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Since Xuanyuan had come up with a solution, Jingbae knew her mission was completed, and said gladly, "Uncle Xuanyuan, now that the problem has been solved, I'm leaving. There are lots of fun on the Sacred Island, and I want to go back and play!" She then flew out from Xuanyuan's arms on a Flying Cloud Shuttle and disappeared from the crowd.

Xuanyuan forced a smile, but he had no time to care about it. As the solution to trading within the Human Tribe was found, he was eager to carry it out. Guang Chengzi and the others wouldn't care either. What astonished them was Jingbae's flying speed, reaching 120,000 miles per second. She was riding a flying magical weapon, and such weapons were extremely rare.

With the solution on hand, Xuanyuan gathered some adept artisans to make rulers that would be used to measure the exact size of objects and to make coins that would be used for trading. Since then, the Human Tribe embraced another prosperous period. With the existence of coins, goods could circulate easily and people could get the things they needed by trading. Thus, the Human Tribe thrived.

The simplicity of the ruler brought much convenience as well. After 10 years, the Human Tribe was in its heyday. People were coming and going, and hawkers could be heard everywhere on the streets of Chen Du. That was the case in other areas as well. Xuanyuan had an increasing reputation, reaching the ranks of the Heavenly Sovereign, Fuxi, and the Earthly Sovereign, God Farmer.

Right then, Xuanyuan had an intuition that he was going to fulfill his mission. Since there was not much time left, he began to look for a Great Sage to succeed his position as sovereign, just like Fuxi and God Farmer did.

After searching for many years, he failed to find a proper candidate. At that moment, he felt that his actualization date was approaching, so he had no choice but to pass on his position to Gao Yang. Gao Yang was Zhuanxu, the first emperor of the Five Emperors of the Human Tribe.

It turned out Zhuanxu was Xuanyuan's grandson. He was Changyi's son, who was born in Ruo River and lived in Qiong Sang. The seventh star of the Big Dipper, the Alkaid, emitted lights and fell into the stomach of his mother, Nvshu. She became pregnant and gave birth to Zhuanxu. He was conferred in Gao Yang, which was also his alias.

Initially, Xuanyuan didn't intend to pass on his position as sovereign to Gao Yang, but he failed to find a suitable person after seeking for a long time, and the actualization was drawing near. As a result, he had no choice but to give his position to Gao Yang and had him prepare for the ceremony.

The ceremony was held on the same platform where the previous two sovereigns had passed on their positions. Xuanyuan and Gao Yang were standing on the platform, with Xuanyuan's mentor Guang Chengzi at the side and the Human Tribe at the foot. The ones who were now consecrated on the platform were the six Sages of the Untainted Land (excluding Houtu), Minghe, the Five Ancestors of the Human Tribe, Fuxi, and God Farmer.

All the consecrated people were present before the abdication ceremony began. Upon seeing them, the audience paid their respects, "Your honor the Sages, the Five Ancestors of the Human Tribe, and the Human Sovereigns". The Sages then waved to allow them to rise to their feet.

After the ceremony, Xuanyuan walked onto the platform and paid his respects to the heaven, "I'm Xuanyuan from the Human Tribe. Now that I am about to fulfill my mission, I hereby concede my position as sovereign to Gao Yang." The audience then began to chant the names of Xuanyuan and Gao Yang.

At the same time, a streak of the Golden Light of Merit shone from the horizon. Its weight was approximately 50% more than that of God Farmer. Xuanyuan would have a much tougher process of actualization without the timely help of Cangjie. Otherwise, he could not even secure his position as the Human Sovereign.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin was delighted to see the number of Merits Xuanyuan had got. Xuanyuan's actualization was assisted by his disciple from the Tribe of Enlightenment. Now that the actualization was achieved, many merits would be gained by his disciples from the Tribe of Enlightenment, especially the Mentor of Human Sovereign, Guang Chengzi.

Right after the Merit fell, it scattered. Everyone who once gave a hand to Xuanyuan got a piece of it, among which 70% went to Xuanyuan, 15% to Guang Chengzi, and 5% to the Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens, Jingbae and disciples from the Tribe of Enlightenment respectively.

Honored Lord of the Origin was satisfied that Guang Chengzi got 15% of Human Sovereign's merits. Although Kong Xuan got 20% merits when God Farmer achieved his actualization, it carried less weight than that of Guang Chengzi.

What surprised Honoured Lord of the Origin was that Guang Chengzi infused all the merits into his Smashing Seal rather than using them to improve his cultivation. After absorbing the Merits, the Smashing Seal was upgraded into the highest grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure of Merit. Its power was enhanced greatly and was capable of killing people without causing any Karma.

The other disciples of the Tribe of Enlightenment were jealous of Guang Chengzi, and they considered it a waste to use merits to lift the power of a Spiritual Treasure. If he didn't need the Merits, what was the point of being the Mentor of Human Sovereign?

Dipamkara, in particular, was extremely depressed. He had intended to use the merits to complete his separation but failed to do so due to the lack of merits. If he could be the Mentor of Human Sovereign, he would have completed the separation long ago. Unfortunately, such an opportunity never came to him. At that moment, the enmity he had towards Honored Lord of the Origin grew even stronger.

Both Minghe and Zhunti noticed Dipamkara's anger. The three of them were all guests of Zixiao Palace, but Dipamkara had never found the way to reach Sage-to-be and had been trapped at the peak stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal for a long time.

It occurred to Minghe that the reason Dipamkara betrayed the Tribe of Enlightenment and went to Buddhism after the war of God Deification Ceremony might be because Dipamkara found his own method in Buddhism. Dipankara was the first coffin shapeshifter. He was supposed to cultivate the Way of Nirvana which fitted the doctrine of Buddhism. By doing this, he could be the Buddhas of the past in Western Buddhism.

Standing next to Minghe were Kongxuan and Jingbae. As for Liu Er, he began his Closed Door Meditation when he got the Origin of the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey. Jingbae's cultivation soared after she got the Merits of the Human Sovereign and reached the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, surpassing all disciples of the Tribe of Enlightenment except for Dipamkara.

Honored Lord of the Origin was a little discontented when he saw Jingbae getting 5% Merits. He then figured that Minghe just took an advantage when all disciples of the Tribe of Enlightenment failed to provide a solution for Xuanyuan. Having no other choice, Guang Chengzi asked Xuanyuan to put up a notice, which offered Minghe an opportunity to earn 5% Merits for Jingbae. After all, Jingbae was just a little girl and the daughter of God Farmer, so Honoured Lord of the Origin was not willing to argue about this issue with Minghe.

While Xuanyuan was absorbing most of the Human Sovereign's Merits, Musen seized the chance to appoint the next Human Sovereign. After absorbing the Supreme Aura of the Human Sovereign, Xuanyuan made a huge breakthrough from the original Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal directly to the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. His vital force was even stronger than that of God Farmer. For the remaining 10% Merits, Xuanyuan learned from Guang Chengzi and infused them into his actualization weapon, the Xuanyuan Sword.

After the abdication ceremony was over, the Sages and the audience left one by one. Xuanyuan said to Gao Yang, "The Human Tribe is under your guidance henceforth. I hope you can lead them to greater heights!" He then left for the Holy Land of Human Tribe with the Five Ancestors of the Human Tribe, Fuxi, and God Farmer.

Laozi was the last one to leave. Since Gao Yang was No.1 of the Five Emperors in the Human Tribe, Xuandu would be the Mentor of Human Sovereign this time. Laozi gave Xuandu some advice and left. Xuandu stayed in the Human Tribe to fulfill his duty as the Mentor of Human Sovereign.

After Honored Lord of the Origin went back to Mount Kunlun with his disciples, Guang Chengzi said to him, "Master, through this experience of assisting Xuanyuan, I deeply feel that I have much room for improvement. Hence, I would like to take a Closed Door Meditation for some time. I hope for your approval."

Honored Lord of the Origin nodded with appreciation, saying, "I'm delighted that you realized your weakness and are striving for more cultivation. Without the help of Cangjie during this war, you would all be defeated now. The underlying reason is that your cultivation is too weak. I hope you can learn something through this meditation. You have my approval now."

After Guang Chengzi left, all other disciples looked expectantly at Honoured Lord of the Origin, including Dipamkara. It was because he still had another position of the Mentor of Human Sovereign to assign. Now that Guang Chengzi began his Closed Door Meditation, they were more likely to get the position. Without his meditation, Honoured Lord of the Origin was prone to give the last position of the Mentor of Human Sovereign to Guang Chengzi again.

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