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Though the Jade Slip was complicated, it wasn't a big deal for Minghe and he learned almost everything about the world within half an hour. According to the Jade Slip, this place was called the Treasures World.

The world gained its name not because there were many treasures here, but rather due to the many Cultivators here who were skilled in refining weapons. Magic Skills, tactical formations, and elixirs were nothing compared with weapon refinery here.

In this world, besides the Spiritual Air of Earth and Heaven, there was also a unique Spiritual Air dubbed the Treasures Aura. Before all the Magic Weapons materialized, they had to absorb the aura. The more of the aura the weapons took in, the more powerful they would be.

This roused Minghe's interest in the world. What a wonderful world of Weapon-refining Masters! The weapons here were all ranked from the first to the ninth level, the so-called Holy Rank. The masters were ranked accordingly as well. Yet, there was no record about those above the Holy Rank.

However, Minghe spotted something interesting on the Jade Slip. It was a Weapon-refining Master at the Holy Rank, named Lord of Numerous Treasures. He was the very originator of weapon-refining tactics and the only one who had reached his rank. Thinking it over, Minghe thought that he might be the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin who was hunting down Kunpeng.

Wearing a wide smile, Minghe thought it was interesting indeed. The Holy-ranked treasures might as well be those Primordial Spiritual Treasures. Lord of Numerous Treasures, capable of preaching and refining Primordial Spiritual Treasures, must pretty powerful. Since he claimed to be Lord of Numerous Treasures, he must have many such treasures at hand. Minghe thought he must be cautious about his Magic Weapons when confronting Lord of Numerous Treasures.

But he had no plans to provoke the person yet. He was more curious about the Law of Refining Tools and the unique Treasures Aura in this world. He wondered if the aura could be used to refine Primordial Spiritual Treasures without the need for the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. That would be the key to converting Postcelestial Treasures into Primordial Treasures in the Untainted Land.

Early the next morning, Minghe found himself a weapon-refining shop and bought the place. He then shut the door to visitors and fully immersed himself in studying the Law of Refining Tools in Treasures World. As recorded in the Jade Slip, the Hundred-refining Earthly Fire was a book detailing the way to refine weapons. That was why he bought the shop that boasted a furnace that was connected to the earthly fire.

Having spent much time pouring over the book, he was soon aware that the Law of Refining Tools here was inferior to that in the Untainted Land. Sometimes, those Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures refined in Untainted Land could well match the Primordial ones, but that would never happen here.

Nevertheless, the Treasures World was special. The Magic Weapons in this world would absorb different amounts of the Treasures Aura, according to how well the spells cast on them conformed to the Law of Heaven and Earth. The more they conformed to the law, the more Treasures Aura they would suck in. These weapons, as a result, grew in power.

He cared more about the aura instead of the Law of Refining Tools. If the aura could really enhance the power of weapons, then the weapons he created through the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth would even stronger. Or perhaps he could uncover the secret tactics of so-called Holy Ranked Weapon-refining Master. That way, he wouldn't even need the cauldron to refine his weapons.

Following the instructions for Law of Refining Tools recorded in the Hundred-refining Earthly Fire, Minghe placed the materials inside the furnace. The materials burned in the searing earthly fire and blended beautifully. The first step in the instructions was exactly the same as that of the Law of Refining Tools in Untainted Land.

Once the materials were perfectly meshed, Minghe used his fingers in place of a brush to draw Talisman Symbols one after another in the air. He cast those symbols on the treasure that had yet taken its form. The symbols then integrated into limitations, making the treasure stronger as they increased in number. Treasures refined by limitations were more powerful.

This was another unique feature of the Law of Refining Tools in this world. In the Untainted Land, they cast a complete limitation on refined weapons. Here, they would cast Talisman Symbols that would connect and integrate into a single limitation. That way, if they wanted to refine their weapons further, they could just cast more Talisman Symbols to the existing ones.

This wasn't possible with weapons made in Untainted Land. To refine a weapon for the second time meant ruining its core. But Minghe could see where the advantage was. Even though a weapon in the Treasures World could be refined repeatedly, its incomplete limitation meant it would be inherently less powerful than its counterpart in the Untainted Land even if their quality was the same. Further, the frequent refinement would also leave a defect in the weapon. This was precisely why Minghe had found those weapons so strange the first time he saw them.

Once the limitations were cast, Minghe began molding the treasure. He could sense an endless flow of Treasures Aura of Heaven and Earth entering it. It took a long while before the treasure started glowing with a soft light. That was when he knew he had successfully refined the treasure.

The treasure was a bronze hammer that glowed with a green light. He could faintly hear the sound of thunder coming from the hammer. When he looked at it, surprised crossed his expression. He had a created a fifth-ranked Spiritual Treasure. What a joke it was for him to spend half a month just to refine a treasure of this quality.

Having considered himself a master of refining weapons, Minghe never thought the first treasure he would create in this world would be a fifth-ranked one. It was sardonic but it also ignited his determination. Since Lord of Numerous Treasures could create a Holy-ranked Spiritual Treasure, there wasn't any reason that he couldn't.

He tossed the treasure aside and began refining another one. He was more cautious this time around, carefully observing each and every transformation of the treasure. He even began investigating why the treasure would take in a different amount of the aura. All these factors were crucial factors in determining the rank of a treasure.

As time passed, he began spending more and more time refining every new treasure. But each new treasure that he produced were also of better quality than the previous one. From the initial fifth-ranked treasure, the ones that he could produce now were ninth-ranked. As his skill at refining weapon improved, the treasures that he refined also became increasingly powerful.

"Ah?" Minghe noticed that all the refinery materials that he had prepared had run out. When he turned around, he saw that the treasures he created had piled up into a hill inside the room. He soon realized 3,000 years had passed. How time flew!

There were thousands of Spiritual Treasures in the room. About 34 of them were ninth-ranked, 123 eighth-ranked, 321 seventh-ranked, and over 1000 fifth or sixth-ranked ones. These were all his creations over the past 3,000 years.

Now, he had basically grasped everything there was to know about the Law of Refining Tools in this world. Though he only learned the Hundred-refining Earthly Fire, every method here would ultimately yield the same result. He could now produce a ninth-ranked treasure.

Minghe also studied the different rankings of the Spiritual Treasures. The first through third-ranked ones were equivalent to the Low-Grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures, while the fourth through sixth-ranked ones were similar to the Mid-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. The seventh or eighth-ranked ones were like the Top-Grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures. Though they were slightly weaker in power, the ninth-ranked treasures were no inferior to the Highest-Grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures.

Now that he had fully grasped the way to create Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures, it was time for him to try refining Holy-Ranked ones. But first, he needed to collect the necessary refinery materials. Though it would save him much effort if he simply melted down all his earlier creations, they were nevertheless his own handiwork. He could give the treasures away as gifts in the future.

He spent all the Spiritual Stones that he owned and returned to the weapon-refining shop with a bunch of refinery materials. With a wave of his hand, he cast an enclosed tactical formation on the entire shop. When a primordial spiritual treasure was created, it would emit Mysterious Signs. With the formation, he could prevent others from finding out what he was doing inside the shop.

When he had everything he needed, he soon immersed himself in weapon refining once again, with the goal this time being a Holy-ranked Spiritual Treasure. If he could fully grasp the Law of Refining Tools, then his trip here wouldn't be in vain. By then, his refinery skills would see great improvement and he would be able to refine even better treasures with his cauldron.

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