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After absorbing 80% of the Earthly Marriage Merit, Yaoji's cultivation received a sudden rise. In the Untainted Land, most of the Almighty whose cultivation were beyond Sage-to-be Realm were living in seclusion. Even Zhenyuanzi stayed and cultivated in the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. Among the disciples in the Human, Enlightenment, Severity and Western Tribes, there were only five Sages-to-be: Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, Abundant Treasures and Medicine Buddha. Others' cultivations were around the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

The wedding feast followed the wedding ceremony. Tables were covered with excellent cuisine, delicious wine, and Spiritual Fruits. These fruits were the ones produced by the primordial spiritual roots that Minghe had collected in earlier days, which were rare to see in the Untainted Land. Although they could not rival the top-level magic fruits like Peaches of Immortality, they were still uniquely delicious.

Blood Sea returned to be as peaceful as usual after the ceremony: Liu Er accompanied Yaoji, Kong Xuan started Closed Door Meditation, and Black Tortoise hid himself sleeping somewhere. While Yang Chan, Liu Er's disciple, was in depression because the longing for her mother increased as she grew up. It was difficult, however, to save her mother who was pressed down under Mount Peach.

Of course, Liu Er and Yaoji knew what Yang Chan was thinking, but they could not get involved. That was because Haotian was Yaoji's elder brother and Liu Er's brother in law. Therefore they could not interfere in this affair otherwise it would humiliate Haotian. The only thing they could do was to teach Yang Chan how to cultivate transforming exercises. Then, after commanding the cultivation, she would be able to save her mother herself. At that time, Haotian would turn a blind eye for the sake of Liu Er and Yaoji.

Yang Chan was truly equipped with an extraordinary aptitude for cultivation. She managed to cultivate from a mortal to Primordial Unity Black Immortal in only a thousand years, which was really unexpected. Her talent for cultivation was not the only factor contributing to this. Thanks to her frequently eating Spiritual Fruits also promoted her cultivation to grow rapidly.

There was another person whose cultivation grew quicker than hers did, her brother Yang Jian. When Haotian assigned soldiers to arrest Yang Tianyou and Peach Blossom Fairy, Immortal Yu Ding saved Immortal Yu Ding. Since then he had become Immortal Yu Ding's disciple and learned Eight Nine Mysteries, which was transformed from Nine Cycles Arcane Techniques. Just within a thousand years, his cultivation had reached the Realm of Golden Immortal.

By cultivating Eight Nine Mysteries, Yang Jian had refined his physical body to be strong and difficult to destroy. With such great power, ordinary Golden Immortals could not rival him. Besides, he commanded the skill of changing into 72 forms and was endowed with a third eye between the eyebrows. Therefore he could be regarded as the most excellent among the third generation of disciples in the Clan of Enlightenment in both his cultivation and combat power.

After scoring achievements in cultivation, Yang Jian became more urgent to save his mother, so he reported to Immortal Yu Ding, "Master, I have cultivated with you for a thousand years, my mother has been trapped under the mountain for all this time. Now that my cultivation is strong enough, I want to leave to save her. Please allow me to go so that I can fulfill my filial duty to my mother."

Seeing Yang Jian impatient to save his mother, Immortal Yu Ding sighed. "Of course, I know what you are thinking about, but even if you go there, you cannot change anything. The Jade Emperor's cultivation is so strong that even I cannot rival him. Mount Peach, where your mother is trapped, is guarded by celestial troops and generals. Moreover, it is also restricted by the Jade Emperor's seal. As a tiny Golden Immortal, how could you break it?"

Hearing this, Yang Jian became anxious and worried, asking, "Master, is there nothing I can do? Seeing my mother suffering beneath Mount Peach weighs overwhelmingly on my heart. If I cannot save her, how can I be devoted to cultivation? How about asking martial elder uncle for help? With his high cultivation, I'm sure he can save my mother."

Immortal Yu Ding shook his head and said, "You innocent boy. Though your martial elder uncle is a Sage-to-be, his cultivation is far from the Jade Emperor. Besides, it is not proper for him to be involved. If you want to save your mother, you can only depend on yourself." As the eldest disciple of the Clan of Enlightenment, if Guang Chengzi interfered with this affair, it would push the Clan of Enlightenment to the opposite of the Heavenly Court. The better solution was for the younger member to take action.

Hearing this, Yang Jian answered in despair. "Me? I'm only a Golden Immortal after a thousand years of cultivation. It will take several 10 thousands of years to achieve Sage-to-be Realm. Does that mean my mother still needs to wait and suffer for another 10 thousand years?"

When Immortal Yu Ding was feeling pity for Yang Jian, suddenly a thought popped into his mind, then he said, "Maybe there is a way to get it. Though your cultivation is not high enough if you can find the Opening Mountain Axe, by which Yu the Great cut paths from mountains when he combated the flood, it is possible that you can manage to blast Mount Peach. Refined by Abundant Treasures Buddha in Tribe of Severity and bearing Merit for combating floods, the Axe must be extraordinarily powerful."

Hearing this, Yang Jian immediately turned high spirited, laughing and saying, "Thank you very much, Master. I'll look for the Opening Mountain Axe right now." Then he walked outside at once. However, he had only gone a few steps before he realized he did not know where the Opening Mountain Axe was. It was hardly possible, if not impossible, to find an Axe in the vast Untainted Land.

Seeing Yang Jian's reckless behaviors, Immortal Yu Ding said, "If you want to find the Opening Mountain Axe, you can go to the Yellow River areas, where you may find your long-lost younger sister, Yang Chan. Yaoji saved her, the Jade Emperor's younger sister and then Yang Chan followed Liu Er Taoist, Ancestor Minghe's eldest disciple. She will also start to take action to save your mother."

Hearing this, Yang Jian flew away instantly. After the mishap, the only two people he was concerned about were his mother and sister. As for his father and elder brother, he felt no concern but only hostility, since it was his father who had schemed against his mother. He heard from Immortal Yu Ding that his father and elder brother had experienced an incarnation and joined the Western Religious Sect. This was not so strange as his father used to be a member of the Western Religious Sect.

Reaching the bank of the Yellow River, he started to look for his sister. After a while, he met a pretty girl along the riverside. Though Yang Chan had grown up, he still could find the features from when she was young. Yang Jian landed and shouted excitingly, "Sister!"

Hearing someone call her, sister, Yang Chan turned around, seeing Yang Jian, she immediately shouted. "Brother, is that you?" Though they were separated when she was young, she always asked Liu Er to let her see Yang Jian with the Black Light Mirror. Therefore, she could recognize Yang Jian.

They had a lot to tell each other since they had been separated for such an extended period. After a long time, they recalled that they were to look for the Opening Mountain Axe. Yang Chan said, "Brother, my master said the Axe was at the bottom of the Yellow River. If we get it, we can cut Mount Peach which sealed our mother."

Hearing this, Yang Jian answered at once, "Wait for me on the bench, my sister. I'll fetch the Opening Mountain Axe right now." Then he jumped into the wave-rolling Yellow River. After a while, with a great wave, Yang Jian flew out of the water and landed on the shore with the axe in his hand, everything was dry, though.

The brother and sister drove the clouds to Mount Peach with the axe. However, before they got near the mountain, thousands of celestial troops and generals surrounded them. The leader shouted. "Bold of you to be here. No one is allowed to come near this Forbidden Land of Heavenly Court, or he will be punished according to the laws of heaven. Go away right now, or your souls will disintegrate for violating the law."

The words irritated Yang Jian. He was about to wield the Opening Mountain Axe when Yang Chan stopped him. She waved her hand and then a purple Lotus Lantern appeared. She slightly read the law formula and then uttered. "Stop!" All soldiers were halted by this and could not move at all.

Yang Jian was also stunned by this. The leader of the soldiers was at the level of Golden Immortal. Defeating him was not an easy thing for Yang Jian. It was out of his expectation that his sister, who was only in the Realm of Primordial Unity Black Immortal, could make thousands of soldiers stand still without much effort. Therefore, the Lantern must be an extraordinary treasure.

Seeing Yang Jian's astonished expression, Yang Chan smiled and said, "This is the Lotus Lamp, which is refined by Minghe Ancestor himself. It's overwhelmingly powerful. He gave it to me to protect myself for the sake of my weak cultivation. We'd better not hurt these soldiers as they follow the order to guard here. Now they can't move, let's save our mother immediately."

There used to be another Lotus Lamp, which was transformed by the White Lotus of Purity's Lotus Seed and had been integrated into the Red Lotus of Fire. The Lotus Lamp Yang Chan used was refined by the Red Lotus of Fire and the Golden Lotus of Merit's Lotus Seed, which belonged to a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, but it was much more powerful than the first Lantern. For the sake of the Golden Lotus of Merit, if the possessor used it to do kind things, the Merits would accumulate in the Lantern, and the Lantern's power would increase until one day it may become a Primordial Spiritual Treasure.

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