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At Puppet of Origin, there were an armor and six wonderful and magic weapons. They were seven primordial spiritual treasures at no low grade. Except for this armor at the top grade, the other six pieces were all at the middle grade. Everyone who saw them would be jealous and admired Minghe for being really very wealthy.

In the Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaochi were shocked too. Previously, when Liu Er proposed for a marriage, Minghe sent a total of pieces of primordial spiritual treasures as betrothal gifts. And thinking about those supreme treasures and Spiritual Treasure Minghe had already used before, it could be reckoned that among all Sages, no one was richer than Minghe. These two people were curious about how and where Minghe got so many primordial spiritual treasures.

Zhunti was busy dealing with the puppet of Origin combined with Zhengyuanzi and Cangjie, so Musen was fully at ease. The Puppet of Origin was a Puppet of Blood God refined from the Rare Beast of Chaos with the human body of the Origin, but most of the Origin power was saved. After all, it was a dead body, only 70% or 80% of its strength could be harnessed.

According to Minghe's original plan, if Zhunti and Jieyin came to fight together, Musen would fight against Jieyin, and this Puppet of Origin would fight against Zhunti. Once the situation became non-ideal, this Puppet of Blood God would do what the Lord of Numerous Treasures had done - self-exploding to trap Zhunti with the primordial spiritual treasures as the last solution which had to choose. But at this moment, there was no need to do that. With the help of Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, Zhunti could not move forward at all.

With this, Musen could also relievedly fight against Jieyin. Though Jieyin did not have the supreme treasure, his cultivation was indeed at the Secondary Stage of the Sage. It was quite impossible for Musen, at the Early Stage of Origin, to defeat Jieyin. Moreover, Musen would fail not after a long time. Musen was very clear about it, which was why he prepared in advance.

Jieyin saw that Musen was in front of him, so he put his palms together devoutly, and said: "Musen, you can't stop me. I am just a bit curious about where that Puppet of Origin came from. It seems that there is no such kind of Rare Beast in Untainted Land. Moreover, if the human body actualizes the Realm of Origin, it's impossible that there was nothing happened in Untainted Land. Did it come from the Chaos?"

Musen did not feel strange when Jieyin guessed this Beast was from the Chaos. This Beast did not belong to Untainted Land. If it was alive, it surely would be suppressed by the Way of Heaven. It was just because it was dead, Minghe could use it to fend against Zhunti.

Watching Jieyin's confident look on a sour face, Musen smiled and said: "It's none of your business that where this Puppet came from. You are so confident about defeating me, but I don't know where your confidence actually comes from. Don't forget, I still have the Veridical Martial Origin Formation. With it helping me, it won't be so easy for you to defeat me."

Jieyin frowned at these words, said, "Really? You want to get the Holy Land of Human Tribe into this fight? Or you want to make me hesitate because of the Human Tribe? It's really hurt the dignity of the Forefather of Human. Moreover, how much can your cultivation grow even with the Formation made by the Martial Artist of Human Tribe? The gap between you and me is not something a Formation can make up."

Musen calmly smiled and said: "No need for you to remind me. I knew it. Moreover, this issue is my own business, and it's got nothing to do with the Human Tribe. I will never get the Human Tribe involved. There's one point you mentioned that is wrong. Though I am of a lower Rank than you in cultivation, it can be made up with the Formation."

Everyone was unable to understand Musen's words. Without the Martial Artist of Human, how could Musen make the Veridical Martial Origin Formation? Moreover, even with all Martial Artist of the Human Tribe, it was still difficult to make up for the difference between the low Rank of cultivation. So how could Musen speak out these words with such confidence?

Jieyin was totally puzzled but could only say,"Oh! In this way, I really want to widen my horizon. Fellow Taoist, please show me!" Could it be another card Minghe left behind? If it was true, would Minghe have other cards? At this moment, there was a silk of bad presentiment raised in Jieyin's heart.

Musen waved his hands and said: "Good! the Veridical Martial Origin Formation, Go!" The strong Way of Martial Arts suddenly skyrocketed. The crowd looked at the source and found it was an integrated Veridical Martial Origin Formation rising from the Blood Sea, with a strong vital force of Origin, crossing the sky, and finally fell behind Musen.

So strong! The crowd could not help but admire silently. It was already totally different from the Veridical Martial Origin embattled set by the Martial Artist of Humans Tribe before. Maybe all the Martial Artist of the Human Tribe could not build a better one than that. What was most peculiar was that it was actually a unified entity, and all the Ways of Martial Arts were exactly the same.

Now, the Martial Arts of the Human Tribe had been completely spread. Some other tribes had also begun to follow the Martial Arts. Such a situation that two people's Way of Martial Arts being exactly the same had never happened. But now, not only all the Way of Martial Arts of it was exactly the same, but also it was the same as Musen's.

Musen looked at the surprised Jieyin, smiled and said, "How did you think of it? You're absolutely curious about how I have done so. Since you'll find it out anyway, it doesn't matter whether I tell you or not. You should have heard that Your Veneration has 480 million Colon of Blood God, which are connected with Your Veneration closely. In this way, they are naturally connected with my State of Mind, so that the same as mine, the Way of Martial Arts was cultivated."

Mu Sen pointed at this Formation, continued to say, "This Veridical Martial Formation of Origin is all made from the Colon of Blood God and the Blood God Doppelganger. In addition, it consists of 36,000 Colons of Blood God which are all Martial Arts cultivation at Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, and 49 Blood God Doppelganger with Sage-to-be Martial Arts cultivation. Do you still look down on it, Jieyin?"

All living beings of Untainted Land were surprised by 36,000 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals and 49 at Sages-to-be. Minghe was really wealthy. Since the birth of Untainted Land, it was uncertain whether there were so many Da Luo Golden Immortals, but Minghe even made out so much Clone of Blood God at Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal all at once, which was really horrifying.

All these Clone of Blood God and Blood God Doppelganger cultivated the same Martial Arts transforming exercises and the Way of Martial Arts in the same way as Musen. With such a Veridical Martial Origin Formation composed of those with the same source and the same way, it could not only achieve integration but also reduce Musen's burden significantly. With this Formation, it was really difficult for Jieyin to defeat Musen.

Musen did not continue to say more. The character "Wu" appeared over his hand, and he shouted, "'Wu' Imperial Formation, Veridical Martial Origin, all into my body, Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, to swallow it!" The character "Wu" sank into the Formation with Musen's loud shout, and then the entire Formation began to become smaller rapidly and finally turned into a point. This point directly sank between Musen's eyebrows.

"Ho!" Musen shouted slightly, and the vital force around the whole body began to soar. In a flash, unexpectedly and abruptly, he crossed the Early Stage of the Origin, reaching the Middle Stage of Origin. Feeling a strong power, Musen looked at Jieyin and laughed, " Jieyin, come on, let's fight heartily!" Then Musen held the Kongtong Seal with the Wuji Apricot Flag behind him fluttering in the wind.

Musen's fighting spirit was so exuberant that Jieyin had to accept the challenge. It seemed to be impossible, as neither he or Zhunti could interfere with Minghe enduring the Divine Punishment. Jieyin only hoped that there were other Sages who could not help attacking Minghe at this moment. Now, it seemed that Minghe had done the utmost with all his means. Maybe there were no more means for Minghe to defend against other people.

With a shake of his body, Jieyin turned into a Ninety Feet Golden Body with three heads and 18 arms, with only some instruments different from Zhunti. Jieyin sat on a Twelve Grade Golden Lotus of Merit, with the soaring vital force, like angry Buddha. Jieyin and Musen were on the verge of breaking out a fight. They were almost equal in cultivation, and their Spiritual Treasures both did well on both the offensive and defensive. Perhaps it was not easy for them to see who would be the winner.

The Puppet of Blood God, Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie together fought against Zhunti. Musen fought against Jieyin. Both two sides possessed equivalent power, and they both did the utmost with all their means. The crowd was all dazzled. They were deeply impressed by the power of the Origin at this moment. They were all getting eager for Way of Origin in the heart. Those who were not at the Origin were nothing but nonentity.

Such a stalemate apparently made some people very surprised, especially for the other Sages who had not started to fight. Originally, they thought that the Two Sages of the West could completely disrupt Minghe's arrangement of passing tribulation. However, the Divine Punishment that Minghe was facing had passed by more than a half, the Two Sages of the West had never been able to move forward even just by one step. They became quite impatient.

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