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Yang Jian put his mind at rest after hearing Yang Chan's words. He initially thought that his sister could be bullied due to her low cultivation. But now, with the Lotus Lamp, his sister had enough power to even beat him. Immediately, putting away his Opening Mountain Axe, Yang Jian followed his sister to Mount Peach.

When arriving at Mount Peach, Yang Jian and Yang Chan found a jade wall. Inside was a beauty crying. Seeing this scene, the two couldn't help weeping. Looking at this beauty, they kowtowed and said, "Happy to meet you, mother."

This beauty was the sworn sister of Yaochi, the Peach Blossom Fairy. Hearing someone call her mother, she looked at the outside of the jade wall, witnessing Yang Jian and Yang Chan kowtowing in front of her. At once, her eyes were full of tears. After all, Yang Jian and Yang Chan were both her children, so she could quickly tell them out. She said with tears in her eyes, "Well, well, well, my sweethearts. Erlang and Chan, how are you these years?"

Yang Jian wiped his tears away, replying, "Mother, we are living a good life. Today, we are here to save you. Please, step back. Let us split Mount Peach up. When we save you, we can be together forever and never be separated again."

The Peach Blossom Fairy wiped her tears and stopped them, and said, "Erlang, don't be reckless. The Jade Emperor arranged the seal of this mountain. How could you split it up at the Realm of Golden Immortal? If you touch the seal, the Jade Emperor will know immediately. If that happens, it will be impossible for you and Chan to escape. I am so happy to see you two. Please, leave right now!"

Hearing this, Yang Jian said, "You don't have to worry, mother. Third sister and I have found the Opening Mountain Axe which Yu the Great used to prevent the floods. With this Axe, I can split Mount Peach, and we can escape to Mount Kunlun together. Even if the Jade Emperor notices one day, he will not dare to go to Mount Kunlun to arrest us."

Yang Chan frowned after hearing Yang Jian's words. She had lived in the Jasper Lake for some time, and the Jade Emperor always treated her well. she felt unhappy hearing Yang Jian's scornful words to the Jade Emperor. She thought that Immortal Yu Ding might not have a right way to teach his disciple, or else her brother could not be that arrogant.

Flying into the air, Yang Jian swung the Opening Mountain Axe with all his might. When the Axe fell on the mountain, both the sky and the earth shook. In fact, it wouldn't be easy to cut out the limit arranged by Haotian. Seeing this, Yang Jian immediately waved the Axe several times. Then, finally, the seal on the Mountain had been destroyed. Peach Blossom Fairy regained her freedom.

In the Heavenly Court, Haotian was consulting with some celestials. Suddenly, he felt the seal on Mount Peach had been destroyed. He took out his Haotian Mirror, finding that someone had split the mountain. He got angry, asking his associates to leave. Waving his sleeves, he moved toward Mount Peach directly.

When Peach Blossom Fairy got free, the three hugged firmly with each other. After a while, Peach Blossom Fairy said, "My darlings, it's not safe here. Let's leave now! It won't take long before the Jade Emperor sends someone to arrest us."

"Leave? Where do you want to go?" Suddenly, a sneer sound came from the sky. Peach Blossom Fairy was shocked. When she figured out who it was, she couldn't help screaming, "Jade Emperor!" She hadn't expected that Haotian could get here so quickly and even on his own. Compared with Haotian, the three had no chance to escape.

Noticing that the Jade Emperor was here, Yang Jian stood in front and protected his mother and sister behind him. He shouted, "You are the Jade Emperor? You have trapped my mom under this Mount Peach for nearly thousands of years. Now, my sister and I will get her out, which is perfectly justified. If you want to punish someone, punish me, but leave the others alone. It's none of their business."

Hearing Yang Jian's words, Haotian felt angry immediately. Yang Jian was just a third generation disciple of the Tribe of Enlightenment, and he was merely a Golden Immortal. How dare he show no respect to the lord of the Heavenly Court. For the Sages' sake, Haotian was even patient to the disciples of the Sages, which also made them more and more arrogant. They also looked down on Haotian, the Jade Emperor.

Originally, Haotian just wanted to give them a small punishment. After all, Peach Blossom Fairy was the sworn sister of Yaochi. For her sake, Haotian didn't intend to trouble them, but he hadn't expected that Yang Jian was so arrogant. He was pissed off. If he just let them go, his reputation would be affected.

Haotian snarled, "Well, well, well. Since you say so, I can understand your thoughts. Splitting the Mount Peach violates the laws of heaven. You have committed a deadly crime, and will be sentenced to die. You will be a warning to others, in case that anyone violates the laws of heaven again."

When Haotian was planning to kill Yang Jian, Immortal Yu Ding's voice rang from the sky, "Jade Emperor, hold your hands, please." Immortal Yu Ding flew to Haotian, making a bow to him first and saying, "My little disciple is ignorant. I'm sorry for his impoliteness. When we get back, I will give him a heavy punishment."

Haotian sneered at Immortal Yu Ding and said, "Yang Jian just violated the laws of heaven, so he should be punished by the laws of the Heavenly Court. If I don't give him a heavy punishment, everyone can choose to show no respect to my Heavenly Court. If it is so, the laws of heaven will exist in name only."

Hearing this, Immortal Yu Ding found that the Jade Emperor just wanted to punish Yang Jian, but ignored Yang Chan. He showed partiality to her maybe because of Liu Er Taoist. Then, Immortal Yu Ding said, "Even if Yang Jian violates the laws of heaven and commits a crime, he is my disciple. After I take him back to Mount Kunlun, I will give him a big lecture. Jade Emperor, don't you think so?"

Haotian recognized that Immortal Yu Ding used the Honoured Lord of the Origin to make him surrender, so he sneered, "Hum! Since it is so, I hope that brother Origin won't show mercy to him." Then, he turned to Peach Blossom Fairy, and said in a cold voice, "Since you have been out of tribulation, I will set you free. And I hope that you can conduct yourself well." After that, Haotian waved his sleeves and left.

Noticing that Haotian left unhappy, Immortal Yu Ding knew he had severely offended Haotian this time. He turned to Yang Jian and said, "Yang Jian, since you have saved your mom, you need to go back Mount Yuquan with me. Shut yourself up and ponder over your mistakes for hundred years." Immortal Yu Ding didn't plan to punish Yang Jian heavily at all but just asked him to ponder over his fault for hundred years.

Hearing this, Yang Jian looked at his mother Peach Blossom Fairy and felt broken-hearted at having to leave. Seeing this, Yang Chan said, "Brother, you can go back with Immortal Yu Ding first. I will find a peaceful land to live with our mom. When you get out, we can get together again. What do you think?"

Yang Jian realized things could only be like this, so he had to go back with Immortal Yu Ding. Yang Chan removed the magic of body fixation on the soldiers of the Heavenly Court, taking her mother to a famous mountain where Liu Er used to live in his early years. In this mountain, Liu Er had arranged some forbidden formations, making it impossible to find for ordinary people. It would be the best place for Peach Blossom Fairy to live.

Haotian went back to the Jasper Lake, sitting on a stone chair. He felt angrier and angrier when thinking what had happened today. He heavily hit the stone table near him, and the table turned into ash immediately. Right at this moment, Yaochi came over and saw this scene. She asked, "What happened? Why are you so angry? I just heard you went to the Untainted Land. Is there anything wrong?"

Haotian answered in anger, "Hum! It's all about your sworn sister. Her second son Yang Jian split Mount Peach and rescued his mother. I have planned to give him a small lecture and let them go. But I didn't expect that he didn't show any respect to me because he was just a disciple of the Tribe of Enlightenment. Immortal Yu Ding even directly used Honoured Lord of the Origin to give me pressure. So shouldn't I be angry?"

Yaochi realized why Haotian was so angry, so she tried to comfort him and said, "Well, Haotian, since you know we can't offend the disciples of the Sages, you don't have to be too angry. Ultimately, we are too weak. Even if the Honourable Ancestor has throned us, the Sages have never paid any attention to us. We can't offend these Sages for our weakness, so you don't have to care about their behaviors."

Haotian answered resentfully, "I naturally know what you said. But when I think of the arrogance of these Sages' disciples, I can't help getting angry. There seems no advantages to be the Great Jade Emperor. I think it would be better to choose to stay with the Honourable Ancestor so that I wouldn't be angry. Mm? The Honourable Ancestor. Well, well, well, why didn't I think of him? Maybe I should visit him and tell him this issue. I will beg him to order all the disciples of the Sages to follow our Heavenly Court!"

Yaochi frowned after hearing this. Regardless whether the Honourable Ancestor would agree with Haotian's suggestion, even if he agreed, they would offend all the Sages. However, she couldn't find any method to persuade Haotian but just looked at him leaving to the Chaos. She hunched that Haotian's action this time would raise a great disturbance.

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