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A group of Golden Immortal Cultivators was riding on clouds slowly in the sky; they were the ones who just fought against the Rare Beasts of Chaos beyond the wall of the world. Though they all had various degrees of injuries on their bodies, instead of being upset, they were very excited about obtaining the spoils that they deserved.

After going their separate way, a Golden Immortal looked at the sternum in his bag of treasures with an involuntary look of satisfaction on his face. He was merely a Golden Immortal, he was lucky to be able to join in this war. He was satisfied with getting a sternum of Rare Beast of Chaos and had no other expectations, for the most valuable items were in the back pocket of other more powerful Cultivators.

At this moment, suddenly a shadow flashed by him bringing about a blast of wind. This Golden Immortal looked up with amazement in his eyes at the speed of that shadow figure. But he didn't thought much about it and rode the clouds back home. He wanted to make good use of this sternum to refine a Magic Weapon for defense.

After that Golden Immortal's left, a figure appeared in the woods beneath him. It was Minghe after he shape-shifted. Minghe came for no other reason but to get the Original Spirit sojourned in that Golden Immortal back. Minghe wouldn't leave the Original Spirit in that Cultivator's body forever.

Minghe wouldn't care if it was the Spiritual Thoughts of Clone of Blood God. However, Blood God Doppelganger was different. From the earliest times, Minghe gained enlightenment on the Law of Spiritual Beings and improved Clone of Blood God with his Magic Skills that lead to the birth of Blood God Doppelganger. These 49 Blood God Doppelgangers differs from Clone of Blood God, but they all had a streak of Original Spirit from Minghe.

Even if Blood God Doppelganger died, Minghe could take its Original Spirit back to rebuild Blood God Doppelganger as long as that Original Spirit hasn't dissipated. And this streak of Original Spirit would become strong with the cultivation of Blood God Doppelganger. Now that this Original Spirit was in a Realm of Sage-to-be, it wasn't possible for Minghe to give up. What's more, it wasn't safe to let his own Original Spirit stray outside.

There were many witchcrafts in Untainted Land. One of them was a forbidden craft called the Pinhead Arrows Book, which was vicious as it could kill people invisibly. Zhao Gongming, from Tribe of Severity, was killed because of it in the Battle of Gods Investiture. Although Minghe wasn't afraid of it, he would be severely wounded if a Sage used his Original Spirit as a guide. Moreover, nobody knew whether the witchcraft existed in the Chaos or not, still, it was better to be careful.

Minghe walked towards the direction that Golden Immortal left after retrieving his Original Spirit. It looked like a small step, but he had traveled hundreds of miles. It was a Magic Skill called Narrowing Earth into Inches. It meant that one step of Minghe was just like an inch. It was fast and convenient for him while being on his way.

Finally, Minghe managed to a see populated region after walking half a day. It was a huge city with caesious walls and towering gate towers. And there were soldiers making their rounds on the city walls and at the gate. It made Minghe felt as if he had traveled back to ancient times. Only the numerous tactical formations and Talisman Symbols carved on walls made Minghe gave up on that notion.

Minghe was embarrassed when he saw the entrance of the city. Everyone entered the city by walking instead of flying into the city directly. What's more, everyone who entered the city had to pay an entrance tax. Even that Golden Immortal who was possessed by Blood God Doppelganger stood in line.

Thus it could be seen that it wasn't a normal city. Minghe didn't know how many miles he had walked and to be surrounded by greenery and the woods the entire time, only this huge city showed signs o human traffic. The tactical formation carved on the wall might be the City-protecting Formation, from which he could know it wasn't peaceful here as if it was attacked at often.

Although there was a City-protecting Formation here, it couldn't stop Minghe from spying on the conditions of the city. There were many races, but the main race was Human Tribe. Therefore, there was not only Human Tribe in this world, but also human had a high position. Both Untainted World and this city had Human Tribe. They were not the same but they were similar. Was it a coincidence?

Next, there were shops all over the city like the ones in Human Tribe's city in Untainted Land. They also used a unique currency which was called Spiritual Stone base on the locals' words. This Spiritual Stone was retrieved from Spiritual Mines and was used as the circulation currency in this world.

Minghe recognized what the Spiritual Stone was when he looked at it. Spiritual Mine was Spiritual Pulse that lost the soul. Spiritual Pulse was born because of heaven, it could gather the Spiritual Air in Heaven and Earth. However, if the Spiritual Pulse was destroyed and lost its soul, it would turn into Spiritual Mine which could never gather Spiritual Air in Heaven and Earth. Thus, it is used as currency upon extraction.

What made Minghe embarrassed was that he didn't have any Spiritual Stone. He couldn't use teleportation to enter the city or it would alarm the Way of Heaven in this world, and all his efforts would be wasted. Reluctantly, he returned to the mountains behind him. He didn't believe that there weren't Spiritual Stones in the mountains.

Minghe was back at the entrance of the city during sunset. He went to the deep mountains and forests with great results. He not only gained a small Spiritual Pulse but also found some Treasures of Heaven and Earth and possessions of some dead Cultivators. That strip of Spiritual Pulse was sadly broken into Spiritual Stones by Minghe and became his possession.

Minghe got an identity card from the guard after paying taxes for entering the city. According to the guard, Minghe could move freely in the city with this card. Once he lost it, he had to pay tax to reapply. If it was lost with no reapplication, the guards who were in charge of protecting the city would regard him as an invader, and he would be executed if he resisted.

Minghe realized the difference of this city when he entered, depicting how resourceful the person who built this city was. This city not only had Spirit-gathering Formation but also had Sky-forbidden Formation. What's more, there was a huge Spiritual Pulse underground. Spirit-gathering Formation added Spiritual Pulse to make Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth in the city to be at least three or four times stronger than outside the city.

In addition to this, this world had a unique feature which Minghe found out as he analyzed the Divine Law and the Origin of this world, Minghe found there was a special Spiritual Air besides the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth. He once felt this kind of special Spiritual Air in a Magic Weapon in the hands of those Cultivators who had fought against the Rare Beasts of Chaos.

Minghe began to stroll when he entered the city with a purpose in mind. He searched all the shops to find things that were of use for him as well as to get as much information about this world as possible.

Finally, his hard work paid off. Minghe lived in a tavern and tasted dishes which he hadn't for a long time after buying the things he wanted. Minghe hadn't eaten real and proper food since he came to Untainted Land. Eating was merely a desire fo him, now that he tried it again and it had a different flavor.

In his room, Minghe was reading the pieces of those Jade Slips he bought in the daytime with his Spiritual Thoughts as night fell. These Jade Slips recorded the territory, history, and anecdotes in this world. It was the quickest way for Minghe to know about this world. Although he couldn't grasp everything at least he could form a simple understanding.

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