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Destruction, endless destruction: Once the Holy Thunder of Destruction entered the body, there was nothing else but endless destruction. Flesh and blood, meridians, skeletons, five viscera... Everything on the way of the Holy Thunder of Destruction would be destroyed. It was the horror of the Holy Thunder of Destruction.

In Minghe's eyes, every coin has two sides. The Holy Thunder of Destruction caused endless destruction, but new flesh and blood, meridians, skeletons, five viscera and other things would revive, and when everything was rebuilt they would be stronger than the original. The most important part was that the Holy Thunder of Destruction could bring Minghe the final transformation.

When that Holy Thunder of Destruction disappeared, Minghe was still safe and sound. Apart from some awkwardness, it could not be observed that he was hurt. On the contrary, the new physical body was more powerful than before. At first, Minghe just had a little vital force of the Rakshasa, but now his physical body and vital force both began to transform into the real Rakshasa.

Feeling the new physical body, Minghe was satisfied. Though the Holy Thunder of Destruction had harmed his human body, it also brought rebirth to it. When the Holy Thunder disappeared, the remaining vital force of destruction in Minghe's body mingled and became the new impulse for his human body transformation.

There was one more thing that surprised Musen. He always cultivated his human body by the Divine Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings, which could help him to achieve the Rebirth with Blood Drops. But even so, such two kinds of the Power of Divine Law always existed in his human body independently, without any signal of mingling.

However, when the Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, such long-standing balance had been broken. After the destruction, with the interference of the vital force of the destruction, the two kinds of Power of Divine Law became to mingle. In his human body, a new power was born, combined with the vital force of destruction. This power was strange, not like the blood linkages nor the Power of Divine Law. Minghe was confused about it.

But it was sure that this new power was strong and unique. Though there was not much in the human body, Minghe could feel the differences that they had brought to his body. It seemed that he had benefited from the Holy Thunder of Destruction.

Besides the change of the human body, there were also some slight changes about the Primordial Purpleheaven Thunder. Devouring so much Purpleheaven Thunder, it had been several times stronger than before. With the Holy Thunder of Destruction going into the body, it swallowed some Holy Thunder of Destruction, became stronger again, and changed slightly. It was as if evolving with a closer check.

Feeling the benefit of the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe became crazier. He removed layer-by-layer shields made by the spirit of blood. Such buffers had no prominent use, anyway. It was better to use the Holy Thunder of Destruction to accelerate his transformation. It was without a doubt that Minghe was crazy.

Onlookers were all astonished at Minghe's behavior. Minghe did not stand against Purpleheaven Thunder just now. After all, Purpleheaven Thunder did not harm him. Instead, his Body Tempering benefited from it. It certainly hurt the dignity of Purpleheaven Thunder.

But it was different from the Holy Thunder of Destruction. Minghe seemed to be okay. However, everyone knew that Minghe's human body suffered a lot. Because his human body recovered quickly, it was hardly noticed. But Minghe completely dropped his defense. Would he temper the body by Holy Thunder of Destruction, and accomplish the transformation from the human body to the True Body of Rakshasa?

None of the living beings of Untainted Land could come up with another word than "madman" to describe Minghe. It was the Holy Thunder of Destruction, which was full of the power of Origin. Would it be all right for Minghe to use it for cultivation like that?

Zhunti watched Minghe's crazy behavior from the side, with the glare in his eyes. He underestimated Minghe and his powerful human body. The hard punch of the Holy Thunder of Destruction did not materially injure Minghe. It was no other accident that Minghe would successfully bear Divine Punishment and become the first Rakshasa in Untainted Land. If so, then...

While Zhunti was thinking, the second round of the Holy Thunder of Destruction fell. This time was like the second round of Purpleheaven Thunder, which with three flashes of lightning felling together. Every witness was startled by the power. But even so, Minghe did not stand against it, but let the three flashes of lightning fell on his body.

"Fizzing..." The thunder fell, and Minghe immediately turned into a scorched body. The light of thunder went around him, and grey threads of smoke came from it. But as the light of thunder faded away, Minghe's body began to recover immediately. The necrosis human body shed, and the new human body was born. All happened in just a few moments.

Before long, the third round of the Holy Thunder of Destruction had fallen. This time, in the same situation, five flashes of lighting with more power went toward Minghe who did not want to fight against them. When the Holy Thunder fell, Minghe turned into a scorched body and soon recovered again. It was just like everything was repeating itself.

Zhunti peeked on this occasion. Under the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe unexpectedly became stronger and stronger. If it continued, maybe when the Divine Punishment was over, Minghe would become the Rakshasa. In this way, his strength would rise sharply. Perhaps no Sage could stop him at by then.

Another thing Zhunti noticed was that though more powerful Holy Thunders of Destruction fell in each round, Minghe's human body became stronger steadily. What astonished Zhunti most was that strangely, there was less Minghe's shed burnt skin as the more and more severe destruction of Minghe's human body.

Zhunti could feel the vital force of Rakshasa in Minghe's new human body. Minghe's human body had begun to transform, with the change of vital force. If things went on like this, maybe the Holy Thunder of Destruction would affect less and less Minghe. It was time for him to take action.

When the sixth round of the Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, Zhunti took action. All living beings of Untainted Land were amazed at Zhunti's action. Finally, the Sage decided to do something to Minghe. Zhunti was one of the weakest Sages. In any case, he was a Sage, with the power of the Way of Heaven, and his attack could not be underestimated. It should be interesting. They were curious about how Minghe, who was suffering from the Divine Punishment, could withstand Zhunti's attack.

With his hands stretched out, Zhunti held the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures. It was his Eternal Spiritual Treasure and the actualized treasure. Though it was only Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, its power was a serious matter. Moreover, a Sage used the Treasure. Last time Liu er withstood its attack, but it was the situation that the Sage Zhunti only attacked him with the Spiritual Treasure, not using his supernatural power.

But now facing Minghe, Zhunti would not be merciful. The power of the Sage could be seen through this attack. There was the power of the Way of Heaven in the light of the treasures, shooting straight toward Minghe who was going through the Divine Punishment. If he was shot by this light, he would not be at ease, not to mention that now he needed to face the Holy Thunder of Destruction.

It seemed that Minghe was okay, but in fact, with every round of the Holy Thunder of Destruction that fell, Minghe's human body recovered while losing lots of energy. If Zhunti hit him, it would be one disaster after another. At that time, it was hard to say that if he could survive the Divine Punishment.

When Zhunti's light of the treasures was just out, a huge seal shot aside. Above the huge seal, the Way of Martial Arts appeared. It seemed nothing special. But the insider knew the ropes, while the outsider just came along for the ride. The Way of Martial Arts looked ordinary, but it was back to basics. This colossal seal was no less than Zhunti's light of the treasures.

The light of the treasures turned into a little bit of starlight, then disappeared in the Heaven and Earth. The huge seal also snapped because of the reaction force. The shock power caused by them was earthshaking. On the way of the shock, whatever the white cloud on the sky or the scorched soil on the Earth, the Realm divided into two pieces and there was another long scar on the Earth.

The huge seal snapped, describing a beautiful arc in the air. Finally, it fell on a young man's hand. Everyone was excited about seeing this person. He was Minghe's Self-centric Separation, the ancestor of martial arts in the Human Tribe, and the master of the Original Martial Arts. Eventually, Musen showed up. Minghe was passing tribulation, and as his Self-centric Separation, how could Musen not come? Two masters encountered, and there must be a shattering battle. The battle at the Original degree was rare.

When the Kongtong Seal flew to Musen's hand, he held it, looking at Zhunti, and said, "Zhunti, it's said in Untainted Land that you are the most shameless one of the Sages. Now it seems to be true. If you want to compete with Your Veneration, you can pick another time. But you do it at this time, it's dishonorable and shame on you."

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