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The mighty roar with Air of Chaos became like knives breaking the peace in the Chaos. Most importantly, the roaring of all Rare Beasts of Chaos together formed greater impetus and power. No one under Sage-to-be could survive this attack.

Minghe stared at the attack of these Rare Beast of Chaos surprisingly, thinking, "It seems that they have some wisdom, otherwise they couldn't know the way of joint attack." But Minghe was unconcerned about the attack which couldn't even break the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth's defense.

"Boom!" With a blast, the attack of Rare Beasts of Chaos dwindled into nothing. The defense power of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was the strongest among all primordial supreme treasures. What's more, it was exerted by Minghe, a Middle Stage of Origin. As a result, the joint attack of Rare Beasts of Chaos at Sage-to-be Realm failed to do any harm to the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth.

Seeing it was useless, Rare Beasts of Chaos all soared and launched a second attack on Minghe under the leader's roar. They all raised their huge claws and struck at Minghe fiercely. The colossal Astral Wind Blade cut fiercely towards Minghe, and even the Air of Chaos couldn't conceal its edge.

More than that, all Rare Beasts of Chaos rushed towards Minghe under their leader's guidance after that attack. These Astral Wind Blades were just a distraction, their physical bodies were the strongest power they had. Under the cover of the Astral Wind Blade, Rare Beasts of Chaos could approach Minghe easily and exert their full combat power.

Minghe smiled. He moved and the Astral Wind Blade all slide past him, failing to reach Minghe and even the defense of Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. Minghe waved his hands and the God-killing Spear appeared in his hand. Looking at the Rare Beasts of Chaos charging towards him, Minghe didn't hesitate and went forth to strike back.

As the spear glow in coldness, Minghe waved his God-killing Spear and each strike stabbed at the eyebrow of Rare Beasts of Chaos. A seemingly normal attack but each strike was lethal because the most powerful attack of God-killing Spear was to damage Original Spirit. Although these Rare Beasts of Chaos had strong physical bodies, they were nothing for God-killing Spear. Eventually, their Original Spirits were vanished thoroughly.

All Rare Beasts of Chaos died as quickly as taking a few breaths but their bodies remained well-preserved. After they died, streaks of gray lights emitted from their bodies, attempting to enter into the Chaos. Luckily, Minghe acted swiftly. Upon waving his sleeves, he captured these gray lights.

These gray lights were the Origin of chaos in the bodies of Rare Beasts of Chaos. After Rare Beasts of Chaos died, these origins of chaos would exit their bodies and regress in the Chaos. Minghe didn't know this at first, so he wasted dozens of streaks of Origins of chaos.

Minghe was satisfied with the Origin of chaos in his hands. Over 500 Rare Beasts of Chaos offered him as many as 1300 streaks of the Origin of chaos. Minghe had just gotten about 400 streaks of the Origin of chaos over the previous years in the Chaos, and this time marked he reaped a huge harvest.

Minghe was excited seeing the Origin of chaos in his hands. He waved his sleeves, collecting the dead bodies of Rare Beasts of Chaos and sat on the huge Original Stone of Chaos, absorbing these Origins of chaos.

Once the Origin of chaos was infused into Minghe's body, he felt the strength of the Origin of chaos, which was nearly twice more turbulent than the Air of Chaos and the Power of Divine Law. However, when Minghe began to absorb the Origin of chaos, its effect on Body Tempering was obvious and also several times stronger than before.

Minghe absorbed all the Origin of chaos in about 15 minutes and the progress of his human body was incomparable to what he gained in the last 1000 years. Minghe was delighted to see the effect, knowing he was right to go to the Chaos.

Minghe continued his journey after collecting the Original Stone of Chaos at his feet. He was in no hurry this time since he was not willing to miss any Rare Beasts of Chaos. Any Rare Beasts of Chaos sense by Minghe was killed immediately, becoming the perfect materials which could enhance his physical body.

For nearly 100 years, Minghe went on his journey slowly by constantly hunting Rare Beasts of Chaos. Till date he had thousands of streaks of Origin of chaos, saving him tens of thousands of years on Body Tempering. Since the physical body was going to be fully tempered soon, Minghe was exalted. At this rate, his physical body was going to reach its peak at any time.

Minghe had been expecting the day of reaching the peak for had finally arrived. By the time his physical body reached its peak, he would be able to strive for the body of Rakshasa. The danger behind it was also difficult to imagine. To ensure his freedom in Untainted Land, the transformation process must be carried out in Untainted Land. Otherwise, he would transform into a Rakshasa, which would not be permitted by the Way of Heaven in Untainted Land.

At present, Minghe base was still centered in Untainted Land, so he was not likely to give up all he had in Untainted Land. Transforming into Rakshasa in Untainted Land was quite risky as well because the Way of Heaven would resist Minghe by landing Divine Punishment. If Minghe could survive it, he would be able to transform into Rakshasa and get the approval from the Way of Heaven. If not, he would end up in having his soul disintegrated.

To increase his odds of success, Minghe had to upgrade his physical body to the greatest extent, and that's why he needed more Origin of chaos. Nevertheless, the Chaos was boundless and Rare Beasts of Chaos were scattered, so it would be hard to encounter hundreds of beasts like last time. In the past 100 years, he had only met the similar scale of beasts four times.

With any luck, Minghe could come across about 50 beasts together in one go. At times, he would meet only one beast, but each one counted. Therefore, he would end its lonely life and let his Origin of chaos unite with others in his body in light of humanitarianism.

Sometimes Minghe was also joyful even seeing one single beast. The one in front of him now, for example, was thousands of meters tall with black long fur like a gorilla. The most unique was that this Rare beast of Chaos had three heads and six arms, like the combination of a gorilla and Asura. What Minghe cared for was that the physical body of this Rare Beast of Chaos had reached The Way of Origin.

Looking at this Rare beast of Chaos, Minghe's eyes were shining with delight because it was like putting a huge vault of treasures in front of him. He could even feel the strong Origin of chaos in its body. Killing it and getting its Origin of chaos were Minghe's strongest heartfelt wish at this time.

The abundant Origin of chaos in this Rare beast of Chaos's body was exactly what Minghe needed. The Origin of chaos in its body was more than that of all Rare Beasts of Chaos he had collected before. Once getting its Origin of chaos, Minghe's body could be improved to its peak, and he could return to Untainted Land, began the transformation into Rakshasa, which was exactly what Minghe had been wishing for.

Nevertheless, this was not an easy feat. Although Minghe had reached the Realm of Middle Stage of Origin, this Rare Beast of Chaos actualized with its physical body, which was far harder than actualization by Original Spirit. Minghe had never met such an opponent, so he had to be cautious in case the beast was stronger than he thought, which was the last thing Minghe wanted.

This Rare beast of Chaos, however, was the same as Minghe thought. He could sense the strong vital force of Origin of chaos in Minghe's body, killing Minghe and absorbing his Origin of chaos would lift this beast's cultivation as well. Moreover, Minghe had the strongest body ever since this beast's actualization, so it would not let Minghe go.

Human and beast stared at each other and nobody dares to make the first move. Minghe was looking this beast over in order to find its weakness and so was the beast. Although the beast was much larger in size, it knew clearly that Minghe was definitely a huge threat.

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