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The huge seal Musen held was the Kongtong Seal. Its appearance attracted lots of people. This seal was not only Primordial Spiritual Treasure, but also the Treasure of Humanity of the Human Tribe. With the seal, one could control the abolishment and establishment of the position of the king in the Human Tribe. It was really a pity that Musen owned the deal while he did not interfere with the position of Human Sovereign in the Human Tribe.

Even the Sage, especially Zhunti, would be attracted by the seal. In Zhunti's opinion, it was like casting pearls before swine as Musen had this seal. It was really stupid to interfere with the development of the Human Tribe that, with power, prestige, as well as this treasure. If Zhunti had this seal, it would be impossible for Tribe of Severity to be monopolistic in the Human Tribe.

However, here came the chance. Zhunti looked at the Kongtong Seal held by Musen with green eyes. Though Musen was the Original Martial Artist, he was just Minghe's Self-centric Separation. If Minghe died, Musen could not survive as the Self-centric Separation. The Three Separations were cut off, but the most essential Three Flowers were still in the body of Your Veneration. If Your Veneration was broken, and the Three Flowers vanished, it would be natural that the Three Separations would die.

Minghe had lots of valuable treasure. If Minghe'soul disintegrated this time, Zhunti would grab some of the treasures left behind by Minghe in any case. But the premise was to get over Musen first. Musen was just at the Early Stage of the Origin; however, the cultivation of Martial Arts was slow, which was not like the cultivation of the Way of Celestial Immortality. The accumulation needed in each Realm was much more than the Way of Celestial Immortality. Musen was the ancestor of martial arts. Perhaps his accumulation was far more than other Martial Artists.

Zhunti was not angry at Musen who showed up and immediately raked up his faults as if the man Musen was talking about was not him. He just smiled and said, "It's you, Fellow Taoist Minghe's Self-centric Separation, the ancestor of martial arts of Human Tribe. Why are you free to come here, instead of staying in the Holy Land of Human Tribe? Fellow Taoist Minghe was against the Heaven, so he got the Divine Punishment. I just follow the Way of Heaven. Fellow Taoist, please make things easier for me."

These words sounded fine, but everyone who heard it felt sick. How high-sounding these words were! Musen was Minghe's Self-centric Separation. How could he be so indifferent when Minghe was stuck in trouble? For "get things easier", what does "easier" mean? Does it mean to take his life? It seemed that they had underestimated Zhunti's impudence.

Musen looking at Zhunti who showed a sense of being fo,r Musen's own good, he did not want to waste effort. He said coldly, "Zhunti, I don't want to waste my time. If you want to hurt Your Veneration, you need to defeat me first. But you need to think it over. Once you take action, it means you, the West, are our energy until our last breath. If Your Veneration successfully passes tribulation, you should know the consequences."

Since Zhunti heard Musen's threatening words, his smile faded, and a sort of killing intent appeared on his face, "It's true. But the premise is that Minghe can pass it. Musen, you are at the Realm of Origin, but you're merely a green hand. Show me what you have to ward off my attacks!"

The Magical Tree of Seven Treasures held by Zhunti struck Musen fiercely. The power of this attack was three tenths stronger than before. The light of the treasures was beautiful but full of Malicious Intent. The vital force of extermination between the Heaven and the Earth, which was floating because of Divine Punishment, was scattered. The light of the treasures was like a golden meteor across the long dark night. It was beautiful, but it made people feel a strong sense of extermination.

Facing Zhunti's attack, Musen had gloomy dignity on his face. It was three tenths stronger than before, and he should not be careless. Kongtong Seal was moved to face the wind with his light throw. The seal became bigger immediately, with the stronger vital force Martial Arts around. When it accumulated to some degree, Musen slightly pressed it down, and Kongtong Seal instantly fell down.

"Bang···", with a loud noise, Kongtong Seal and the light of the treasures hit together. The power of this shock might be much stronger than just now. Everything in the way of the shock turned into ashes. Even the Clouds of Tribulation of Divine Punishment were affected. Though the Holy Thunder of Destruction was strong, the Clouds of Tribulation were just the Clouds, and the aftershock of the Original masters' fight was out of their range.

Seeing Musen withstand his attack, Zhunti naturally thought more highly of Musen. Now Musen was not like the one who was just promoted to the Origin. Facing Zhunti's powerful attack, he could take it without backing off. Such strength was definitely no trivial matter.

But even so, Zhunti had a general understanding about Musen's strength. Then he would not reserve anymore. The Magical Tree of Seven Treasures on Zhunti's hand struck again, with the vital force surging around. Countless light from the treasures shot straight toward Musen. It was much more horrible at this time than the previous two instances. If Musen could not take it, he would suffer a lot.

Seeing Zhunti's attack, Musen was also shocked. Was it the power of the Way of Heaven? Just then, Zhunti's vital force surged. It was obvious that he used the power of the Way of Heaven, so the attack this time was half stronger than before. Such an attack was hard to hold off.

Musen threw out Kongtong Seal once more. This time, Kongtong Seal was as big as a millstone, with the almost solid vital force of the Martial Arts. At that time, there was another huge seal in Musen's hands. It was a bit similar to Kongtong Seal in type but was illusory. This huge seal was totally coagulated by Musen's Way of Martial Arts.

Facing the countless light of the treasures, Musen shouted loudly, "Magic Skill of Martial Arts, two seals suppress the heaven, fall!" The two huge seals fell at the same time, colliding with countless light from the treasures. With lots of huge voices, it was as if countless shining suns came between the Heaven and the Earth, and the glare was so dazzling that people could not open their eyes.

After the attack, the huge seal coagulated by the Way of Martial Arts scattered, and Kongtong Seal flew back to Musen. However, Musen did not feel at ease. After golden light of the shining sun faded away, Zhunti appeared in front of him in another shape. It was also the first time to Musen to see it. But the stronger vital force proved his horror.

A Ninety Feet Golden Body with three heads and 18 arms appeared in the air. The three heads presented Zhunti's past, future, and present. Every one of the 18 arms held one instrument, the Silk Sash, the Necklace of Jade and Pearls, the Canopy, the Lotus Flower, the Fish Intestines, the Golden File, the Golden Bell, the banner, the Golden Bow, the Silver Halberd, the Cate's Divine Rod, the File, the Golden Flask, the Silver Flask, the White Axe, the Hanging Banner and the Six Roots Pure Bamboo. Every Magic Weapon was powerful.

Zhunti, in the shape of Ninety Feet Golden Body, all of whose three heads looked at Musen, said in a dignified and conservative manner, "Musen, your Martial Arts is definitely formidable. It can deal with my attack. You're really extraordinary. No wonder you can surpass many Almighties in Untainted Land to actualize the Realm of Origin in just 10,000 years. But that's the end of your way. I'll show you how large the gap is between us."

Musen heard Zhunti's words, and suddenly burst into laughter, "Hahaha··· Zhunti, your Ninety Feet Golden Body was strong, but it's still not enough to defeat me. The Law of Martial Arts blesses my body. Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, appear!"

The Law of Martial Arts around Musen visualized. His body became bigger and taller. The body's growth was not the main point, because most cultivation people in Untainted Land could do it. But at the same time, Musen's vital force was becoming stronger. The indomitable and domineering Martial Arts was showed. People were stupefied when almost 30-meter Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts appeared before them.

It was the second time for all living beings of Untainted Land to see Hegemonic Body of Martial Artsit. Previously, it was the Cultivation Tribulation in Human Tribe. Musen gathered thousands of Martial Arts in the shape of Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, smashed He Luo Origin Formation with just one move, killed billions of soldiers of the Demon Tribe, and seriously wounded Emperor Jun and Taiyi. It was from that time that Human Tribe began to play a decisive role in Untainted Land, and all living beings of Untainted Land no longer looked down upon Human Tribe.

Nowadays, Musen showed Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts again, but this time he did not gather thousands of Martial Arts together. However, the power was much more horrible than before. With the original Law of Martial Arts, the force of Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts reached its peak. With the vital force around, it was not weaker than Zhunti's Ninety Feet Golden Body.

Feeling the force of Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, there was also a smile on Musen's face. With the progress of his Martial Arts, Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts evolved constantly. Musen used the Law of Martial Arts to run it for bringing Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts into full play. Though it cost a lot, he could not be careless when facing Zhunti's Ninety Feet Golden Body.

It was too close to call between a Ninety Feet Golden Body and a Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts. People were looking forward to the fight between these two people. All Almighties in Untainted Land wanted to acquire some rules of the Origin from the battle between the Sage and the Origin, to prepare for the future. So they were hoping for a longer and more intense battle. It would be best if the two persons used all tricks they knew.

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