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Chapter 193: Jingbae's Going to the Human Tribe

Soon the youngest Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal came into the world . Looking at the excited girl, Kong Xuan said, "Jingbae, you've just become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and need some time to get with it, and then you should go and do me a favor . It will be funny, I promise . "

First hearing the mission, Jingbae was quite upset, she then turned happy at Kong Xuan's promise . After several days of adaptive training, Jingbae tentatively controlled the power of the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal . To be honest, Jingbae was talented in cultivation, however, she had no ambitions in cultivation at all . Kong Xuan had no other choice but to promote her strength in a fast and efficient way .

Jingbae felt the overwhelming power and smiled happily . She said, "Master Ancestor, I'm now a strong master and no one will bully me . What can I do for you? Tell me the mission quickly and I want to play more after that . "

Seeing Jingbae's determination, Kong Xuan couldn't help laughing . After all, Jingbae was a little girl that didn't know about the grim situation in the Untainted Land . Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals were not invincible at all . What's more, she was only a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal without any practical experience . When confronted with other Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, she would probably put herself in danger .

Kong Xuan waved his hands and the four primordial spiritual treasures refined by Minghe appeared in front of Jingbae . Kong Xuan introduced them to Jingbae and said, "The four Magic Weapons are refined by my teacher . The first one is the Sky-Measuring Ruler, which is modeled on my teacher's Ruler of Heaven and Earth . It contains the power of Heaven and Earth . The second one is the Coin of Earth, which also contains the power of Heaven and Earth . If you're no match for the enemy, you can attack the enemy with the coin . "

"The third

one is Impenetrable Clothes, Which has overwhelming Defense Strength . When you wear it, you're invulnerable to all the attacks . The fourth one is the Flying Cloud Shuttle . It's a flying Magic Weapon . You can go as far as 120,000 miles in one second . If you were equipped with these four Magic Weapons, even Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals can't hurt you easily . "

Although these four Magic Weapons were refined by Minghe conveniently, they were still primordial spiritual treasures with great power . Jingbae gladly received the Magic Weapons and instantly refined them . She then happily experienced the power on the Sacred Island, just like a child .

After a while, Kong Xuan told Jingbae the mission and said, "Jingbae, now, go to the Human Tribe and find the sovereign of the Human Tribe, Xuanyuan . Show him the Sky-Measuring Ruler and the Coin of Earth, and then you can come back . "

Jingbae was confused and asked, "It's easy to go and find Uncle Xuanyuan, but why? Is there anything extraordinary about the Sky-Measuring Ruler and the Coin of Earth? Why should I show them especially to Uncle Xuanyuan?" Jingbae's head was full of questions and she kept asking them all the time .

Kong Xuan laughed and said, "When you go to the Human Tribe and find your Uncle Xuanyuan, you just show him the two weapons . If he asks you, you can tell him the truth . The two weapons can help him solve the trading problem in the Human Tribe . Xuanyuan is such a clever man that he'll understand what you say . Go ahead, you can play as long as you like after you finish the task . "

Although she was not quite understood Kongxuan's words, Jingbae still nodded cleverly . She controlled the Flying Cloud Shuttle and went straightway to the Human Tribe . She didn't divert her attention to the landscapes at all . She had put her whole heart into finishing the task and going back to the Sacred Island where she could play as long as she wanted .

In the capital of the Human Tribe, Xuanyuan was very anxious . The official notice had been put up for several months, there was still no solution, though there were a lot of people coming in and out . If it continued this way, the development of the Human Tribe would be restricted .

At this very moment, a little girl suddenly appeared, which slightly frightened Xuanyuan . With the cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, Xuanyuan naturally perceived that the girl in front of him was also a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal . He looked at the girl carefully and finally recognized who she was . Xuanyuan involuntarily cried out . "Are you Jingbae?"

Certainly, the girl was Jingbae . She rushed to her destination without a single halt . Jingbae flew into Xuanyuan's arms as soon as she saw him . She laughed and said, "Uncle Xuanyuan, I haven't seen you for a long time . I missed you so much . "

Xuanyuan gladly held Jingbae up and said, "Jingbae, I missed you too . " He then remembered that her cultivation was at the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and couldn't help but ask, "Jingbae, how do you get such a powerful cultivation?"

Meanwhile, Guang Chengzi and the disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment came in a hurry . Jingbae's sudden arrival captured their attention . They have concerned that a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal came here all of a sudden . As a result, they hurried up to Xuanyuan with the Dipamkara Taoist .

Seeing their nervous expressions, Xuanyuan explained and said, "Don't panic . This girl is the daughter of the Earthly Sovereign . Her name is Jingbae . Well, Jingbae, you haven't told me, how did you get the cultivation?"

Jingbae laughed and said, "All right . Master Ancestor came and asked his teacher for an elixir, which was called the Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs . I obtained the cultivation of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal after swallowing it . Besides, he also sent me several Magic Weapons . I'm

I'm absolutely a master now . "

Xuanyuan and Guang Chengzi immediately understood what Jingbae said . The Master Ancestor that she mentioned was the previous Mentor of Human Sovereign, Kong Xuan . His teacher then was naturally Ancestor Minghe . No wonder, Minghe had the Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs . However, it was far beyond their understanding that he would give the Elixirs to a little girl . What's more, he also sent her several Magic Weapons, which were certainly powerful and precious .

Xuanyuan smiled and asked, "Jingbae, what did you come for today? Why not go and play with your father and Master Ancestor?" Xuanyuan was happy for Jingbae, that Kong Xuan protected her so carefully . He had heard about Jingbae's disappearance last time, what a terrible thing! Now Jingbae not only had a cultivation of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal but was also equipped with many Magic Weapons . Besides, Kong Xuan was a master of Sage-to-be and he watched Jingbae with all his heart . No one would dare to hurt Jingbae in the future .

Jingbae took out the Sky-Measuring Ruler and the Coin of Earth and said, "Uncle Xuanyuan, Master Ancestor told me to show you the Sky-Measuring Ruler and the Coin of Earth . He said that you would soon understand and know how to solve the trading problem of the Human Tribe . "

Xuanyuan looked at the Sky-Measuring Ruler and the Coin of Earth . He and the disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment were involuntarily shocked . They had never thought that Minghe would give a little girl the primordial spiritual treasures . Although they were at the Low Grade, they were still primordial spiritual treasures with great power . The other two treasures must be as equally valuable . They couldn't help but sigh with envy . What a rich person Minghe was!

The Twelve Golden Immortals, including Guang Chengzi, quickly calmed down . They all had their own treasures that they were given by the Honoured Lord of the Origin, thus they needed not envy Jingbae . However, the Dipamkara Taoist was different . The Honored Lord of the Origin gave him nothing . Now that even a little girl could be equipped with several primordial spiritual treasures, how could he not envy her?

Nevertheless, Dipamkara didn't want to hurt the little girl . Firstly, she was the daughter of the Human Sovereign . Secondly, her teacher Kongxuan wasn't a man easy to get along with . Thirdly, Minghe sent her the treasures . It meant that Minghe adored her a lot . If he dared to hurt Jingbae, he would absolutely be killed . Lastly, it was too shameless to hurt a little girl . He didn't want to ruin his reputation . Yet he stealthily came up with an idea, which was unknown to everybody .

Guang Chengzi looked at Jingbae and realized that Kong Xuan sent Jingbae here to help solve the trading problem of the Human Tribe . Therefore Jingbae could share the merit when Xuanyuan actualized the Human Sovereign . With more merit, Jingbae could promote her cultivation and better protect herself at the same time . This was really a good way to satisfy both sides .

Xuanyuan stared at the ruler and coin and was wrapped in his thoughts . He continually murmured . "The Sky-Measuring Ruler . . . The Coin of Earth . . . The ruler . . . The coin . . . " After a long time of thinking, Xuanyuan cried out . "Great! Why couldn't I have thought about that! Haha, Jingbae, thank you a lot!"

Guang Chengzi asked, "What have you been thinking about? Is it the solution of the trading problem of the Human Tribe?" Hearing Guang Chengzi's words, all the disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment turned their eyes to Xuanyuan . They had been troubled by the problem for a long time . They all longed to solve the problem in order to get the merit .

Xuanyuan said, "We can make our own ruler and coin from the model of the Sky-Measuring Ruler and the Coin of Earth . We then measure the size of goods with the ruler and mark the value with the coin . As a result, the problem of trading can be easily solved . " Guang Chengzi and others were suddenly enlightened . What an easy and effective way! Why didn't they think it out earlier?

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