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For the sake of the tribesmen, Xuanyuan encouraged the Human Tribe to dig up the wasteland in case of need for boosting food production. After all, natural disasters often occurred in the Untainted Land. Although Fuxi had invented the Eight Trigrams of divination to predict how things would be going, not all tribes could use it well and prepare for the natural disasters.

The Human Tribe's life got better after decades of development. They all reserved surplus goods and used them to exchange other goods they wanted. But the gap between the prices of different goods was a big problem. They sometimes had to give up the exchange because of the price gap. This oversimple method of exchanging goods failed to satisfy the Human Tribe's requirements.

Xuanyuan had been annoyed at this situation for a long time. He thought about it over and over again and still had no solution. He finally had no choice but to turn to his teacher Guang Chengzi and the disciples of the Tribe of Enlightenment.

Meeting Guang Chengzi and the immortals of the Tribe of Enlightenment, Xuanyuan said, "Masters, now the Human Tribe is well developed and the living standard is much better than before. However, there is a great difficulty regarding trading. The method of barter can't meet the needs of the tribesmen. Do you have any solution?"

Guang Chengzi and the disciples thought for a long time, but also came up with no idea. They were all immortals and by no means knew humans' affairs. How could they figure out a solution to settle the trading problem? They shook their heads one by one, which really disappointed Xuanyuan.

Seeing this, Guang Chengzi said, "We are all on the Way of Celestial Immortality and not exactly good at the human affairs. What about putting the official notice up in the Human Tribe? Maybe someone able to solve the problem will appear."

With this idea, Xuanyuan immediately cheered up. If he gathered the power of the whole Human Tribe, this problem would be certainly easier to cope with. Besides, this affair would obviously garner great Merit. Maybe someone would be attracted to solve the problem. Xuanyuan instantly thanked Guang Chengzi and stepped out. He then ordered people to put up the official notice in the Human Tribe.

After Xuanyuan left, Immortal Yu Ding asked Guang Chengzi, "Brother, it's obvious that we'll get the Merit if we solve this problem. Why do you give up the chance to others? Maybe we'll soon come up with a good idea after thinking about it deeply."

Guang Chengzi slowly said, "We can get Merit as a reward for solving the problem, but it's related to the actualizing of Xuanyuan. Now that Xuanyuan has held power in the Human Tribe for decades and is about to fulfill the Merit, if we delay Xuanyuan's actualizing, we'll owe a great Karma. The Merit is quite a good thing, however, it's an external thing on earth that is not physically connected with ourselves. We help Xuanyuan actualize this time and we will absolutely be rewarded with the Merit. Don't be greedy and overly concerned about the Merit."

Immortal Yu Ding more or less understood what Guang Chengzi had said and slightly nodded. However, some disciples of the Tribe of Enlightenment standing aside were not convinced of Guang Chengzi's words. But they dared not to be against Guang Chengzi. After all, Guang Chengzi was the Mentor of Human Sovereign and also their brother.

On the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, a little girl was playing with the Sacred Beast. The Blood Sea, which had been lifeless for millions of years, now rang with cheers and laughter. Kong Xuan stared at the girl from a short distance away, smiles blossoming on his face. The girl picked a lot of flowers, bounced to Kong Xuan and asked, "Master Ancestor, are these flowers beautiful?"

Kong Xuan gently tapped her head and nodded. He said, "Yes, your flowers are quite beautiful." The girl was exactly God Farmer's daughter, Jingbae. She had cultivated with Kong Xuan since she was born. After decades, she still looked like a little girl at the age of seven or eight. It probably would take hundreds of years for her to grow up.

Jingbae wore a light green coat, with her fair arms exposed in the air. Her long hair was tied up with a red line and fell down. Her tender wrist wore a silver ring, hanging three fingertip-sized silver bells. What an adorable girl she was!

Ever since God Farmer actualized the Human Sovereign, his cultivation had been promoted to the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. But such a promotion needed time to be refined. As a result, God Farmer began the cultivation of Martial Arts of the Human Tribe as soon as he returned to the Holy Land of Human Tribe with Fuxi. No one knew how long the Closed Door Meditation would take. Seeing father's Meditation, Jingbae felt bored and came to the Blood Sea with Kong Xuan.

Kong Xuan looked at Jingbae and smiled. He said, "Jingbae, you've been here for a long time, when will you begin your cultivation? Success relies on perseverance. You shouldn't be of two minds. If you continue to play this way, it'll take you tens of thousands of years to reach the Realm like me."

Hearing the word of cultivation, Jingbae felt depressed at once. She had cultivated with Kong Xuan, off and on for decades. But she had just been an immortal not long ago, which was the lowest-leveled Earthly Immortals.

Jingbae said unhappily, "Master Ancestor, cultivation is too boring. I've already been immortal and I'll have plenty time to cultivate in the future. Besides, no one dares to bully me because of you and my father. Let me play for a while, just a while, alright?" She shook Kong Xuan's arms while she was saying.

Kong Xuan looked at Jingbae helplessly. He felt regret that he had led Jingbae to the way of cultivation at such a young age. After she became immortal, not only did her appearance remain unchanged, but also her mind, just the same as Ling Zhuzi, Child Attendant of Goddess Nvywa. Although he looked like a child, he was indeed several thousands of years old. He had a cultivation of the level of Golden Immortal, but his mind was just like a child.

Seeing Jingbae's unwillingness to cultivate, Kong Xuan sighed and said, "Jingbae, go and play as you like." Jingbae leaped for joy at the good news and ran like the wind to play with the Sacred Beast on the island.

Kong Xuan stood up and went for Minghe. He bowed to Minghe and said, "Master, I'm back." Minghe was attentively controlling the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and busy refining something. Kong Xuan had no choice but to wait aside.

A few moments later, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth calmed down and four Spiritual Treasures flew out. Kong Xuan recognized that they were all Primordial Spiritual Treasures of Low Grade. Kong Xuan was confused. Minghe had stopped refining Magic Weapons for a long time. Why did he want to refine Magic Weapons now? Why were they all at the Low Grade? It was not like him before.

After Minghe finished refining weapons, Kong Xuan continued to say, "Master, Jingbae doesn't like cultivating. There's nothing I can do. But the Untainted Land was full of peril and I can't protect her all the time. So I come here to ask you for help. Master, please give Jingbae the Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs. Therefore, I'll feel relieved."

Minghe nodded and said, "Fine. I'll also send Jingbae the four Primordial Spiritual Treasures of Low Grade as gifts. After all, I'm her Master Ancestor too. The four treasures are the Sky-Measuring Ruler, the Coin of Earth, the Impenetrable Clothes and the Flying Cloud Shuttle. In this way, no one can hurt her. Besides, there is one thing that I want Jingbae to do for me."

Kong Xuan was delighted at Minghe's words. He received the Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs and the four Spiritual Treasures and instantly went to Jingbae. The girl was upset and unwillingly said, "Master Ancestor, I don't want to cultivate..."

Seeing Jingbae's expressions, Kong Xuan did not know whether he should cry or laugh. The clever girl was so familiar with Kong Xuan's temper that she instinctively knew how to deal with him. Kong Xuan had no other choice but to answer, "Jingbae, I'm not going to teach you the cultivation. Look, my teacher gave me the Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs just a moment ago. You'll become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal as soon as you swallow the Elixirs."

Jingbae was extremely excited at the good news. She fixed her bright and shining eyes on the Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs in Kong Xuan's hands. After decades of cultivation, she naturally knew what a Da Luo Golden Immortal was. Now in the Untainted Land, a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was well known as a master.

Jingbae smiled and asked, "Master Ancestor, if I swallow the Elixirs, I'll become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and never need to cultivate, am I right?" She stared at Kong Xuan with great expectations.

Kong Xuan nodded and said, "Certainly. After you become the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, I'll never force you into cultivation. We'll begin to cultivate only if you want." That was the only solution at present. When Jingbae grew up, she would naturally understand the importance of cultivation, though Kong Xuan had no idea how long it would take.

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