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When the sparkling light of the thunder faded, Minghe was still intact, and his vital force strengthened. All the spectators were so stunned that they suspected that the Purpleheaven Thunder was fake, three strokes of it at a time surprisingly didn't do any harm to Minghe but enhanced his vital force. That's absurd!

In the third round, there were five strokes of the Purpleheaven Thunder; in the fourth one, there were seven... In the twenty-third, there were forty-five; in the twenty-fourth, there were forty-seven... As the tribulation thunder struck round by round, there was more Purpleheaven Thunder with enhancing power. Although the barren ground under Minghe was only affected by the remaining power of the Purpleheaven Thunder, it was charred. And with the strength of the thunder above it, the burnt ground seemed to become a thunder domain.

After the forty-ninth round of Purpleheaven Thunder, Minghe looked as good as before, sitting cross-legged in the air without any injuries, but the vital force around him was much stronger than before. It seemed that he was not passing the tribulation but receiving a baptism. The more Purpleheaven Thunder there was, the stronger Minghe became.

Such spectacle shocked the people who waited for drama. It was far beyond their expectation that although the Divine Punishment was mighty, Minghe seemed stronger. Could Minghe pass the Divine Punishment safe and sound like this? Would the Divine Punishment disappoint the spectators like this?

The Divine Punishment in the air seemed aware of their thoughts, Clouds of Tribulation rolling and all the Purpleheaven Thunder having disappeared. Instead, limitless gray thunder spread and formed a new sea which was smaller but much more potent than the ones made by the Purpleheaven Thunder.

All the people were shocked. What was it? It seemed ordinary, but its power scared them as if it made them feel the end of life and boundless death. With the limitless vital force of destruction drifting between Heaven and Earth, all the objects and Creatures felt it and withdrew or fled.

Many people didn't know the gray thunder, but the Sages and some primeval Almighities who had listened to the teachings in the Zixiao Palace knew. During his lesson at that time, Ancestor Hongjun said that the Purpleheaven Thunder was the head of the thunder of Untainted Land. Above it was the Holy Thunder of Chaos, one of which was the Divine Beings Thunder used by the Real Entity of Pangu who was called by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery.

And now the gray thunder in the Divine Punishment also belonged to the Holy Thunder of Chaos, was called the Holy Thunder of Destruction and as the name implies, was the divine thunder to destroy everything. No wonder that after the strike of it, the vital force of destruction was everywhere. Watching such changes of Clouds of Tribulation in the Divine Punishment, all the spectators gasped, and indeed, there were also some people taking pleasure in the disaster.

Under the Clouds of Tribulation, Minghe noticed the changes and put on a grim look on his face for the first time. He had to pay attention, the Holy Thunder of Destruction was different from the Purpleheaven Thunder, from which Minghe could feel a significant risk. His blood and vital breath were surging. It was his last preparation to face the Purpleheaven Thunder.

Upon the Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaochi stood on the Golden Bridge of the Jasper Lake. They were watching Minghe's passing tribulation, wearing the grim expression on their faces. Yaochi looked sad, saying, "Haotian, what on earth are the odds on Minghe succeeding in passing the tribulation?"

Haotian looked severe, saying, "If it's only for the Divine Punishment, the odds will be great. But these Sages probably will never sit and watch idly. Thus, the odds of Minghe passing the Divine Punishment are almost zero."

As soon as Yaochi heard those words, she got worried, turned to look at Haotian and said, "Then how about the marriage between Yaoji and Liu Er? If Minghe's dead, probably the Blood Sea stock won't be protected, these Sages will never leave any threat to the world, and Liu Er must bear the brunt. If Yaoji marries him, I'm afraid she won't escape death, either."

Haotian certainly knew that, looked more serious and said, "I know. If Minghe cannot pass the tribulation, I'll not hesitate to stop the marriage no matter what, even if I were laughed at by the whole world or hated by Yaoji. Look, somebody's acting." Yaoji looked following the sound. Indeed, someone appeared outside the Divine Punishment.

Beyond the Divine Punishment, suddenly a figure showed up, which drew all the everyone's attention. After figuring out whom he was, they couldn't help sighing several times silently for Minghe who had excellent capabilities in the Untainted Land but had no good relationship with any Sages among which even Houtu fell out with him. And this time the person who came was one of the seven Sages of Untainted Land, Zhunti.

The purpose of Sage Zhunti's showing up was not merely for a watch, because he could sit in the Holy Mountain of the West to watch. Why did he come here? He looked delighted, which harbored his evil designs. Since Zhunti came, how could there be good to Minghe?

Zhunti looked at Minghe bearing the Divine Punishment and smiled saying, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, why don't you invite me to attend your Divine Punishment? You're not generous, but I still came. Please don't blame me for that. Fellow Taoist, for the power of the Holy Thunder of Destruction, is extraordinary, you'd better be careful, and if you feel tired, you can speak out, and I'm sure I will try my best to help you."

Watching Zhunti's fantastic performance, all everyone who heard him couldn't help admiring him who disguised his evil purposes by his beautiful words. It was known to all that any Tribulation Thunder could only be taken by one person and would only be enhanced with others' interference. As a Sage, how couldn't Zhunti know about that?

When Zhunti spoke, perspicacious people could understand him who meant that Minghe had better be careful. Minghe would face not only the Holy Thunder of Destruction but also Zhunti. If there's a sign of Minghe's exhaustion, Zhunti would be ready and would move in on him. He's so evil that even if he didn't attack Minghe, his standing there would distract his attention.

On the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise looked concerned. They worried about Minghe, especially after Zhunti appeared. Liu Er shouted and said, "Damn it! What kind of Sage Zhunti is to interfere with my master's passing tribulation. If it wasn't because I cannot get out of here, I would fight with him three hundred times."

Kong Xuan also looked grim. But compared with Liu Er, he was much calmer saying, "Brother, now, the Blood Sea is closed by our master, we cannot go out. Besides, it's our master's intention, for he worries about us going out to stop the Sage for him. Moreover, even if we went there, we would not help him, but distract him instead. Besides, our master's Self-centric Separation hasn't shown up. There is no problem for him to stop Zhunti."

Kong Xuan said so, but he was not confident. It was clear to all that after the arrival of Zhunti Jieyin wouldn't be far behind. Furthermore, it was doubted that except the Two Sages of the West, the other Sages would not attack Minghe. But they had no idea, and just hoped that their master had other arrangements. Otherwise, the consequences were unimaginable.

During the Divine Punishment, Minghe was only looking at the Holy Thunder of Destruction in the Clouds of Tribulation without the State of Mind separated from him. Even though Zhunti stood outside the Divine Punishment staring at him and talking to him with beautiful words but evil purposes, Minghe seemed deaf and blind to that and only cared about the Holy Thunder of Destruction scattering in the sky.

"Boom..." As a loud sound came from the Clouds of Tribulation, a stroke of the Holy Thunder of Destruction escaped from the thundering sea, turned into a thunder beast of The Chaos, and came straight to Minghe. It was powerful and must have the profound mystery of The Origin. If it's necessary to describe it, it was the equivalent of any blow of someone who had just got the promotion to The Origin. But even so, it could not be underestimated.

The power of the Holy Thunder of Destruction was not the most frightening, the mysterious meaning of destruction carried by it was. Although the Holy Thunder of Destruction was for tribulation, it had the power of The Divine Law. If it struck an ordinary person, who was in the Early Stage of The Origin, even if he were not dead, he would be severely wounded.

After being struck by the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe sat still as usual, but just like the silkworm in spring cocooning itself, his blood and vital breath were flowing wholly and around protected him. Also, they increased, forming a blood shield in front of Minghe they would stop the Holy Thunder of Destruction.

But, the mighty Holy Thunder of Destruction could not be stopped by them, which were destroyed by the divine thunder only after their resistance several times. But Minghe sat still without any reaction letting the divine thunder strike him.

This time Minghe was not at ease as he was when he had faced the Purpleheaven Thunder. When the Holy Thunder of Destruction struck him, Minghe was burnt black with his body bursting into limitless Blood fog, and his face wearing a twisted look as if he was severely hurt. But nobody could notice that he was charred.

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