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Even if Kunpeng decided to

go and seek refuge with one of the Sages or the Heavenly Court ruled by

Haotian, he would not be easily accepted by them. How could they be sure that

Kunpeng was not a spy sent by Minghe? Thinking of the meaningful smiles on

Minghe's face as he left the Blood Sea, Kunpeng could not help shivering.

Kunpeng scolded Minghe in his heart. Although he had been set free by Minghe, it made no difference. Now all the tribes in the Untainted Land believed that he was under Minghe's control, thus no one dared to accept him. There were two paths before him. He could either live on his own or surrender to Minghe.

In this way, Minghe had

forced him to make a final decision. Kunpeng gnashed his teeth in anger and

then shapeshifted into the large extraordinary bird, Peng. He flew directly to

the sea of the Northern Underworld. When he dove into the sea, he transformed

into the spectacular sea monster, Kun. He then disappeared into the vast

Northern Underworld.

Although Kunpeng had disappeared, the lingering winds he'd caused had not subsided. On the one hand, he was one of the best Sage-to-be masters in the Untainted Land. On the other hand, it was Minghe that he had contacted. Even the Sages could not help but wonder why Kunpeng would attempt to go with Minghe. In other words, why had Minghe met with Kunpeng?

People who'd had acquaintance with Minghe had all sprung up in Untainted Land and their cultivations were all at top levels; Zhenyuanzi and Hongyun were two examples. They had both obtained the cultivation of the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. One was the ruler of the Earth Immortal's Residence, the other was the Ancestor of Chinese Characters of the Human Tribe. The evidence was strong and did not admit doubt.

In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa saw Kunpeng walking out from the Blood Sea in a disgrace. She instantly showed a grim look and revealed her Menace Intent. Although Kunpeng was the Demon Master of the Demon Tribe, he had refused to rescue Fuxi in the final battle of the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. Goddess Nvywa had decided to kill him a long time ago.

But, he was a member of the

Demon Tribe, after all. Now that the Demon Tribe had declined, and the masters

were getting fewer and fewer, if Kunpeng died, the Demon Tribe would suffer a

great loss. For the sake of the overall situation, Goddess Nvywa had to control

her Menace Intent.

Kunpeng had stealthily

entered the Blood Sea and gone out in public. The unstable vital force around

him showed that he had been hurt. What was worse, his Original Spirit might

have been damaged. Goddess Nvywa considered the possibility that Kunpeng had separated

part of his Original Spirit to hand in to Minghe and come to a deal with him.

How admirable her

imagination was! It was perfectly logical and reasonable. However, if Kunpeng

had known her thoughts, he probably would have wanted to kill himself.

Unfortunately, it was not only Goddess Nvywa. The other Sages thought this as

well. To them, this speculation best explained what Kunpeng had done. Kunpeng

was inexcusable.

Thinking of this, Goddess

Nvywa instantly showed her Menace Intent. For a long time, she had had a

certain expectation of Kunpeng. After all, Emperor Jun and Donghuang Taiyi had

died and Fuxi had gotten the incarnation to be a member of the Human Tribe. As

a Sage, she could not protect the Demon Tribe forever. Although Luya, the son

of Emperor Jun and prince of the Demon Tribe, guarded the Demon Tribe, his

cultivation was not powerful enough to protect the entire Tribe. He could not

bear the pressure.

Luya was the last Three-legged Golden Crow in Untainted Land. He was born with the cultivation of the Black Immortal. When the ten suns had shone in the sky, he had already obtained a cultivation of Golden Immortal. Luckily, he had survived when Houyi shot the suns. He was then sent to Goddess Nvywa by his father, Emperor Jun. After tens of thousands of years' cultivation, he had now achieved the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

In Untainted Land, the number of Sages-to-be became fewer and fewer and they seldom appeared in the public eye. Thus, the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals were ranked as the top masters. However, Luya was still not powerful enough to take the sovereign of the Demon Tribe. Compared with Kunpeng and Bai Ze, his prestige in the Demon Tribe fell far short of expectations. Not to mention his cultivation.

As the son of Emperor Jun,

Luya had received Bai Ze's help. However, relying on the poor cultivation and

prestige, Luya could not conquer the whole Demon Tribe. It was well known that

even Bai Ze and Kunpeng were not able to do so. If Goddess Nvywa supported him,

Luya could succeed in holding the power, but it meant that Luya himself was not

qualified as emperor of the Demon Tribe.

Goddess Nvywa had been

waiting for Kunpeng's apology. For the sake of the Demon Tribe, of course, she

would forgive him and ask him to assist Luya together with Bai Ze. If the two

were willing to help, Luya would gradually get a firm foothold in the Demon


Goddess Nvywa had never

thought that Kunpeng preferred to choose Minghe over her, the Sage of the Demon

Tribe. This was absolutely unbearable for her. In the final battle of the

Sorcerer and Demon tribes, Kunpeng had run away and rebelled against the Demon

Tribe. Now he had even transferred his allegiance to Minghe. What a traitor!

Goddess Nvywa decided to kill him.

In the Wahuang Palace, a

handsome young man stood beside Goddess Nvywa. He had the presence of a king.

He was the 10th son of Emperor Jun, Luya. He was now enraged with what Kunpeng

had done.

Kunpeng had surrendered to Minghe. It was an indisputable fact. Luya was extremely angry. As the prince of the Demon Tribe, he felt he had been betrayed by Kunpeng. All he wanted was to kill Kunpeng. However, he was only a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and absolutely not comparable with Kunpeng.

When he perceived Goddess Nvywa's Menace Intent, he came up with an idea. He indignantly said, "Your Highness, Kunpeng is really treacherous to surrender to Ancestor Minghe and rebel against the Demon Tribe. Please kill him to comfort my deceased father and mother."

Hearing Luya's words, Goddess Nvywa's Menace Intent vanished without a trace. She looked at him and calmly said, "Luya, this seems like a no-brainer to you, but it isn't. If Kunpeng really has given himself up to Minghe, Minghe won't stand aside as we kill him. We'd better observe more and wait until we have a clearer view."

Luya understood that

Goddess Nvywa had misgivings about Minghe. He could not kill Kunpeng without her

help, even if the Sacred Demon Bai Ze was willing to assist. He could not let

it go easily.

Goddess Nvywa understood

his regrets. She said, "Luya, I know that you can't let it go, but,

Untainted Land is a place where strength is everything. Transfer your

resentment and make it the driving force for your cultivation. When you're

powerful enough, you can gather up your father's remaining troops and kill

Kunpeng. This will build your prestige in the Demon Tribe and you can succeed

to the throne as the Demon Emperor. At that time, even if Minghe wants to

protect Kunpeng, I won't let things go as he wishes. Anyway, I don't think

Minghe will do such a thing as to bully a youth."

Luya caught her meaning and

restrained his anger. He hoped that things would go as she said, however, it

would take at least tens of thousands of years to become stronger and be able

to kill Kunpeng.

Since Goddess Nvywa did not

want to kill Kunpeng right now, Luya had nothing to do but go back to his

residence, close the door and concentrate on his cultivation. With unsettled

issues hanging in his heart, Luya was restless. He suddenly thought of one

particular thing, which might help him kill Kunpeng. He could not control his

smile as he revealed infinite Menace Intent.

Compared with the Menace

Intent of Goddess Nvywa, the other Sages were calmer. The Three Pure Ones

thought that Minghe might intend to interfere with the Demon Tribe so they

contacted Kunpeng. As Goddess Nvywa guarded the Demon Tribe, Minghe could

scarcely gain any benefits from the Demon Tribe, even he acted in the name of

the Demon Master, Kunpeng. Under such circumstances, what on earth was Minghe

planning? It boggled their minds.

The Two Sages of the West felt regret. If it wasn't for Goddess Nvywa and the Three Pure Ones, they would have drawn Kunpeng over to their side. Although efforts might not succeed, there was always a little bit of hope. Now that Kunpeng had most probably surrendered to Minghe, it meant that they no longer had a chance.

Houtu felt regret. She

should not have fallen out with Minghe because of the Human Sovereign. It

seemed that Minghe had made a deal with Kunpeng. No matter what the deal was, he

would have to at least abandon his friendship with the Wu Tribe. Even if Houtu

decided to regain acquaintance with Minghe, it was impossible.

As for Zhenyuanzi and

Cangjie, they had originally hated Kunpeng and prepared to get revenge once

Cangjie had complete control of his cultivation. However, Kunpeng had now entered

into a relationship with Minghe. They had to lay down the grudge in order to

avoid ruining Minghe's plan. Unintentionally, Kunpeng had escaped a disaster.

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