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In addition, the Merit of Earthly Marriage was also what Goddess Nvywa needed. Goddess Nvywa actualized with merit, although she was the first to become a Sage, now she was only a little stronger than Zhunti but weaker than the other Sages. Thanks to the luck of the Human Tribe, her cultivation might be slightly quicker. However, with the Merit, she could further improve her cultivation which also benefitted her.

Thinking of this, Goddess Nvywa replied. "Well, in this case, I'll preside over Liu Er and Yaoji's wedding and complete the Earthly Marriage." Since Kong Xuan had said so, Goddess Nvywa naturally would not refuse. Even if the other Sages would not attend the wedding, she would go and take the Merit of Earthly Marriage. After all, Merit was still Merit, no matter how small the amount and not to mention it wasn't a small amount at all.

Kong Xuan left Wahuang Heaven and headed for the West. Although the West once schemed against Yaoji, he should still do what he had to and be courteous. Seeing Zhunti take the invitation card, Kong Xuan leisurely left disregarding Zhunti's expression. Anyway, it was none of his concern.

Then Kong Xuan went to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and the Holy Land of Human Tribe in succession. Zhenyuanzi's cultivation had reached perfection and he was most likely to actualize the Realm of Origin in Untainted Land. What's more, he was in good relationship with Minghe, so Kong Xuan dared not be arrogant. The Human Tribe and Three Royals and Five Emperors in the Holy Land of Human Tribe were distinguished as well, so it's imperative that Kong Xuan went in person. As for the others, Water Kylin would send invitations to them instead.

Liu Er's wedding was being prepared in an orderly way, but Minghe did not have the heart to pay attention to it. He was at the most crucial moment, with everything being ready and countless years of constant practice, it all boils down to whether he could go through this calamity.

In the silence room on Sacred Island, Minghe sat cross-legged on his seat with Essential Qi swirling around him. However, the amount and the speed it was going at were a little scary. Under the scope of an attentive perception, Minghe's vital force was like a huge active volcano, which would break out at any moment and make the world tremble.

Minghe took a long breath and opened his eyes. His eyes dazzled like the eternal Starry Sky, shiny but peaceful. Minghe stood up and looked at the Heaven, Silence Room and tactical formation, all those would not block his sight. With dark clouds gathering in the sky, the Divine Punishment was being formed.

With one step forward, Minghe had been in a desert in Untainted Land which was close to Blood Sea and exhibit no signs of life, thus Minghe decided to pass his tribulation here. With Minghe's every move, the dark clouds, which originally gathered above Blood Sea came along with him and grew stronger on the way.

As the dark clouds gathered, the vital force of Minghe could no longer be suppressed and a powerful vital force suddenly broke out from his body. It was not the vital force of blood nor of killing or that of any Divine Laws Minghe cultivated, instead it was filled with violence, chaos, and destruction. That was the vital force of Rakshasa.

When the vital force of Minghe completely broke out, the entire Untainted Land was shocked including the Sages. They were shaken by Liu Er and Yaoji's marriage and now Minghe had made such a big move, thus they could no longer turn a blind eye. Minghe was different from Liu Er and his every action was worth their attention.

When the vital force mingled with violence, chaos, and destruction spread all over The Chaos, all living beings of Untainted Land were shocked. "Is the Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth coming again? " , they wondered. But with careful perception, it was completely different from the vital force of Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth. There was no Menace Intent but the just endless vital force of destruction.

In Mount Shouyang, Laozi was shocked to see Minghe standing under dark clouds and his peaceful look disappeared. He was familiar with Minghe's vital force. Since he shared Pangu's Spiritual Inheritance with Origin and Tongtian respectively, he naturally knew that this unique vital force belonged to Rakshasa.

Minghe wants to refine the body of Rakshasa and transforms from Primordial Mazinger of Untainted Land into Rakshasa of The Chaos. Laozi was shocked to come to this conclusion. He roughly knew how powerful Rakshasa was. But if someone wanted to transform into Rakshasa, he would have to first face the Divine Punishment, which was so powerful that even The Sage could not survive it. Minghe surely knew about it.

However, Minghe still went ahead with it which was insanity. At this moment, even Laozi had to feel admiration for me. It might be said for Minghe to be perseverant as Minghe gave up his Hong Meng Immortal Qi and chose to actualize the Realm of Origin by The Tao of Divine Law. Besides, he unconsciously occupied so much luck in Untainted Land and made Sages feel lost at where to start, which showed he had great wisdom.

Now Minghe intended to go against The Way of Heaven and transform into Rakshasa. Was he too arrogant or confident to be so crazy? Laozi did not know. What he knew was that Minghe would not face the Divine Punishment without preparation. He should know that he would meet with more threats than Divine Punishment before he transformed into Rakshasa.

In Mount Kunlun, Honoured Lord of the Origin was also shocked. He also recognized that Minghe's vital force was similar to that of Rakshasa, as Laozi did. Looking at the black clouds in the sky, he knew those were not ordinary Clouds of Tribulation. The Clouds of Tribulation had not fully formed, but their power made the earth tremble, which was clearly a prelude to the Divine Punishment.

Honored Lord of the Origin could guess at Minghe's intention, but he thought it was extremely crazy to transform into the Rakshasa in Untainted Land. Although all living beings of Untainted Land knew about Divine Punishment, they never saw it before. The unformed Clouds of Tribulation had already shocked Honored Lord of the Origin, and it was hard to imagine how powerful the fully formed Divine Punishment would be.

Looking at Minghe's calmness under those dark clouds, Honored Lord of the Origin wore a weird smile, seeming to laugh at his overconfidence or with some other meaning which was elusive. In his opinion, Minghe was courting death. Though Minghe was strong, the Divine Punishment was a serious matter and its usage on Minghe would be the best publicity for it.

In Jadeite Palace, Tongtian Sect Leader was scared to see Minghe standing under those Clouds of Tribulation. He always regarded Minghe as a strong opponent. Before his actualization, Minghe had dominated the Untainted Land and killed dozens of Sages-to-be all by himself. After his actualization, he quickly improved his cultivation and caught up with those Sages in the Secondary Stage in just ten thousands of years. Tongtian admired his talent, perseverance, and wisdom.

Now Minghe intended to go against The Way of Heaven and transform into a Rakshasa. It seemed crazy but Tongtian could clearly understand Minghe's persistence. Feeling Minghe's strong and violent vital force, he realized that Minghe had planned and prepared for a long time. Minghe knew that his human body had reached its peak, thus his vital force burst out suddenly.

Under the Clouds of Tribulation, Minghe was quite calm as if the Divine Punishment overhead had nothing to do with him, which made Tongtian admire him so much. Tongtian murmured. "Minghe, I hope you can safely go through this calamity, or it'll be a pity if I lose an opponent like you. The Divine Punishment is powerful but it's not the only threat. I hope you're prepared, otherwise···"

In Royal Nu Wa Temple, Goddess Nvywa stared at the Clouds of Tribulation of Divine Punishment and Minghe with astonishment, not knowing what to say. Minghe was strong and now he even ventured to go through Divine Punishment and refine the true body of Rakshasa. It was too crazy for Goddess Nvywa to understand. She looked at Minghe, who closed his eyes and was resting under the Clouds of Tribulation and nobody knew what's in her mind.

In The Nether World, Houtu looked at Minghe with surprise. It was horribly scary just by thinking of the true body of Rakshasa. Though the Real Entity of Pangu summoned by Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery was strong, it was incomplete. After all, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were converted from Pangu's Blood of Essence, so they did not inherit everything of his.

Even so, the Real Entity of Pangu summoned by Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery was strong enough to shock The Sage. However, this Real Entity of Pangu was only an incomplete true body of Rakshasa, thus it could be seen how powerful the true body of Rakshasa was. Now Minghe wanted to refine the True Body of Rakshasa, which utterly shocked Houtu.

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