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Minghe knew why Liu Er was so excited. Liu Er had a tendency to show off, which was similar to Sun Wukong. Since Liu Er liked it, Minghe naturally granted his need to become the limelight during the welcoming of the bride. And it would also demonstrate to all living beings of Untainted Land that the people of the Blood Sea would only have the best.

Days later, a magnificent great boat was moored in midair above the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, which was decorated with flowers and full of jubilant atmosphere. Liu Er looked majestic wearing a Phoenix-feathered Cap with a Golden Chain Mail Shirt, and a pair of Cloud-walking Boots. Though it was not fit for such a ceremony, Liu Er still chose it.

When everything was ready, accompanied by Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise, Liu Er loudly ordered, "Go!" At once, the Universe Ark set out carrying the wedding procession team disappearing instantly. No one knew where it went.

Everything had been arranged in the Heavenly Court. Precious treasures like exquisite silk and satin could be seen everywhere. The bride's brother was Haotian, the emperor of the Heavenly Court, so everyone was cautious about the wedding affairs. Taibai Jinxing had already led all deities officials waiting outside the Southern Gate, and Haotian and Yaochi were sitting in the Jasper Lake, accompanying by the bride-to-be, Yaoji.

Looking towards the Southern Gate, Yaochi asked curiously, "Haotian, how large-scale did Liu Er arrange for the welcoming procession of the bride? Can it be compared with the one when Emperor Jun had married Xihe?" Yaochi was worried, though Liu Er and Yaoji fell in love with each other but their marriage was a serious thing for it was also an issue of dignity for both the Blood Sea and the Heavenly Court.

Haotian smiled and said, "Don't worry. Liu Er is Minghe's eldest disciple. Minghe asked him to send eighty-one Primordial Spiritual Treasures as the marriage proposal. If it is revealed, it would shock the whole Untainted Land and even Sages will be tempted. The betrothal gifts are so extravagant, let alone the others. Just wait and see."

Numerous eyes looked fixedly at the situation outside the Southern Gate. The marriage between Liu Er and Yaoji was a grand event in Untainted Land. What's more, the Blood Sea now was acting a major role in Untainted Land, naturally, it would attract more attention. They were very curious about the ceremony's grandeur, wanting to know how it was compared to the wedding between Emperor Jun and Xihe.

Through comparison that there are high and low, good and bad. However, the audience were confused that nothing unusual happened on the way from the Blood Sea to the Heavenly Court and no wedding procession was seen coming out from the Blood Sea.

When the crowds were randomly guessing about this, the scene at the Southern Gate stunned them all. A huge ark suddenly appeared from the Void, and on the bow stood Liu Er who was in high spirit. Seeing the ark coming from the Void, everyone was astounded including the Sages.

The Universe Ark stopped at the Southern Gate, so everyone could clearly perceive it. This time, Liu Er did not hide the Ark's vital force at all, so all the Almighty could clearly perceive its grade: a Primordial Spiritual Treasure. Everyone could not help gasping at the generosity of Minghe.

Noticing the Universe Ark's slight remaining sign of refinement, everyone realized that Minghe specially refined it for the wedding. Even Emperor Jun was not affluent enough to use the Primordial Spiritual Treasure as the chariot for welcoming the bride. Besides, the Ark was not only glorious in appearance but also an extraordinary treasure which could travel through time.

It was well-known that Minghe was good at the Law of Space in Untainted Land, so it was a given that he could manage to refine such a Spiritual Treasure. No wonder no wedding procession was seen from the Blood Sea. It turned out that the Universe Ark moved from the Blood Sea to the Void, and then directly to the Southern Gate.

Of course, the crowd would not believe this was the only value of the Universe Ark. As shown by Liu Er, the Ark's entire vital force could be felt making an impact on the audience. Perhaps the Ark had other functions, otherwise it would not deserve to be called the Primordial Spiritual Treasure.

In the Jasper Lake, both Haotian and Yaochi were stunned. It was extremely extravagant to take a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, like the Universe Ark as the chariot to welcome the bride. Only Minghe had the ability to do so in Untainted Land. Emperor Jun's wedding could not be compared with this simply by considering the luxurious Ark. It seemed that Minghe thought quite highly of this wedding.

Now that Liu Er was coming, Haotian and Yaochi led Yaoji, who wore a phoenix crown and robe, from the Jasper Lake paradise to the Southern Gate. Seeing Yaoji, Liu Er immediately grinned. He waved his hand, forming steps with cloud and walked step by step towards Yaoji.

Liu Er took Yaoji's delicate hands from Haotian, supporting her steps on board the Universe Ark. Haotian supported Yaochi and followed them closely from the back. Then the Heavenly Court's officials also went on board. When everyone was there, Liu Er waved his hand and the Universe Ark began in motion and entered the Void.

The audience did not understand what had happened until the wedding procession troops disappeared. Most of the guests who had accepted invitation cards rode the clouds to the Blood Sea, while there were also some who had been invited but did not come. They were Laozi, Origin, Houtu and the Two Sages of the West. Now that they had completely put aside all facades with Minghe, naturally they would not attend Liu Er's wedding.

In the Jadeite Palace, Sect Leader Tongtian called the Abundant Treasures Buddha and gave him a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, saying, "Abundant Treasures, it was not convenient for me to attend Liu Er's wedding. Please do this for me." Both Laozi and Origin did not attend the wedding so it wasn't right for him to attend, and let his disciple go on behalf of him.

Goddess Nvywa was the only sage attending the wedding. She had to come even just for the Merit of Earthly Marriage. Though this would offend other sages, she did not care. Since she neither had disciples nor established sects, the sages could scheme against the Demon Tribe and not herself. However, the Sages would not offend Goddess Nvywa with something this minor

As Liu Er rode the Universe Ark back, more guests had arrived on the island. Sages-to-be including Zhenyuanzi, Cangjie, Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe and Three Royals and Five Emperors had arrived earlier on. After a while, all the guests had arrived and the wedding began.

Though Liu Er was a governor, he was still a Sage-to-be, so there were no other formalities for him on his wedding except for paying his respects to Heaven and Earth and Minghe. After paying his respects the Heaven and the Earth, Liu Er brought Yaoji to bow to Minghe, saying, "Disciple Liu Er brings Yaoji to extend our greetings."

Minghe smiled and handed a pair of bracelets to the bride and the bridegroom, saying, "This was the Dragon and Phoenix Bracelets of Yin and Yang refined by me. Today I give them to you, hoping you would love each other forever. Stand up."

The audience was stunned again. The Dragon and Phoenix Bracelets of Yin and Yang were two more Primordial Spiritual Treasures! And it was in a pair, together, their power would exceed other common Primordial Spiritual Treasures. Minghe was so wealthy that he had given out three Primordial Spiritual Treasures in a moment. Though he had the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, it could not have been so easy for him to refine Primordial Spiritual Treasures.

Liu Er and Yaoji accepted the bracelets. Goddess Nvywa, the host of the wedding held the Red Woven Ball and said gently, "The Earthly Marriage is complete." With the clap of the Ninth Heaven Thunder, one merit fell from the Heaven and divided into three parts. Liu Er and Yaoji gained 40 percent respectively, Goddess Nvywa gained 10 percent and the Red Woven Ball gained 10 percent too, which aroused the audience's envy.

However, Liu Er did not accept the Merit of the Earthly Marriage. The only value of the Merit was for him to improve the power of Spiritual Treasures considering his current high cultivation. He waved his hand and infused the Merit into Yaoji's body. Since the Merit was for them, it was acceptable for Liu Er to give his to Yaoji. Gaining 80 percent of merits of heaven, Yaoji's cultivation spiraled until she reached the peak of Da Luo Golden Immortal.

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