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Cangjie continued to wave the branch in his hand, ignoring the Tribulation Thunders above him. Fire, house, clothes, martial, language… One by one, the most ancient characters were created. Along with the creation of each character, the Tribulation Thunders on the sky became even more severe. It was as if the Heaven was furious.

The Sages, Zhenyuanzi, as well as the reclusive Almighty gradually understood that the Human Tribe was on the verge of becoming the ruler of Heaven and Earth. With the characters created by Cangjie, the Human Tribe would be able to record the secret of Heaven and Earth as well as the Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe, consequently passing the records down to future generations. Thus, the other tribes' hopes to become the leader of the universe of Honghuang were almost completely destroyed. It was indeed a Heaven-defying act.

Now the tribulation was brewing and would fall once Cangjie finished creating the characters. It would be a test for Cangjie and the whole Human Tribe. If they could survive the tribulation, the Human Tribe would henceforth have their own characters that could be passed down from generation to generation. Thus, the Human Tribe would naturally have a great increase in Luck. If they couldn't survive it, their Luck would be damaged and other tribes would have the opportunity to replace the Human Tribe in becoming the ruler of Heaven and Earth.

As the number of characters Cangjie created increased, the power of the tribulation also became more and more terrifying. Even Zhenyuanzi, who was watching from the sideline, shuddered with terror. Even he would have a difficulty surviving this kind of tribulation without suffering any injuries, needless to say Cangjie, who didn't have the slightest cultivation at all. Furthermore, since Cangjie was still creating the characters, the tribulation would likely grow in power.

After some time, Cangjie vomited a mouthful of foul air and said loudly, "Today the 3,000 characters of the Human Tribes are completed along with the Way of Heaven." The 3.000 characters hovered in the sky and emitted faint white rays, resembling stars under the pitch-black tribulation. They provided a little solace among the terrifying black clouds.

Soon after Cangjie's words landed, a change began to appear among the clouds of tribulation in the sky. Thunders were rumbling, giving everyone a strong sense of threat. The current power of the tribulation had already turned Zhenyuanzi's face pale. Even for him, whose cultivation was at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, surviving such tribulation thunders would be difficult. Thus, Zhenyuanzi was worried to see Cangjie under the Tribulation Thunders.

However, this tribulation was the Way of Heaven's test. He could not replace Cangjie to undergo this tribulation. Doing so would only cause the tribulation to become even stronger. On the other hand, many of the Almighty felt happy to see such tribulation. These Almighty naturally weren't members of the Human Tribes. They didn't wish that Cangjie could successfully pass the tribulation because if he did, their tribes would forever lose the opportunity to have a quest for power in the Untainted Land.

"Boom!!!" Along with a loud booming sound, the first tribulation thunder fell. The 3,000 characters acted like a formation that resisted the tribulation thunder, preventing it from falling onto Cangjie's body. Although the tribulation thunder didn't strike him, Cangjie's present situation was far from good.

Cangjie created the characters by prying into the secrets of Heaven. Although the 3,000 characters had obstructed the power of the tribulation for him during the time of character creation, it has now been completed. Cangjie's strength had already been exhausted. Under the bombardment of Tribulation Thunders, some of Heaven's power managed to penetrate the 3,000 characters and landed on his body, worsening his situation.

During the falling of Tribulation Thunders, although the 3,000 characters weren't broken, the soft white rays they emitted became dimmer. After nine heavenly claps of thunder, the faint white rays almost completely disappeared. The next Tribulation Thunder would probably thoroughly break these 3,000 characters' defense. Under the bombardment of these Tribulation Thunders, Cangjie too would completely vanish.

Zhenyuanzi was extremely aggrieved to see this situation. If this was the Fated Chance Minghe mentioned, he didn't want it. Had he known earlier that this would happen, after Hongyun incarnated as Cangjie, he would have directly taken him back to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and guided him to walk on the path of cultivation. Although he might have to spend years letting Cangjie recover his preexistent Veridical Soul, in the end, Cangjie would be safe.

Watching Cangjie who was standing under the Tribulation Thunder, Zhenyuanzi clenched his teeth as if he had made up his mind about something. He wanted to step forward into the Tribulation Thunder and block it for Cangjie. Although he knew it was practically impossible and that he might enrage the Way of Heaven, he didn't have any other choice. He would rather they die together. He couldn't watch Hongyun die and do nothing.

The friendship between Zhenyuanzi and Hongyun was far deeper than that among the Three Pure Ones or the one between Two Sages of the West. Hongyun had left Wuzhuang Taoist Temple knowing that he would certainly get killed outside because he didn't want to become a burden for his friend. Now, Zhenyuanzi could also resolutely meet death for Hongyun.

Just as Zhenyuanzi was about to take that one step forward, a supernatural power pulled him to a stop. Someone said, "Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi, you don't need to panic. Fellow Taoist Hongyun would come out safe and sound." Zhenyuanzi turned around in shock and saw that the Four Ancestors of Humanity had actually come. The one who spoke was Minghe's Self-centric Separation, the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe, Musen.

As if he were proving Musen's words, Zhenyuanzi promptly looked down. Unexpectedly, Cangjie who was originally already overwhelmed began to stand up. The more shocking thing was that another pair of eyes had appeared above Cangjie's eyes. This pair of eyes was incomparably dark, just like the Cosmic Stars. Moreover, Zhenyuanzi had only had a short glimpse at these peculiar eyes of Cangjie, yet his mind became empty for an instant.

Cangjie looked up at the brewing thunderclouds in the sky with his four eyes. There wasn't even the slightest fear on his face. The newly-appeared eyes on his head suddenly projected two beams of white rays that shone directly upon the 3,000 characters he had created. The silhouettes of those 3,000 characters became hundreds of times larger. It was as if they extended across the entire sky of the Untainted Land.

Cangjie looked up and roared, "Children of Human Tribe! Use your mind to form a strong barrier to protect the Human Tribe's civilization!" These words were brimming with Cangjie's unwillingness. He was unwilling to see the characters he created being destroyed by the Tribulation. He was unhappy that the Human Tribe didn't have their own characters, and that the Human Tribe's civilization and Spiritual Inheritance were intermittent. What he wanted was that the Human Tribe's civilization could be remembered throughout the ages and their Spiritual Inheritance could last forever.

For a moment, Cangjie's aggrieved roar unexpectedly covered the rumbling thunder in the sky, spreading across the entire Untainted Land. The entire Human Tribe was shocked. They looked at the sky and saw the enlarged 3,000 characters. Their hearts seemed like they had been caught and they could no longer shift their gazes.

The Sages of the Untainted Land and the Almighty of various parties were all stunned. Cangjie actually wanted to use the will of the entire tribe to fight against the Heaven. This was a very insane act. Though by doing this he could gather the will of the entire tribe above the 3,000 characters, he would, at the same time, challenge the dignity of the tribulation. Perhaps, all of these were challenging the dignity of the Way of Heaven.

Just like they thought, Heaven became furious. The clouds of tribulation suddenly became several times larger. It might have even frightened the Sages. However, Cangjie still showed no fear. Countless will of the Human Tribe gathered on the 3,000 characters. All of a sudden, a chaotic change appeared among the 3,000 characters.

The white rays, which had originally become dim, suddenly turned bright once again. It was like another 3,000 bright suns appeared among the dark tribulation cloud. Furthermore, along with the constant convergence of the Human Tribe's will, the white rays on top of the 3,000 characters slowly transformed into light in seven colors. The terrible pressure that came from the might of the clouds of tribulation actually showed a faint sign of being suppressed.

Zhenyuanzi was stunned to see this scene. Beside him, Musen and the other three Ancestors of Humanity smiled at each other. Together, they exclaimed, "The Human Tribe is imperishable! The Martial Art is everlasting!" In the wake of the four people's words, their wills of Martial Arts simultaneously converged on top of the 'Martial' character Cangjie had created. In an instant, the 'Martial' character actually became numerous times larger, turning into the strongest and the largest among the 3,000 characters.

However, that was only the beginning. Following the loud voice of the four Ancestors, countless wills of Martial Arts soared from inside the Holy Land of Human Tribe. They converged into a Current of Martial Arts which then went directly into Cangjie's 'Martial' character. Once again, it grew numerous times larger in an instant. The other four largest characters, 'Heaven', 'Earth', 'Human', 'Immortal', all revolved around the 'Martial' character. As for the rest of the characters, they surrounded and protected the five largest characters just like countless stars that surrounded a moon.

Everyone was stupefied. They thought, "What a powerful strength! Is this really the strength of a tribe which was born only about thousands of years ago?" Once all of the Human Tribe's wills had gathered together, the tribulation seemed to have become something insignificant. Following the unceasing drops of tribulation, the 3,000 characters seemed like they had gone through a baptism and became even brighter.

After a total of 81 Tribulation Thunders, the clouds of tribulation finally dissipated. Everyone in the Untainted Land felt like they were dreaming. They didn't dare to believe what had happened in front of them. A tribulation with power equal to that of a Sage was actually unable to inflict even the smallest injury on the Human Tribe. Moreover, those 3,000 characters didn't suffer the slightest damage under the tribulation and became extremely bright instead.

Right after the tribulation dissipated, rumblings of thunder could be heard coming from the Ninth Heaven. Thick Golden Light of Merit fell from the sky. Everyone in the entire Untainted Land was stupefied. This Golden Light of Merit was practically comparable with the combined Merits of the two Human Sovereigns, Fuxi the Heavenly Sovereign of Human Tribe and God Farmer. They even wondered whether the Merit Cangjie obtained would actualize the Realm of Origin. It would be remarkable if someone from the Human Tribe was to reach the Origin.

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