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Several days later, the Blood God Doppelganger had completely gotten used to the body of the Double-headed Silver Wolf. Minghe waved his hand and send him out of the Void where he hid. Together with the Blood God Doppelganger, was a pack of Double-headed Silver Wolves. There were about 35 of them and including the Blood God Doppelganger makes 36 of them.

Minghe met this group of Double-headed Silver Wolves in the Chaos, however, their power was not as great as their number. The strongest was just equivalent to a Cultivator at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, and nine of them were at this stage. Minghe could not allow his Blood God Doppelganger to enter this world alone as that it would be too obvious and raised suspicions easily.

Double-headed Silver Wolves liked living in a pack so traveling alone was prone to suspicion. If not, how could the Blood God Doppelganger get what he want amidst the chaos? The Blood God Doppelganger would have a better chance to accomplish Minghe's plan during the confusion. By hiding within a group of Double-headed Silver Wolves, he could play it by ear.

As soon as they were released, the group of Double-headed Silver Wolves started to roar in anger. There was only one world in front of them, thus they found it to be the best target for their anger. From the remaining Spiritual Thoughts of the Clone of Blood God, who used to follow Kunpeng around the chaos, usually, the Rare Beast of Chaos always lived in the Chaos.

Once in a while, these beasts would meet the chaotic storm. It would not be lethal to them but sometimes it would blow them away to another world nearby. When that happens, these Rare Beasts of Chaos would try to attack that world uncontrollably. This phenomenon seems to be definite.

After a loud roar, these 36 Double-headed Silver Wolves ran towards the world with thundering motion, seemingly unstoppable. In the Void, Minghe could feel the tangible anger and killing intent of these Rare Beasts of Chaos. Their eyes were thirsting for blood, and they would unmercifully tear at anything that tried to stop them.

However, the moment they arrived at the crystal wall of this world, tens of thousands of Cultivators rushed out from it. They lined up fearlessly like a well-regulated army, defending against the group of Rare Beasts of Chaos.

Looking at how accustomed they reacted, Minghe thought they must have met this kind of issue from time to time. The first nine of them were even at Sage-to-be Stage, except for a handful who were at Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, the rest was just at Primordial Unity Golden Immortal or Golden Immortal cultivation.

Compared with this group of Rare Beasts of Chaos, they seemed to be much weaker. The leading nine Sages-to-be held up nearly 20 beasts, while the rest formed a tactical formation to separate the beasts and kill them at one shot.

Their methods of attack peaked Minghe's interest. The Magic Weapons in their hands were all very unique, even the Primordial Spiritual Treasures in the nine Sages-to-be's hands seemed to look strange. Some of these treasures seemed to be primordial, but some showed signs of refining by humans. It was also strange that even the Primordial Spiritual Treasures also seemed to have been refined by someone.

Among the Three Laws Of Elixirs, Weapons, and Arrays, Minghe was an expert in the Law of Weapon, so he could easily tell the differences among these Magic Weapons. Minghe was especially curious about the several Primordial Spiritual Treasures which were refined by Houtu. "Could this world contain treasures like the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, which could refine Primordial Spiritual Treasures? Maybe I can gain something in this travel after all." Minghe thought.

The battle lasted for several days and ended with the defeat of the wolves. However, the other side also suffered a great loss. The nine Sages-to-be were badly hurt, 20 Da Luo Golden Immortals and nearly 3,000 Taiyi Golden Immortals and Golden Immortals lost their lives. But instead of showing any form of sadness, only greed could be seen on in their eyes as they stared at the dead bodies of the Rare Beasts of Chaos.

When they were allotting spoils of this war, a weird flash of red light immersed in the body of a badly hurt Golden Immortal. There was no any other movement later, and that Golden Immortal didn't feel any different. It as if nothing had happened.

When everything was done, all the Cultivators went back to their world happily including that Golden Immortal who went home with glee after obtaining some materials from the bodies of the Rare Beasts of Chaos. He didn't even notice that something has entered into his body.

In the Void, Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth sat face to face and placed between them was the Magical Tao Mirror, reflecting the figure of the Golden Immortal who was possessed by Minghe's Blood God Doppelganger. When the Doppelganger followed this Cultivator back to his world, both Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth injected their supernatural power into the Magical Tao Mirror. They found that there were plenty of strange textures surrounding the Cultivator, which were not easy to understand.

Actually, these surreal textures were formed by Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth as they began to analyze the Divine Laws and Origin of this world. Every world has its unique Divine Laws and Origin, such as the World of Heaven and Earth inside Taoist of Heaven and Earth's body, which uses different Laws and Origin from the Untainted Land. Therefore, if an outsider invaded a world, its Way of Heaven would easily notice it.

Minghe was born in Untainted Land, and his body had gotten used to the Divine Laws of that world and had been bathed in the original vital force of the Untainted World. To wanted to sneak into it secretly he needed to be familiar with the Laws and Origin of this new world.

As each world had its own unique system of Laws, such as the World of Heaven and Earth. Though it didn't accumulate the total of 3,000 Divine Laws, it had owned enough Laws to build a world, and the remnants would emerge gradually during the evolution of this world. Among all the Divine Laws inside the World of Heaven and Earth, the Law of Heaven and Earth and the Law of Space were the strongest. As for which Law was the strongest or were they all equal in the Untainted Land, Minghe had no idea.

Since the Double-headed Silver Wolf possessed by the Blood God Doppelganger was killed, the Doppelganger was only left with a small piece of Original Spirit without any supernatural power. Although it was just a small piece of Original Spirit, it was of Realm of Sage-to-be since it was Minghe's Doppelganger. Therefore, it went unnoticeable by the Golden Immortal

If it was in Untainted Land, Minghe could read the memory of that Cultivator directly, or completely possessed his body. However, in another world, the Golden Immortal would undergo change more or less if Minghe were to read his memory or possessed his body. What more, Blood God Doppelganger's vital force was different from the Cultivators in this world, which could be noticed by the Way of Heaven which would alert the other Cultivators.

The only thing that the piece of Original Spirit of Blood God Doppelganger could do was to hide in the body of that Golden Immortal, using the vital force of that Golden Immortal to disguise himself. Therefore, Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth had enough time and resources to predict the Divine Laws and the Origin of this world.

With the help of Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth's prediction were accomplished with half the effort. Gradually, the construction of the Divine Laws and the vital force of the Origin of this world take its form in front of them. The process of prediction was long and tedious, it would be for naught if they were to hasten the process.

Several years later, Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth withdrew their supernatural power on the Magical Tao Mirror, and the Mirror was put away by Minghe. With a smile on his face, Minghe changed his physical appearance, flesh, bones, and even his vital force. In the end, Minghe shape-shifted into a 20-year-old teenager, which was totally different and unrecognizable from himself.

Looking at Minghe's perfect shape-shift, the Heaven and Earth Taoist smiled and said, "Your Veneration, your Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings become more and more profound. Your shape-shift is perfect. Now, you really look like a Cultivator from this world, making it easier to get into this world secretly. I'll be waiting for your good news."

Minghe nodded his head. Heaven and Earth Taoist would not follow him to get into this world as he needed to remain outside to collaborate with Minghe when its necessary. Minghe turned around, moving quickly and simultaneously in the Void and entered that world without anyone noticing.

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