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Minghe then turned to Kong Xuan, saying sincerely, "Kong Xuan, the cultivation method you use is unprecedented. I have no idea what will happen in the future, but I sincerely hope you can follow through with it since this is your own cultivation method. Follow your Core of Thoughts and you can get rid of all distractions. I hope you can achieve some accomplishments on your cultivation."

Kong Xuan nodded, "I will remember your teachings and wish you a smooth journey to the Chaos." Although Kong Xuan was the offspring of Phoenix Tribe, he became less arrogant than Dragon Tribe after staying beside Minghe for many years. He was confident and refined now, a modest gentleman.

Minghe waved his sleeves and took out some Spiritual Treasures, saying, "These are some Magic Weapons I have collected during the past years, but they are useless in my hands. I bestow them on you and share them with your third brother, Black Tortoise."

Both Liu Er and Kong Xuan were delighted to see these treasures. Although Minghe had given them some primordial spiritual treasures before, the amount given this time was beyond their expectation. There was at least a dozen, and they could get four or five treasures per person. Even if they might not use the treasures, they could give it to their disciples in future.

Liu Er and Kong Xuan took the treasures and left. Minghe took a glimpse of Untainted Land and left the Chaos in a flash. It was unknown how long this trip would last. Minghe hoped that the God Deification Ceremony hasn't begun when he returned, otherwise he would be missing a historic event.

After Minghe left, Liu Er and Kong Xuan left the Blood Sea and headed for the Holy Land of Human Tribe. They had met Black Tortoise in the Feast of Peaches of the Heavenly Court previously, but they hadn't acknowledged each other. Now that Musen's identity was made known in the Untainted Land, they could naturally visit Black Tortoise in the open.

They were stopped by someone with just Primordial Unity Golden Immortal after arriving at Coast of the East Sea, which was much more inferior to Liu Er and Kong Xuan. It was natural that they were stopped because they made themselves visible in order to meet Black Tortoise.

This guy was a guardian of Human Tribe. He was wary since he couldn't figure out the cultivation of Liu Er and Kong Xuan, who seemed to be Sages-to-be based on their vital force, similar to Three Royals and Five Emperors. He had to be vigilant upon their arrival, saying, "May I know your names and the reason for this visit to our Human Tribe Holy Land?"

Liu Er laughed, saying, "Calm down, we are not here for a fight." With that, the guardian became warier and intended to send warning signals out. Kong Xuan was speechless upon hearing that. Although Liu Er was telling the truth, the word "fight" was never going to calm people down.

Kong Xuan said, "Please don't misunderstand. My brother has always been this way. We are disciples of Minghe, and we are here to seek our junior brother, Black Tortoise, who is also the apprentice of Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe. We are here to deliver something to him, please let us through."

The guardian was relieved as it was well-known that the ancestor of martial arts was the Selfcentric Separation of Ancestor Minghe. He bowed, "My apologies, Liu Er Taoist, and Kong Xuan Taoist. I will lead you to Black Tortoise, please follow me."

Under the guardian's lead, they found Black Tortoise easily. Nevertheless, it was very different from what they expected. There was neither any warm welcome nor courteous greetings, all they saw was Black Tortoise sleeping on a stone, bathing in the Sun."

Seeing this, Liu Er hopped on the stone and knocked on Black Tortoise's head, shouting, "Black Tortoise, get up! Your senior brothers are here to see you." But what welcomes him was a fist as large as a sandbag, surprising him.

Liu Er was unprepared for Black Tortoise's reaction, so his right eye was beaten black and blue. The guardian wanted to laugh but dared not to. He said, "Deity, you can't get too close to Black Tortoise while he is sleeping, or you will be hit."

Liu Er became extremely awkward, as who would ever think they would meet in such a way. Black Tortoise gave Liu Er such a special gift for their first meeting, amusing Kong Xuan as well.

Liu Er laughed and the imprint of the fist on his eyes disappeared right away. Liu Er had cultivated a strong physical body just like Minghe. Even if Black Tortoise hit him with his full strength, Liu Er wouldn't be hurt at all, let alone this kind of light punch.

At this time, Black Tortoise slowly awaken, looking at Liu Er in front of him and asked puzzledly, "Who are you? Did you call me? Don't you know the rules? Inform me earlier if you are going to see me. I do not entertain visitors during my sleep time."

Liu Er got indignant. Minghe did mention that his third brother was lazy, but he was unexpectedly such a lazy person. How did he reach Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal cultivation? By sleeping?

Seeing that Black Tortoise was about to sleep again, Liu Er shouted, "Black Tortoise, wake up! Your second senior brother and I are here to see you." Liu Er's shouting was loud enough to wake the dead and Black Tortoise opened his eyes, staring intently at both Liu Er and Kong Xuan.

Black Tortoise said, "Oh, so you are the two seniors that my mentor has mentioned. I remember meeting you during the Feast of Peaches. We have seen each other before, right? Why do you want to see me again and disturb my sleep."

Kong Xuan laughed awkwardly as he didn't expect that sleeping was so important for Black Tortoise, saying, "Master asks us to send some Magic Weapons to you." With that, he waved his sleeves, presenting several Magic Weapons to Black Tortoise.

Black Tortoise was overjoyed upon seeing these Magic Weapons, as he had no other Magic Weapons other than a turtle shell given by his mentor, Musen. The master, whom he had never seen in person, had sent him several Magic Weapons. Black Tortoise excitedly took them all.

Liu Er smile and said, "Junior brother, since it is not rare for us to come out, how about taking us around Human Tribe and see if there is anything interesting? The last time we are here, it is to assist Fuxi to actualize, so we did not have any chance to tour this place."

Black Tortoise widen his glistening eyes excitedly, "Big senior brother, I consider sleeping as the most interesting thing, do you want to sleep together?" Looking at his pair of genuine eyes, Liu Er almost burst into anger. Sleeping? You thought everyone was love sleeping as much as you did?

Liu Er didn't want to stay here any longer, or he might gained internal injuries after being infuriated by Black Tortoise. Jumping onto a cloud, Liu Er said, "Forget about it, I'm going to other places to have some fun. My brothers, I take my leave now!"

Black Tortoise then asked Kong Xuan, "Second senior brother, how about you?" Kong Xuan replied, "Well, I guess not. Take your time sleeping! I'm going to visit Jingbae in the Holy Land since I have promised her previously."

After Kong Xuan left, Black Tortoise stretched and lay down in a different posture like a real tortoise, which fitted his name that he even slept like a tortoise. Before falling asleep, he took another look at the Magic Weapons Minghe sent him and then slept after a short while.

Liu Er lay on a cloud after leaving the Holy Land of Human Tribe, letting the cloud take its course. He took out some Peaches of Immortality and enjoyed them thoroughly. Thereafter he dropped the kernels casually, which produced Spiritual Roots after several years. Although they were still small, it is of supreme benefits to Human Tribe.

When Kong Xuan found Jingbae in the Holy Land of Human Tribe, he was complained by Jingbae for not seeing her for so long. If it were not for the warning of God Farmer, Jingbae would have continued endlessly. Kong Xuan had to bring an encumbrance with him when he left Human Tribe.

Upon hearing that Kong Xuan was about to trekked throughout Untainted Land, Jingbae insisted on following him. Having no other choice, Kong Xuan brought her along, otherwise, he would no peace of mind the next time they met. But it was not a bad thing to bring Jingbae, at least he would not be bored. Minghe asked Kong Xuan to trekked Untainted Land, so being alone or together with Jingbae were pretty much the same, though Jingbae was a tad too noisy.

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