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In Minghe's body, Houtu even felt something related to Real Entity of Pangu. She suddenly recalled that Minghe once exchanged his Hong Meng Immortal Qi for twelve drops of Ancestor of Sorcery's Blood of Essence and Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation with Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, presumably in order to study the mystery of the Rakshasa's body and improve himself. He was quite the manipulator.

There was one thing Houtu could not understand. Minghe was arrogant but rigorous. Since he dared to choose to pass tribulation in Untainted Land, he should know it was dangerous, which meant that he exposed his back to those who feared him. As long as these people got a chance, they would definitely attack him without hesitation.

Looking at the peaceful Minghe under the Clouds of Tribulation, Houtu was puzzled. Maybe he had prepared all necessary? But except Musen, she could not think of any other preparations. In her view, this time Minghe was in danger. However, she was also in a dilemma over helping him or standing aside, or...

In Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti and Jieyin reactions were dramatically different when seeing Minghe bear the Divine Punishment. Jieyin was sad while Zhunti looked happy. Zhunti even laughed and said, "Ha ha ha··· Minghe wants to go against the Way of Heaven and become the Rakshasa. He is courting death. How can he go through the Divine Punishment?"

Hearing that, Jieyin said sadly, "Junior brother, you're thinking too simply. The Divine Punishment is strong but Minghe isn't weak, so the Divine Punishment may not destroy him. Once he comes through the Divine Punishment and becomes the Rakshasa, I'm afraid he'll be the strongest in Untainted Land and even Three Pure Ones can no longer inhibit him. I'm worried it'll be more difficult for us to advance to the East when that time comes."

Zhunti laughed hearing Jieyin's words. "Senior brother, it's you who's too simple. Now Minghe is too busy with the Divine Punishment to care about other things. If someone gives him a fatal blow at this crucial moment, do you think he'll safely pass the tribulation?"

Hearing that, Jieyin became deadly serious. "Junior brother, do you want to interfere in his tribulation endurance? Don't forget, Minghe still has a Selfcentric Separation. Besides, since we can think of this, surely will Minghe to.o He must have been prepared before deciding to pass tribulation in Untainted Land. Once we take action, we have to fight with him to the last breath. If we can't kill him with one blow, I'm afraid we, the west will never live in peace again."

After hearing Jieyin's words, Zhunti's smile vanished. He struggled for a long time before finally saying between his teeth, "Senior brother, I understand what you've said but this is a great chance for us. If we missed it this time, I'm afraid there will be no chance in the future. What's more, even if Minghe is prepared and without us, I don't think others will stand aloof."

Jieyin closed his eyes speechlessly as if he was lost in meditation. Seeing this, Zhunti did not say anything more. He got along with Jieyin for a long time and knew him well. Zhunti turned around to look at Minghe who was bearing the Divine Punishment with a vicious look, and Menace Intent was around his body. Obviously, he would not miss such a good opportunity.

The Divine Punishment shocked the whole Untainted Land. All forces including Heavenly Court, Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and the Holy Land of Human Tribe were attracted by it. The Divine Punishment was still forming, but its power had made all living beings of Untainted Land scared. They immersed in their own respective thoughts. Some were delighted, some were worried and others even wanted to have a hand in it.

Minghe was in no mood to care about what went on around him, he was focusing his entire mind on the Divine Punishment. Looking at the slowly forming Divine Punishment, Minghe did not move. No matter how hard it was, he would overcome it with all he had. It was the most important step to transform into the Rakshasa, and he must go through it. Fear, tension, and timidity, Minghe had abandoned all such fragile emotions. Now he had nothing but the mind of Taoism to pursue the extreme of Taoism.

With thunders roaring among the Clouds of Tribulation, the Divine Punishment finally gathered. The sky seemed to be a sea of black and in this sea, thunders rolled over like dragons like a purple thunder sea. In addition, there was something seemingly more horrible and dangerous in the thundering sea. Just one look, anyone would be shocked to the core.

It was the first time that all living beings of Untainted Land had seen the Divine Punishment. However, the scene was so scary that they did not want to see it ever again. It looked like doomsday had arrived. The power of Divine Punishment was stronger than that of the Sages they felt before, which seemed to be a prison and nothing could be safe and survive in it.

The rolling purple thunder in the Divine Punishment was not only beautiful but also amazingly powerful. It was called Purpleheaven Thunder and was the strongest tribulation thunder they had ever seen. Moreover, the Purpleheaven Thunder rarely appeared in Tribulation Thunder, and there was no comparison between the Purpleheaven Thunder of the Divine Punishment and other thunders they had ever seen.

Looking at the countless Purpleheaven Thunders, even the audience might feel scared. It was hard to imagine what it would be like when the sea of thunder fell. However, when they saw Minghe bearing the Divine Punishment, they all freaked out. Minghe hunkered and suspended in the air as if he was lost in meditation. No matter how the Divine Punishment evolved, he was motionless.

The most surprising thing was that Minghe eyes were closed and he looked calm, showing no sign of nervousness or fear as if the Divine Punishment was not caused by him. People could not help but wonder whether the Divine Punishment was fake. However, when they looked up at the powerful thunder sea, they knew it anything but an illusion.

"Boom···" With a loud noise in the sky, a Purpleheaven Thunder suddenly fell from the thundering sea and transformed into a Thunder Dragon, flying straight at Minghe. The Purpleheaven Thunder rolled over with wind and thunder, shocking all the bystanders. The first Tribulation Thunder was so powerful that it was hard to imagine how powerful the following ones would be.

When the Purpleheaven Thunder fell, Minghe did not evade or tried resisting instead, he let it fall upon his body as if he had resigned himself to fate. However, when the first Tribulation Thunder completely disappeared, people unexpectedly found that Minghe was all right. It could be said that his vital force was even stronger, which was really confusing.

Minghe peacefully sat under the Tribulation Thunder. Facing the Purpleheaven Thunder, he did not prepare to resist and let it strike on his body. The Purpleheaven Thunder was the Tribulation Thunder with great power, but even stronger Purpleheaven Thunders of the Divine Punishment could not hurt Minghe, as he owned the origin of Purpleheaven Thunder.

The initial purple Purpleheaven Thunder was to blame for Minghe's traveling to this world. This thunder was strong but was of no use to Minghe, as it did not coincide with Minghe's way of Tao. Minghe always hid it between his eyebrows and nourished it. Though it was useless, as the reason for his existence in this world, it was a pity to discard it.

However, as Minghe decided to embark on the road of becoming the Rakshasa, the thunder began to play a role. During Minghe's spare time of tempering his body, he often used it to temper his physical body. As a result, the thunder now could not hurt him but instead, it tempered his body. So the powerful Purpleheaven Thunder which fell just now was only helping to strengthen Minghe's physical body.

However, Minghe was surprised at the Purpleheaven Thunder between his eyebrows. As the Purpleheaven Thunder struck, some of its power was used for tempering Minghe's body, while the rest was all devoured by his Purpleheaven Thunder. What's more, it even grew a little bigger after devouring the Tribulation Thunder, which was an unexpected benefit. Minghe nourished the initial purple Purpleheaven directly but it did not improve much, which made him realized that he had done it wrongly.

Looking at the Purpleheaven Thunders forming a sea of thunder above his head, Minghe smiled uncontrollably, which shocked the entire audience. They were puzzled to see that Minghe could smile even when faced with the Tribulation Thunder. Was Minghe so sure that he would come through the Divine Punishment? After all, it was the first Divine Punishment in Untainted Land! If Minghe safely passed it, the Divine Punishment would lose its prestige.

Faced with Minghe's provocative smile, the Divine Punishment responded by striking down three Purple heaven Thunders. However, Minghe was still motionless and let them fall on his body. He felt that when the Purpleheaven Thunders entered his body, the Primordial Purpleheaven Thunder between his eyebrows began to wander through his flesh and blood, heartily devouring the power of thunder and tempering his body in the process.

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