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Looking at the massive body of the Rare Beast of Chaos, Minghe shivered and shouted out. "The Dharma Laksana of Heaven and Earth, rise!" As soon as he stopped, his body rapidly became larger and larger and soon equaled the size of the Rare Beast of Chaos.

Minghe now was thousands of feet tall and burst out intense energy, which even forced back the airflow of the Chaos. The tremendous God-killing Spear in his hand was overwhelmingly mighty. It revealed great Evil Spirit and the airflow of the Choas could not get any closer. The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth transformed into a ray of light and merged into Minghe's body. A robe entirely made of Green Light covered Minghe from head to toes. This was the defense of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth.

Seeing what Minghe had done, the Demon Ape (another name of the Rare Beast of Chaos) roared at once, and six weapons appeared in his hands. There were two bone blades, two bone swords, and two bone sticks. It seemed that the weaponry came from the skeletons of the Rare Beasts of Chaos, which were killed by the Demon Ape before. The Refining methods were obviously rough.

Minghe looked at the weapons carefully and realized a fact: Although they seemed to be roughly refined, they were natural and straightforward works. They were not primordial spiritual treasures or primordial supreme treasures, but the power was comparable with them.

The Demon Ape roared three times and began to move. Two bone swords shrouded by the Sword Aura directly attacked Minghe. The swords fiercely cut through the Choas as horrible as the Origin of Heaven and Earth. Along with the attack, there appeared a space hole, which was indulged in Earth, Wind, Water, Fire elements and so on. After the Sword Aura disappeared, all of these vanished too.

Minghe shook his long spear and made an attack. The simple action contained strong power. His Spear Aura burst out and destroyed everything. The space hole, of course, disappeared right away. The Spear Aura went straight forward to the Demon Ape with undiminished power.

The Demon Ape roared again and used his bone sticks to block Minghe's attack. "Boom!" A massive crash, with the airflow of The Chaos smashing into infinite pieces. A big vacuum in space was created in The Choas.

The big vacuum in space was just like the small world when Goddess Nvywa created the Wahuang Heaven. After the Air of Chaos vanished, elements like Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire all ran wild in the small world. Perhaps Minghe could create a small world here with some efforts. However, the airflow of the Choas was a total mess; it was not a good choice to create a world here. Even if he had built one, it would have been worn away quickly.

After the clash, the Demon Ape came into sight once more, there were only a few minor scratches and bruises, which recovered rapidly. Minghe gasped with admiration at the body of the Demon Ape. The Demon Ape had metamorphosed his body, thus created an unbelievable strong physical body. Even if the Spear hurt Minghe himself, he could not easily escape from damages.

Minghe's attack didn't hurt the Demon Ape, but it gave rise to the Ape's killing intent instead. The Ape was burnt with anger and roared. The vacuum space, which was eroding by the Choas, stopped. The elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire stirred up along with the roar and then began to transform.

After the roar, the Demon Ape suddenly moved and jumped toward Minghe. With six powerful weapons flying towards Minghe, the Demon Ape advanced step by step, like the Creation of Heaven and Earth. Even the Choas was forced back by the power. As if a shooting star flew across the sky, however, the beautiful and bright star showed infinite killing intent.

Minghe waved his Spear and drew a beautiful circle. Looking at the advancing Demon Ape, Minghe was not afraid at all. He was indeed in high spirit and jumped up to fight the Demon Ape. Minghe shouted. "Kill the Gods and Separation of Tao! Go!" The God-killing Spear launched an attack all of a sudden.

The Spear made the whole Chaos trembled. Wherever the Spear swept away, space broke into pieces. Just like shattered glass dancing in the air, glittering with silver light. But, remember to be careful with these pieces, which would kill you in a second.

The Demon Ape waved his weapons and attacked Minghe. When they were close to each other, an earthshaking clash was about to happen. However, Minghe suddenly stopped. He hung like a puppet and kept still in the middle of the sky, no one knew what he would do next, which is the most horrible thing in a battle.

As if the spear point of the God-killing Spear was penetrating a glass, it lashed forward, and the glass began to break. With the sound of glass breaking, wherever the Spear pointed, space was utterly shattered. On the other side of the glass, the Demon Ape was thoroughly locked.

"Boom!" With a high clicking noise, the tremendous space storm burst out. The Spear accurately pointed to the Demon Ape. It was too late for the Demon Ape to react. As a result, the space storm swallowed the Demon Ape. A miserable screech resounded through The Choas. Innumerable blood droplets sprinkled down and got wiped away by The Chaos in a flash.

After a while, a huge body was thrown out millions of miles away by the storm. The Demon Ape was severely damaged. A large wound was even cut into the bone. The criminal was Minghe, of course.

The Demon Ape was extremely angry while he was thrown away by the space storm. Killing intent raged in his three heads, he opened his six pairs of crimson blood eyes and searched for the criminal, however, he saw nothing. He could never see the offender again.

"Puff!" The Spear penetrated the body of the Demon Ape, which made the Ape still in the middle of the sky. The Demon Ape turned his three huge heads and saw Minghe, who was standing right behind him. The long spear straightly penetrated his heart, his blood and flesh, his bones, and then pierced out from his chest. His Original Spirit was exterminated. The Demon Ape roared and died.

As soon as the Demon Ape died, the Origin of chaos slowly appeared from the Ape's corpse. Minghe put out one of his hands and grasped the Origin of the Chaos. The other hand grabbed a ray of silvery light. It was the disappearing Original Spirit of the Demon Ape, which was spiritually reserved by Minghe.

Holding the Origin of chaos and the remaining Original Spirit of the Demon Ape, Minghe happily smiled. This battle was a real bumper harvest! The Origin of Chaos merely doubled the sum he had gathered before, not to mention other benefits. As expected, achieving the Origin or not would have made a significant difference.

After taking back the God-killing Spear, Minghe sealed up the corpse and the remaining soul of the Demon Ape for safekeeping. These might be useful in the future. Unfortunately, Minghe could not keep his mind on refining the corpse of the Demon Ape here in the Choas. Otherwise, he would have taken action at once. The carcass and remaining soul of the Demon Ape were best materials to refine an evil weapon.

Minghe also sealed up the Origin of Chaos. His body needed not to consume the whole Origin of Chaos to reach its peak level. Thus the rest would be wasted. If dividing the Origin of Chaos into different parts, he was afraid that the Origin of Chaos would be harmed. After all, the Origin of Chaos was produced by the Rare Beast of Chaos at the level of the Origin, which was incredibly precious.

Anyway, it was a long time before he returned to the Untainted Land. Minghe was confident about gathering enough Origin of Chaos to cultivate his physical body. If failed, he would divide the Origin of Chaos at the level of the Origin. It was not late.

During the battle with the Demon Ape, Minghe relied not only on the God-killing Spear but also on the Law of Space and Law of Spiritual Beings. The space storm rose by the Law of Space, which was called the Space Breaking. Minghe then used the Law of Space to move to the back of the Demon Ape and gave him the deadly attack before he got a steady foothold.

The final attack was also rather complicated. Minghe used one of his greatest Divine Laws, the Law of Spiritual Beings. He aimed to destroy the soul of the Demon Ape. If the Demon Ape had some soul defense, he would not have died so easily. Supposing that exchanged the Demon Ape to another expert of Origin, Minghe would take more efforts to win the battle. After all, the master would equip with more Magic Weapons than merely the martial weapons.

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