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After killing the Rare Beast of Chaos, Minghe went forth on his journey once again. This time he didn't make any effort to search for the Rare Beast of Chaos. He just followed accordingly to the marks on the map. But once he came across a Rare Beast of Chaos on the way, he would not let it escape.

Years later, Minghe got to his first destination, which was the world nearest to the Untainted Land. Minghe hid in the Void, looking at the world before him. The last world found by Kunpeng during his returned and the world where the experts of Origin live.

Suddenly a green light flash by Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist appeared beside him. Heaven and Earth Taoist stared at the world, his eyes shining with passionate flames. Noticing his expression, Minghe asked, "How is it? Can you assert the level of this world?"

Heaven and Earth Taoist observed the world for a long time. Then, he answered, " It should be a small chiliocosm, however, it had developed well and is completed with the divine law. As for the size, my World of Heaven and Earth is nearly twice as big as it is. If it can be swallowed by my world, I would definitely make more progress."

Yes. Swallowing. It was the decision that Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist made together when they found out that other worlds existed in the Chaos. Otherwise, they would not have force Kunpeng to leave for the Chaos to locate the world. All of these were prepared for the promotion of Heaven and Earth Taoist and the world inside him.

Theoretically, a world cannot get promotion on its own. From the moment a world was born, it would remain at a stage of depletion. Although the world would keep perfecting with the birth of creatures, the depletion would be aggravated. Thus, as the world would become stronger due to it being whole, it would have lost any hopes of promotion.

Similar to Untainted World where Minghe lived, during the birth of Heaven and Earth, Spiritual Air filled the world. Even in Mount Kunlun or Heavenly Court, places thought to be with an abundance of Spiritual Air was incomparable to it. The Spiritual Air of the world became lesser as days pass, even though the dead Creatures would be transformed into Spiritual Air after going through Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth. It was not as pure as the original Spiritual Air.

Minghe didn't know much about the levels of Untainted World, but one could be sure that the Untainted Land was at the level of great trichiliocosm, or even greater. Although Untainted Land had become very powerful after Hongjun united the Taoism and the Eight Sages came into being, its depletion was huge as well. And had lost all hope for a promotion.

Worlds would not promote automatically as human touch were necessary. It was almost impossible to promote Untainted World, even with the cooperation of all Sages and Minghe. But the World of Heaven and Earth was just a small chiliocosm. If all existing worlds were graded into four levels: primary rank, secondary rank, advanced rank and fulfillment rank, the World of Heaven and Earth would just be a primary rank chiliocosm.

Even though Minghe owned the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, which could transform Air of Chaos into primordial Spiritual Air, and continually supplement the small chiliocosm with it, it would be impossible to promote the small chiliocosm immediately to medium dichiliocosm till millions of years later. Moreover, becoming a medium dichiliocosm was not the key to a world's promotion, it was what comes after. A stronger great trichiliocosm.

Minghe could not wait forever. In other to promote the World of Heaven and Earth as soon as possible, swallowing other worlds to complete itself would be the best shortcut. And there are worlds in the Chaos, which granted Minghe a great opportunity. As long as the World of Heaven and Earth swallowed these worlds, it could enhance its accumulation in the twinkle of an eye. Becoming medium dichiliocosm would no longer be impossible so long as there were enough of this worlds to be swallowed.

The world before Minghe was the first to be swallowed. It was about double the size of the World of Heaven and Earth and could be a small chiliocosm at the secondary rank or even at the level of advanced rank level. If the World of Heaven and Earth could swallow it, it could become a secondary-rank small chiliocosm at least, and the cultivation progress of Heaven and Earth Taoist would be greatly improved.

But the problem lies in the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin of this world. Minghe could not move rashly because if this person could become Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, he must have some special capability. From how he had traced Kunpeng so easily meant that his ability couldn't be looked down on. More importantly, he hadn't shown any of it in front of Kunpeng, so Minghe didn't know anything about him. It would be unwise to take action without caution.

And mainly it's also Minghe's lack of knowledge of the world, too, that he could not certify whether there was only one Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin or more. Moreover, Minghe didn't know how his cultivation and tactics were, which might lead to an unexpected consequence if he act headfirst. Who knows if this guy had any secret weapons or not.

With the help of Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe was confident about his success, but he didn't want to fight while being unprepared. Because if he pushed this guy into a dead end and caused damages to himself or Heaven and Earth Taoist, it would be terrible. The final struggles of a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin at death door would not be able to be endured so easily

To ensure that there are no loopholes in his plan, Minghe decided to secretly sneak into the world to understand the cultivation system and the background of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. Once he thought of a flawless plan, it would be the time to take action.

But sneaking into the world wasn't easy. The existence of individual Way of Heaven in every world is the same as the World of Heaven and Earth inside the body of Heaven and Earth Taoist. But the Way of Heaven in the World of Heaven and Earth was at its birth stage, so its awareness was extremely weak. But with the development of the world, the Way of Heaven would get stronger ultimately

If someone with Middle Stage of Origin as powerful as Minghe, sneaked into the world, the Way of Heaven definitely would sound a warning and all the powerful men in this world would know that there was someone sneaking in. Then Minghe would be exposed to Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin and at that time Minghe would have to fight against him face to face. But this wasn't what Minghe wanted.

Professional skills are needed for sneaking in secretly. So Minghe waved his sleeve to summon a Rare Beast of Chaos, Double-headed Silver Wolf. This Double-headed Silver Wolf was not dead, but alive. Minghe purposely captured it alive and sealed it for future use.

Minghe summoned a Blood God Doppelganger at the same time. The cultivation of this Blood God Doppelganger had been at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be. It would be the key to Minghe's plan.

Blood God Doppelganger fused with the Double-headed Silver Wolf immediately after being summoned out. And suddenly the face of Double-headed Silver Wolf had twisted and its four pupils dilated as if it had lost focus. But because it was a sealed creature, even though Double-headed Silver Wolf was in pain, it could not move an inch nor even make a sound.

When Double-headed Silver Wolf recovered, the soul had been changed. Minghe waved his hand to remove the seal on Double-headed Silver Wolf. Blood God Doppelganger shook its body to adapt itself to its new body. Minghe didn't hurry because he knew that physical possession took time. Only when the Blood God Doppelganger was totally fused with its new body without any flaws, he would begin to take action.

This Double-headed Silver Wolf was approximately 2000 feet high, and more than 4000 feet long, with two heads and silver fur covering its whole body. It had the body of a Sage-to-be at Secondary Stage, and there were dozens of the Origin of Chaos in its body, so it would be the perfect bait. Minghe had captured stronger Rare Beast of Chaos, however, he was afraid that a stronger beast would catch the attention of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. If he found out, it would be troublesome.

In Kunpeng's exploration, Minghe had seen some Cultivators hunt these Rare Beasts of Chaos, and collects the Origin of Chaos which left the dead beasts' bodies. Then the Cultivators would take in the collected the Origin of Chaos for cultivation, so Kunpeng started to hunt Rare Beast of Chaos as well, instead of staying somewhere to save time and energy. To give up such a good thing without danger and also benefits his cultivation, was not what a real gambler like Kunpeng would do.

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