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In the Blood Sea, Minghe looked at Kunpeng in the Northern Underworld with a smile. Although he had let go of Kunpeng this time, he had cut off options for Kunpeng to seek refuge with other Sages, Goddess Nvywa especially. It seemed that Goddess Nvywa had intended to kill Kunpeng but hadn't yet since Minghe had interfered. Given the right opportunity, Goddess Nvywa would definitely kill him.

As the Demon Master of the Demon

Tribe, Kunpeng had created the Demon characters just like Cangjie had done for

the Human Tribe, so he enjoyed some Luck from the Demon Tribe. If Kunpeng

resorted to Minghe, some of the Luck would be taken away. Goddess Nvywa, as the

Sage of the Demon Tribe, was not going to let this happen. The most secure way

was to kill Kunpeng and the reason why he was still alive now was that the Luck

hadn't been decreasing as of yet.

But the meeting between

Kunpeng and Minghe was difficult to let go for her. Once she spotted any decrease

in Luck, she would kill Kunpeng immediately and ignore Minghe's deal with him.

The Demon Tribe was declining, and it would never rise again if the Luck was


Actually, Minghe had no

intention of taking Kunpeng in. It was not easy to do so, judging from his

escape during the decisive battle between the Wu and Demon Tribes. Although

Minghe had the power to conquer him, he was afraid that he would escape again

at critical moments.

Despite the fact, Minghe

still had another plan just in case Kunpeng dared to expose the Chaos; he would

kill him in person. Minghe could kill anyone as he wished. Even if the Sages

wanted to protect him.

What Minghe was concerned about was the Chaos. He reached out his hands and a visional map appeared in his hands. It had been drawn based on Kunpeng's trip to the Chaos. The map had recorded everything he'd met in the Chaos.

Looking at this map, Minghe

was yearning. Previously, he had been busy helping the Human Tribe select the

Three Royals and Five Emperors, so he had had to let his Good Separation force

Kunpeng to go to the Chaos. Now that the stuff with the Human Tribe was over

and there were thousands of years before the God Deification Ceremony, he could

tour the Chaos.

Currently, both Minghe and

the Three Separations had actualized the Realm of Origin. The combination of

Minghe's Middle Stage of Origin and the Three Separations' Early Stage of Origin

would terrify all the Sages. Moreover, the Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist

was about to make a breakthrough to the Middle Stage of Origin and Minghe's

power would be lifted again then.

Minghe waved his hands, summoning all Three Separations quickly. The Good separation, the Heaven and Earth Taoist, and the Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist, were already in the Blood Sea. They arrived in mere seconds. Musen, however, was in the Human Tribe and took some time to get there after receiving the order.

This was the first time

Minghe and the Three Separations had gathered together. Even though the Three

Separations were Minghe's Incarnations, they were different from each other.

The trip to the Chaos was a serious matter. He had to discuss it with them.

Once all Three Separations

were present, Minghe said, "I have forced Kunpeng to tour the Chaos, and

now he is back. Since he has brought back some interesting news, I'm determined

to make a trip to the Chaos. I convene you three to ask for your advice."

The Three Separations fell into silence. Then the Self-centric Separation, Musen, said, "Your Veneration, I have just reached the Realm of Origin, and the Realm is not fully stable yet. I'm afraid I can't go with you. In addition, the Human Tribe needs me, so I'm staying in Untainted Land this time."

Minghe nodded, showing his

agreement. At present, the Human Tribe had become the leading role of Untainted

Land and occupied over half of the Luck. Minghe valued Musen's Luck in the

Human Tribe highly and didn't want anything to go wrong. Over the years, Minghe

and Musen had rapidly improved their cultivations largely due to the luck. With

Musen protecting the Luck of the Human Tribe, Minghe was more relieved.

The Red Lotus Taoist said,

"Your Veneration, right now I have balanced the Principle of Karma and the

Law of Killing, so it's time to move forward. By the time I absorb the Ninth

Grade Golden Lotus of Merit, the Red Lotus of Fire will embrace its Fulfilment

and my cultivation will reach another Breakthrough. Since Your Veneration is

going to the Chaos, I'm staying to guard the Blood Sea and to coordinate with


Minghe thought this

proposal was rational. After all, the Blood Sea was his Stronghold and near to

the Nether World. If there was no one to protect his place, he would be concerned.

By the time the Red Lotus Taoist reached the Middle Stage of Origin, he would

be capable to handle any events even if confronted by the Sages.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist

took out his Book of Life and Death and the Judge Pen. He presented them to the

Red Lotus Taoist, saying, "Since it is so, I'd like to give the Book of

Life and Death and the Judge Pen to my Fellow Taoist. Take care of the Nether

World, please."

The Book of Life and Death

and the Judge Pen in the Nether World were actually projections of these two

treasures. Only by controlling these two treasures could one manage to control

the Nether World. Since the Red Lotus Taoist was staying in Untainted Land, he

could care for the Nether World with these two treasures and pay special

attention to the guy in Pingxin City.

Minghe looked at the Heaven

and Earth Taoist, laughing. He said, "I know you can't help going with me.

It is a good thing I have you as company. I was meant to bring you. This trip,

after all, is tailored for you.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist

laughed and said, "Your Veneration you do know me. I cultivate the advancement

of worlds. I have managed to advance the World of Heaven and Earth into a small

chiliocosm, but a further evolution requires a long-time accumulation, which is

a slow process. This trip to the Chaos will offer me something."

Minghe nodded again, saying,

"Well, I guess this is it. Please take care of Untainted Land even though

no significant events are likely to happen. Given the opportunity, you two may

commence arranging the God Deification Ceremony."

The Red Lotus Taoist and Musen nodded and then went away, leaving Minghe and the Heaven and Earth Taoist. The Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "Your Veneration since we're going to the Chaos, should we notify Liu Er and Kong Xuan? They have reached Sage-to-be and it's time for them to gain more experience in the Untainted Land. It's not a good thing to stay in the Blood Sea all the time."

Minghe agreed. It seemed

that Liu Er and Kong Xuan had become Sages-to-be in the blink of an eye. The

third disciple, Black Tortoise, hadn't shown up yet. He was like Minghe's

preexistence. Except for when they assisted the Human Sovereign, Liu Er and

Kong Xuan had never left the Blood Sea. It was time for them to go out and


Minghe waved his sleeves,

summoning Liu Er and Kong Xuan who were quite confused. Minghe said, "I

call you two here to inform you that I'm going to the Chaos. The trip may be as

short as several hundred years, or as long as several thousand. During my

absence, the Evil Separation, the Red Lotus Taoist, and the Selfcentric

Separation, Musen will take charge of everything. You two can take advice from

them as well."

Liu Er and Kong Xuan

saluted, saying, "We will obey your orders." Kong Xuan was serene

about this, but Liu Er appeared to be overjoyed. Previously, Liu Er had dared

not to do anything outrageous. He'd been kept on the rails as Minghe was here.

Now that Minghe was going to the Chaos, he could be free. Although the Evil

Separation was here, he was not Minghe in person, after all.

Minghe was unable to do

anything about the cheerful Liu Er, who had retained his naughty character.

Indeed, it had been hard for Liu Er to stay confined for the past years. Minghe

said, "During my absence, you can tour Untainted Land. It's up to you

whether you want to gain enlightenment or recruit disciples."

With that, Liu Er jumped

up, saying gladly, "Your Veneration is truly wise. I have been longing to

tour Untainted Land for a long time." Conversely, Kong Xuan behaved quite

calmly. He was the most mature one among the three disciples.

Minghe continued saying, "Liu Er, although you have achieved the Good Separation and Evil Separation, you can't loosen your cultivation. By the way, you are going to seek the last one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. The Good Separation and Evil Separation are easy to achieve, not for the obsession. I hope you can enlighten your obsession during this tour to Untainted Land. Otherwise, you will never reach the Origin."

Liu Er nodded with a smile.

It was unknown whether he had taken Minghe's words seriously since his mind was

already wandering to Untainted Land. Ever since he began to cultivate under

Minghe's guidance, he had been secluded from Untainted Land. Now that he had an

opportunity to go out, he would enjoy himself as much as he could. As for

recruiting disciples, that would be up to his mood.

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