

When carefully observing Jiang Ziya, Honored Lord of the Origin slightly frowned, as Jiang Ziya's aptitude was way poorer than that of his disciples. Even if he cultivated him with all his efforts, he was sure that Jiang Ziya would not accomplish much. However, since Jiang Ziya was the one who responsible for God Deification Ceremony, Honored Lord of the Origin did not care about his achievements on the Way of Celestial Immortality.

Thinking about the benefit of owning Investiture of the Gods and Gods-hitting Whip, Honored Lord of the Origin stretched his brows. He looked at Jiang Ziya who knelt down under him and said softly, "Jiang Ziya, I know that your pursuit of Tao was affirmative and you have certain destiny with Tribe of Enlightenment. I am here to accept you as my disciple and impart to you the Tao Methods of Jade Pure. Would you like to be my disciple?"

Jiang Ziya was excited upon hearing it. He would already have felt lucky if he could be a disciple of the third or fourth generation. And now, Honored Lord of the Origin accepted him as a disciple. How could he be calm? He immediately kowtowed and said, "Disciple Jiang Ziya pays respect to master. Thank you for your benevolence."

Honored Lord of the Origin flicked two fingers and then the chime was heard from the Mount Kunlun. Before long, many disciples of Tribe of Enlightenment arrived at Yuxu Palace, including Dipamkara, Twelve Golden Immortals, the Old Immortal of the South and so on. When they saw Jiang Ziya, they were confused. However, seeing Honored Lord of the Origin sitting above, they said nothing.

Honored Lord of the Origin noticed that all disciples had arrived. He then began to introduce Jiang Ziya to them. "His name is Jiang Ziya, my newly-accepted disciple. I won't accept any disciple from now. Jiang Ziya is new here. Nanji, you'll help him to practice and impart him the Great Way of the "Jade Pure One". Understand?" Jiang Ziya had no foundation at all, so Honored Lord of the Origin naturally would not teach him in person. Hence, he left Jiang Ziya to a disciple.

The Old Immortal of the South saluted and said, "Yes, I acknowledge your order." At this time, all disciples of Clan of Enlightenment understood that perhaps Jiang Ziya was the man responsible for God Deification Ceremony. Otherwise, how could Honored Lord of the Origin have broken the rule to receive him as a direct disciple? Now, the man in charge of God Deification Ceremony had become the disciple of Tribe of Enlightenment. The other disciples rejoiced because they had already taken the advantage in the Battle of Gods Investiture.

Unlike Jiang Ziya, Shen Gongbao was blown to Square Mountain by a gust of wind that was created by Minghe. Luckily, he had the cultivation of Earthly Immortals, so he recovered soon after he was swept away for such a long distance. By asking other people, he knew that he was at the junction of west and east. He was shocked because he didn't expect a gust of wind to transport him that far.

Shen Gongbao was not like Jiang Ziya. He could sense the strangeness of this blast of wind. Although the wind was strong, it did not hurt him. Whether it was artificial or the will of heaven, it was probably be a good thing. Perhaps there was a Fated Chance waiting for him. Shen Gongbao continued inquiring and he was astonished by what he discovered.

There should be the Square Mountain, one of the Ashram of West Sage, Taoist Zhunti. Shen Gongbao was deep in thought. Maybe it was the will of heaven. The wind sent him here, which demonstrated that he had some fate with Western Religious Sect. Though he had the intention to be a disciple of Tribe of Enlightenment, he clearly knew that Honored Lord of the Origin did not like Demon Tribe. There was of little hope for him to be accepted as a disciple of the Tribe of Enlightenment.

Actually, among all these sects, Shen Gongbao favored Tribe of Severity the most. It did not differentiate and discriminate other tribes and many people from the Demon Tribe were disciples of it. Nevertheless, it was located in the East Sea and was hard to find, with the cultivation of Earthly Immortals, Shen Gongbao could not sail across the sea to find it. Maybe he would lose his life during the trip.

Now the Ashram of Sage Zhunti was in front of him, Shen Gongbao was tempted. No matter what the result was, he would have a try on the Square Mountain. Unlike the Tribe of Enlightenment, Western Religious Sect accepted everyone, so Shen Gongbao easily passed the trial. When he paid respects to Sage Zhunti, he was discovered with Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger.

Sage Zhunti was overjoyed when he saw this. As Honored Lord of the Origin, he was excited to have the man in charge of the God Deification Ceremony to be his disciple, and accepted him as his direct disciple. But it was a pity that all his efforts were in vain. When he figured it out, the Battle of Gods Investiture was nearly over and it was too late for regrets.

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