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As Musen's Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts showed, Zhunti looked grim. He thought his Ninety Feet Golden Body and the power of the Way of Heaven would easily defeat Musen, but Musen showed his Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts with the power equal to the Ninety Feet Golden Body. It seemed that this war would by by no means be easy.

Without wasting words, Zhunti exerted his Ninety Feet Golden Body, attacking Musen with various Magic Weapons. These weapons were of low standards and some were even inferior to the primordial. However, they were exerted by a Sage and the power of these weapons were extraordinary. So, it was not easy to defend against such an attack.

Musen didn't choose to resist this attack directly, for he would be passive in that way. With a Seal in his right hand, Musen waved his left hand, summoning a khaki flag. He then threw the flag in the air, transforming it into a huge flag in the ground. Later, streaks of Spiritual Air turned into thousands of golden lotuses, protecting Musen from all directions.

Zhunti's attack was powerful, but it failed to Breakthrough the defense of this flag. Seeing this flag, which was exactly the Wuji Apricot Flag, one of the Primordial Flags of the Five Regions, Zhunti was greedy for it. Surprisingly, Minghe got it and gave it to his Self-centric Separation for defense, which indicated that Minghe's actual strength was much more profound than Zhunti thought.

After Zhunti's failed attack, Musen instantly launched a counter-attack. The Kongtong Seal smashed at Zhunti's Ninety Feet Golden Body so quickly that no one could stop it. To cope with the attack, Zhunti summoned a green flag which Pure Air turned into the Green Lotus. Although Musen's attack was fast and powerful, it couldn't destroy the defense of this flag.

Musen recognized the Emerald Lotus Flag at first sight. He hadn't expected that this flag was in Zhunti's hands. Among the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions, the Xuanyuan Water Control Flag and the Wuji Apricot Flag were in Minghe's hands, the Emerald Lotus Flag in Zhunti's, and the Natural Cloud Realm Flag in Honored Lord of the Origin's, leaving the last Floating Flame Flag which was missing and probably obtained by other Sages.

Since both Musen and Zhunti were powerful in attack and defense, they fought evenly. As it was hard to break the defense of the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions, this war had turned into a protracted one with two sides constantly attacking each other. Spectators around were excited about this war and were unwilling to miss any details in hope that they could spot any secrets about The Origin.

After a long time, Zhunti became anxious once he realized he couldn't defeat Musen easily. The longer this war lasted, the more beneficial it was to Minghe. If Minghe was out of tribulation, he would be met with a great loss. In the future, Minghe would make trouble for the West by all means and could even slaughter the whole Western Religious Sect. By then, the West would never revitalize itself again.

Zhunti exerted the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, forcing Musen to take a few steps back. He said, "Senior disciple, do something now! I will hold Musen, and you can attack Minghe who is enduring the Divine Punishment now. Do not let him pass tribulation safely, or we will be in great trouble."

Upon Zhunti's calling, Jieyin, one of the Two Sages of the West, appeared. Seeing this, many people in Untainted Land were worried about Minghe. Although Minghe had reached The Origin, he was not as overbearing as the Sage and his disciples were not arrogant like those of the Sages'. As long as people didn't offend them, they could all live in harmony. So Minghe and his disciples were popular in Untainted Land.

The Two Sages of the West all acted this time, so people with wisdom could know Minghe would be in serious trouble. Unlike Zhunti, Jieyin had high-level cultivation. Although junior to the Three Pure Ones, he was a real Sage of the Secondary Stage. Musen could defend against Zhunti, but who was going to resist Jieyin?

As Jieyin appeared, two other people, Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, also came along. Zhenyuanzi looked at Musen, saying, "Fellow Taoist Musen, you may go to stop Jieyin, and Cangjie and I will delay Zhunti for a while."

People were astonished at the appearance of Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie because it was beyond their abilities to step into this war. Nevertheless, they later realised that these two persons were acting weirdly. Although they were at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, their vital force was quite strange, similar to that of... The Origin. It turned out that they were in A half step to Origin, which shocked all the spectators.

Unexpectedly, Zhenyuanzi had begun to enlighten the way of The Origin and Cangjie reached the Realm of Origin after his incarnation returned. In the light of their current Realm, they were quite likely to actualize the Realm of Origin. However, it seemed to them that it was unwise to step in this war. After all, there was a huge difference between A half step to Origin and The Origin. If they wanted to resist Sage's attack, their lives could be ended here.

But Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie were obviously prepared for this war. Two Formations stood up right in front of Zhunti. One was Zhenyuanzi's Nether World Book Formation which everyone had seen before, and another was similar to the tactical formation Cangjie had used to resist Houtu's attack with 3000 characters of the Human Tribe.

Zhunti looked pale upon seeing Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie. Zhenyuanzi was easy to handle, but Cangjie was the incarnation of Hongyun whom Zhunti still owed Karma for the sage seat. If Zhunti killed Cangjie, he would never complete the Karma. At present, Cangjie would stop Zhunti for Minghe. For Cangjie and Zhenyuanzi at A half step to Origin cooperated and the two tactical formations were in front, it was a knotty problem to fight against them.

As Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie entered into their Formation and exerted their power, the Formation's strength was enhanced. Cangjie looked at Musen, saying, "Fellow Taoist Musen, Zhenyuanzi and I will handle here. What I arrange is the Characters Formation of Origin created by the Enlightenment from 3,000 characters. Although it is less powerful than your Veridical Martial Origin Formation, it has some strength of The Origin. Combined with the Nether World Book Formation of Zhenyuanzi, it's able to delay Zhunti for a while. You may go fight Jieyin now."

Musen laughed loudly and said, "Well, you two do deserve my trust. So, please help me delay Zhunti. Since you have begun to enlighten the way of The Origin, Zhunti could serve as your Sharpener. Although your Formations are powerful, they can't hold Zhunti back for long, so let this doll give you some help."

Musen cast a strange doll with three heads and six arms and then went away, leaving it in front of Jieyin. Upon contact with wind, the doll grew up rapidly and suddenly turned into an ape 300 feet tall with black armor all over. He held a powerful weapon in each of his hands and three heads shouted together, "Ho..." The violent roaring shocked the whole Untainted Land and even the Sages.

What they saw was a Puppet with the vital force of The Origin. From its appearance, it was some kind of Exotic Beast, which was refined to be a Puppet by Minghe dead. But it still kept its power at The Origin, which indicated that this beast had reached The Origin before its death. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a Puppet with such cultivation.

The human body of The Origin was quite terrifying. Even Minghe hadn't actualized the Realm of Origin with his human body. But the True Body of a Rakshasa achieved by Minghe's passing the Divine Punishment was another kind of actualizing the Realm of Origin with a human body. People were curious about where Minghe got this Exotic Beast.

Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie were also stunned to see this Puppet of Origin. They always believed Minghe must have some plans to pass tribulation, but they didn't expect this Puppet of Origin. It seemed now that even if they two stood by, the Two Sages of the West couldn't move forward easily.

With this Puppet of Origin, Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie were more confident about holding Zhunti. As Musen addressed, their Formations and this Puppet of Origin could help them sharpen the Way of the Origin. It sounded crazy to use a Sage to assist them to promote to The Origin. It seemed only Minghe dared to do so in Untainted Land.

Zhunti looked worse now since it was a burning shame for him to be the Sharpener for Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie to actualize the Realm of Origin. As a Sage, he was the noblest figure in Untainted Land, but now he was reduced to be the Sharpener for others. How pathetic!

Although Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, together with their tactical formations were hard to handle, Zhunti could defeat them after a while. Now the situation changed, especially with this Puppet of Origin who was armed to the teeth. Looking at the primordial spiritual treasures this beast had, Zhunti was very jealous.

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