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In the Heavenly Court, Yaoji was attracted by the human world after knowing what went on in it. She constantly came to Haotian in hopes that he could allow her to go to the human world to have fun. While Haotian adored his sister, he wished that she could focus on her cultivation instead of being distracted by the human world, as this would impede the cultivation of the Way of Celestial Immortality.

Haotian did so for Yaoji's own good, yet Yaoji couldn't understand his painstaking efforts. Though she couldn't go to the human world, she often looked at the prosperous human world through the Haotian Mirror in the desolate Jasper Lake and her desire to experience the human world would increase every time.

Finally, Yaoji got an opportunity when Haotian was in Closed Door Meditation. She sneaked out of the Southern Gate with the Haotian Mirror and arrived at the human world. She had already seen various things in the human world through the Haotian Mirror, but she still felt that everything was fun and interesting when experiencing it in person.

When Yaoji was in the human world, a conspiracy was formed in Holy Mountain of the West. Jieyin remained composed and engaged in his everyday enlightenment. Zhunti, however, always kept an eye on the East and nothing could escape his eyes.

Zhunti stared at the serene Jieyin, saying, "Senior brother, we have no idea what Minghe is up to. First, he met Kunpeng and then sent his disciples, Liu Er and Kong Xuan, to trek the Untainted Land. Is he planning something again?"

Jieyin opened his eyes, saying mildly, "Junior brother, what Minghe is up to has nothing to do with us. We're in the West, even if he is planning something, it should concern Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, and Houtu. All we need to do is wait for the right time to act."

Zhunti voiced his disagreement, "You are right, but we can't keep waiting like this. Waiting is not going to help us make the West flourish again. We should seize the opportunity once it arrives; otherwise, we would be wasting a heaven-sent opportunity. Wouldn't that be regretful?"

Hearing these words, Jieyin knew Zhunti was planning on something. He asked, "Well, have you seen any opportunities?" Jieyin believed in following the Heaven Law while Zhunti believed in his own strength and thought that waiting would make them lose more opportunities.

Zhunti laughingly said, "Put Minghe aside. I know there is a great opportunity in front of us. Take a look." With that, Zhunti stretched out his hands and a Black Light Mirror appeared before them which reflected an incredible beauty.

Seeing the girl in the mirror, Jieyin said, "This is... Haotian's sister, Yaoji. What're you going to do with her?" Though Jieyin had not seen Yao Ji before, as a sage, he could get to know the outcome through calculation.

Zhunti replied, "Yes, this is Yaoji, Haotian's sister. She was attracted to the human world and snuck out when Haotian was in Closed Door Meditation. As long as we perfect a proper plan, we can get some Luck of the Heavenly Court from her and build a special link between the West and the Heavenly Court. It may not be of any use to us right now, but someday it might serve us well in the future.

Zhunti then described his plan in detail. Jieyin fell into silence for a moment and said, "In this case, even if we can get some luck of the Heavenly Court, but I'm afraid we will develop a hostile relationship with Haotian. While it's true that the Heavenly Court is not very strong, but Haotian is the Sovereign of the Heavenly Court conferred by Honourable Ancestor, so he has a significant position."

Zhunti responded, " Though it seems that we will make an enemy out of Haotian but he can do nothing. Moreover, the Heavenly Court is in the East, Three Pure Ones will not let the Heavenly Court expand incessantly. If our plan works out this time, we will build a subtle connection with Haotian. Even if Haotian hates us now, he will have no other choice but to accept our help when he is forced by Three Pure Ones. Then, you may guess, what is Houtu's option?"

Jieyin closed his eyes again, saying faintly, "Then we shall proceed with your plan, and hope that everything will go as smoothly as you expect." Jieyin knew that he couldn't convince Zhunti to give up, so he could only agree with it. Haotian and them might become enemies, but Haotian was not a Sage, which does not incite much attention from Jieyin.

Receiving Jieyin's approval, Zhunti summoned a disciple right away and ordered him to do something. He let him ride the cloud towards the East after injecting several Taoist Seals into the disciple's body. Although the disciple could ride the cloud, he looked like a mortal, which seems weird.

After Yaoji came to the human world, she hid all her Magic Skills and transformed into a mere mortal, strolling in the human world. Nowadays Human Tribe had been flourishing after the rapid developments achieved by Three Royals and Five Emperors, and people's lives were getting better and better.

Yaoji was deeply attracted by the prosperity of the human world and didn't want to go back. Ever since she was born, she had been living in Jasper Lake while being accompanied by countless maids. However, Haotian and Yao Chi were busy dealing with affairs of the Heavenly Court or their cultivation, they did not have time to accompany her, so she had never experienced such liveliness.

Just like that, Yaoji stayed in the human world for several years. According to the natural law, one day in the Heavenly Court equals to one year in the human world. So for Yaoji, it was just several days in the Heavenly Court and no one would find out that she had entered the human world.

One day, Yao Ji came to the bank of Yu River after a trip to Chen Du, the former capital of Human Tribe. It was no doubt a city under the rule of Three Royals and Five Emperors, Chen Du was a rare sight in the human world. After witnessing its prosperity, she intended to return to the Heavenly Court.

Haotian didn't know Yaoji went to the human world and would definitely punish her if he found out. Haotian had become the Jade Emperor now with increasing prestige. Despite Haotian being her brother, and adored him but she was slightly afraid of him.

Having experienced the prosperous and entertainment in the human world for several years, it's time for her to return to the Heavenly Court in case Haotian found out. If so, she would be guarded more closely and another visit to the human world would be extremely difficult.

A man was overlooking Yaoji above Yu River, who was the disciple sent by Zhunti in the West. He was a clansman of Human Tribe, called Yang Tianyou, who was recruited by Zhunti as a disciple due to his outstanding aptitude.

Yang Tianyou's ancestors had gone through the Cultivation Tribulation of Human Tribe and were protected by Zhenyuanzi. After the tribulation ended, they settled down around the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and some of them emigrated to the West to seek a livelihood for various reasons.

Thus Yang Tianyou got an opportunity to become Zhunti's disciple and reached Primordial Unity Golden Immortal after nearly 10 thousand years of cultivation. He was ordered by Zhunti to approach Yaoji, to ensure the smooth run of the plan Zhunti hid Yang Tianyou's cultivation on purpose. Without special Magic Skills, even Sage-to-be couldn't recognize Yang Tianyou's real cultivation.

Seeing Yaoji, he begins the plan. He landed the cloud and built a bamboo house with a wave near the bank of Yu River. He then transformed into a young scholar and played graceful music with a bamboo flute inside the bamboo house.

The sound of the flute was light and refreshing. The melody was mellow and full of gentleness, which was like the song of nature.

Standing at the bank of Yu River, Yaoji intended to go back to the Heavenly Court when she heard the music of the flute which was infused with the sound of the Yu River. Yaoji was lost in such music. She had listened to numerous people playing music since she entered the human world. Unlike the music in the Heavenly Court, music in the human world was rich in emotion and makes one feel intoxicated.

But Yaoji had never heard such a pure and refreshing flute sound before, which seemed to originate from the heart of purity with a lasting resonance. The flute sound, intermingled with love and imaginations, ascended slowly to the starry sky, dancing along shreds of clouds. All the noise in heaven and earth were purified as a colorful brocade, like a spiritual painting painted by a soulful song.

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