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Minghe was astonished. Yaoji, Haotian's sister, isn't she the mother of Yang Jian and the Third Holy Mother? How could she fall in love with Liu Er? Hearing Red Lotus Taoist's words, Minghe was stunned and muttered, "There will no longer be Yang Jian and Third Holy Mother?"

Red Lotus Taoist heard what Minghe muttered and said, "That's not necessarily the case. There are still Yang Jian and Yang Chan, who are borne by Yang Tianyou from Western Religious Sect and Heavenly Court Queen Mother's sworn sister, Peach Blossom Fairy. Peach Blossom Fairy was incarnated from a peach blossom in Garden of Peaches of Immortality and then adopted by Queen Mother as a sworn sister. Unfortunately, she was set up by Zhunti and kept captive under Mount Peach. Yang Jian is cultivating under Immortal Yu Ding's guidance, Honoured Lord of the Origin's disciple, and Yang Chan was recruited as Liu Er's disciple."

Minghe was surprised at Red Lotus Taoist's words. The birth mother had changed, but Yang Jian and Yang Chan still existed. Was this a providence? It also astonished him that Liu Er would recruit a disciple and Yang Chan would be the disciple. Could this be a link of fate between Yang Chan and the Blood Sea since Minghe had the Lotus Lamp?

Seeing Minghe's expression, Red Lotus Taoist said with a smile, "Peach Blossom Fairy sneaked to the human world like Yaoji did. Zhunti did the same thing again by sending Yang Tianyou to seduce Peach Blossom Fairy and this time he succeeded. Yang Tianyou and Peach Blossom Fairy gave birth to three sons, Yang Jiao, Yang Jian, and Yang Chan.

Later Haotian found out about their relationship and killed Yang Tianyou and Yang Jiao. Their souls were sent to reincarnation by Zhunti and had returned to Western Religious Sect, while Yang Jian was saved by Immortal Yu Ding. Yang Chan was caught by the heavenly troops originally, but Yaoji appealed to Haotian and let Liu Er take Yang Chan as a disciple. As a result, Haotian had to forego the matter and keep Peach Blossom Fairy under Mount Peach."

Minghe laughed after understanding what went on. History still took its own course, but the interference of Liu Er replaced the main characters. Thinking of Liu Er and Yaoji, Minghe looked up to the moon in the sky; tonight was a full moon.

After a while, Minghe calmed down. Red Lotus Taoist then asked him, "Your Veneration, how was your trip to the Chaos? Did you gain anything? Based on calculations, you should be back after at most 1000 years, but you have been there for 5000 years. What happened?"

Minghe replied in a low voice, "Alas, the Chaos!" He looked up to the Ninth Heaven and his sight seemed to have penetrated the Untainted Land, showing the scene of the Chaos before him. The journey to the Chaos was beyond his expectation and was not as easy as he originally thought.

Back to several thousand years earlier, Minghe was striding in the Chaos. The airflow in the Chaos was turbulent, but it couldn't do any harm to Minghe since he had a strong human body. He had only been to the Chaos several times and usually it was just on the outskirts near the Untainted Land, so he could only travel the deep Chaos by relying on Spiritual Thoughts brought back by Kunpeng.

As Minghe walked further into the Chaos, the airflow became more turbulent. He clearly felt that the Power of Divine Law was quite chaotic here, different from the Chaos near the Untainted Land which was orderly and mild. The reason might be that the Chaos near the Untainted Land was covered by The power of the Way of Heaven, thus being docile, while it was another situation deep within The Chaos.

The deep Chaos was a vast land of nothingness, neither day nor night, or heaven and earth could be seen. Not a single glimpse of light but only pure darkness in The Chaos. One might lose his direction walking in such darkness and could only rely on one's intuition to move forward. Once one's intuition, he would be lost in the boundless Chaos.

As time elapsed, the airflow became increasingly violent and stuck towards Minghe like a torrent of blades. However, they were smashed even before they went near Minghe.

Minghe randomly grabbed at several airflows, feeling the sharp airflow in hand. Minghe sighed, "These airflows are like lines of blades. If a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal met them, he can barely escape unless they're protected by Spiritual Treasures. Kunpeng was able to return to the Untainted Land safely even with limited Spiritual Treasures. He must have had it rough."

As Minghe walked further, he couldn't feel the Untainted Land behind him. He could only sense his Evil Separation and Selfcentric Separation because they were both converted by Minghe and Minghe was skilled in Law of Spiritual Beings. Even so, he could only sense them slightly.

Suddenly, Minghe's expression changed at the scene before him, as a flow of chaotic storm swept past him. Everywhere the storm passed, space and The Divine Law were twisted. The Power of Divine Law became turbulent, and even the Way of Prediction was severely affected, so Minghe had to be extremely cautious.

Although Kunpeng was able to cross The Chaos, Minghe dared not say that he would be as lucky as Kunpeng. Moreover, Kunpeng hid from everything he met and took many detours. Minghe was not willing to do so, so he summoned Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. With a Green Light above his head, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth emitted streaks of green light hang down, which was quite dazzling in the darkness. The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth shaped like a brilliant star in the dark sky, rendering people serenity.

Upon the appearance of Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Minghe began to control it to absorb the Air of Chaos then convert it into primordial Spiritual Air. To maintain his optimum condition, Minghe needed the supply of Spiritual Air. What's more, Heaven and Earth Taoist's small chiliocosm also required primordial Spiritual Air, hence he could kill two birds with one stone.

Since the airflow was more and more violent, Minghe tried to refine his flesh with the turbulent Air of Chaos and the Power of Divine Law. Currently, his flesh would make minimal progress if he simply refined it with the Power of Divine Law.

As countless Air of Chaos and the Power of Divine Law were gradually absorbed by Minghe, the blood-air around Minghe began to surge fiercely. The Air of Chaos, the Power of Divine Law and the blood-air around Minghe became turbulent, crashing into each other frantically and then returned to tranquility. Minghe was astonished to find that Body Tempering in this method worked well. No wonder Rakshasa possessed a mighty human body, it might be a result of this as well.

The deeper Minghe walked, the more furious the Power of Divine Law would be and the more dangerous everything became. At times, the sweeping of a powerful chaotic storm would even threaten Minghe slightly, which was equivalent to an attack by the Origin in the Early Stage. Unsurprisingly, Kunpeng only chose milder places to walked in the Chaos. If Kunpeng did it like Minghe, he would have been dead already.

Foraging ahead according to the map formed by Spiritual Thoughts, Minghe finally found the first "landmark" in the Chaos. The landmark, however, was quite dangerous. On an Original Stone of Chaos as large as a mountain peak rested several hundred Rare Beast of Chaos, each of them had the power as a Sage-to-be. Kunpeng instantly turned around and ran upon seeing them. If he was caught by them, he would be in an extremely dangerous state.

These Rare Beasts of Chaos were shaped like flying bears, reflecting their power with their bulky bodies. Since they could resist the Air of Chaos at ease, they must have powerful bodies as strong as Ancestors of Sorcery. According to the record of Spiritual Thoughts, Rare Beast of Chaos had low-level wisdom and some acted on pure instincts.

Since Minghe had met them, he would not let them go. Not to mention the Original Stone of Chaos was a perfect material for refining weapons. These Rare Beasts of Chaos were treasures by themselves, especially the Origin in their bodies which was the Origin of chaos.

By the time Minghe refined a Rakshasa body, his power of the Origin would all be converted into the Origin of chaos, so every streak of the Origin of chaos was precious even if there were not much. For Body Tempering Cultivators like Minghe, the Origin of chaos was definitely good stuff.

Kunpeng also killed some Rare Beast of Chaos when he explored the Chaos, thus strengthening his human body greatly after absorbing their Origin of chaos. Minghe's body was making slow progress now, but he could advance by leaps and bounds by absorbing a large amount of the Origin of chaos. He could save numerous years of accumulation this way, so how could he not be tempted?

Each of these Rare Beasts of Chaos had a human body at the level of Sage-to-be at least, so there would be lots of Origin of chaos in their bodies. Through Minghe's perception, he knew there was one beast who was half a step away from Origin, whose most likely the leader of the pack.

As Minghe approached, the Green Light emitted by the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth became even more dazzling like a lited candle in the darkness, all Rare Beasts of Chaos turned towards the Green Light. The leader growled at Minghe and his pack echoed after him, which formed a stream of the Air of Chaos striking at Minghe.

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