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However, once the Merit fell, it was divided into three, where 60% went to Cangjie and 20% fell on the 3,000 characters. Meanwhile, the remaining 20% was to be shared among the Human Tribe, as a reward given by the Way of Heaven for them. Following the arrival of the Merits, the Human Tribe's Luck started to have a tremendous increase. In a short while, the Human Tribe's Luck almost grew by half of its original size. Many tribes were almost insane from feeling jealous over this matter.

After experiencing this, the Human Tribe's wills were once again awoken. The most important thing was that when their wills gathered on 'Martial' and 'Immortal' characters, they also obtained some of the Martial Arts' and the Way of Celestial Immortality's cultivation methods. A craze of practicing Martial Arts to become immortal would definitely happen among the Human Tribe in the near future.

After Cangjie absorbed the 60% of character creation's Merits, the vital force in his body increased dramatically and his cultivation reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. Furthermore, his vital force was several times more terrifying than that of Fuxi and God Farmer. Once he opened his eyes again, Cangjie threw his head back and burst out laughing, "Hahaha… I, Ancestor Hongyun, have come back once again!"

Ancestor Hongyun? The Almighty and the Sages in Untainted Land were all stunned. Cangjie was actually Hongyun's incarnation! They had always thought that Hongyun's soul had completely vanished after his self-explosion. However, he actually incarnated and came back. Moreover, his incarnation was a Human Tribe. He even created the Human Tribe's characters and obtained Merit from it, achieving the Peak Level of Sage-to-be in an instant.

Seeing Zhenyuanzi standing not too far away with an excited expression on his face, everyone instantly understood. No wonder Zhenyuanzi immediately interfered and used aura to deter the countless humans spying in the dark once Cangjie began the creation of the character. It turned out that Cangjie was Hongyun.

This wasn't what the Sages cared the most about. It was how Hongyun managed to survive. At that time, because of Kunpeng, Hongyun was forced to self-explode, leaving only the Primordial Spiritual Treasure and the Nine-Nine Spirit-killing Gourd behind. This gourd, in the end, became Minghe's possession. Minghe had, nevertheless, conveniently returned it to Zhenyuanzi. Who would believe that Minhe didn't know Hongyun's shattered soul was inside the red gourd?

Thinking of it, the Sages couldn't help but gasp. They thought, "What a good Ancestor Minghe! What a profound scheme! Zhenyuanzi suddenly abandoning his life as a Carefree Immortal, establishing the Earth Immortal's Residence, fighting over the Luck in the Untainted Land, all of them were probably planned by Minghe!" The Sages felt quite terrified as they shifted their gazes towards the Blood Sea.

Cangjie laughed out loud and coldly watched the battlefield-like Zhulu Plain. Having missed the Fated Chance twice, he naturally wouldn't be whimsical like he did in his preexistence. Even if he was a kind person, he would also have to see who the other person was. Now, repaying the kindness and taking revenge were the only things he wanted to do.

Back then, although Minghe had sent him into the Six Paths of Reincarnation, Houtu had unexpectedly blocked his path. Not only was his Supreme Aura of Human Sovereign snatched away, he was also trapped in one of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, the path of humans. He was trapped for decades, where he was constantly purified by the power of reincarnation. If it wasn't because these years he had recovered some of his Original Spirit, perhaps he would have already been obliterated inside the Six Paths of Reincarnation a long time ago.

However, he did waste these years. He managed to completely comprehend the great changes in the path of Humans and even obtained the Aura of Human Ancestors. This was also the reason why when Minghe saw him he would say that he had a great Fated Chance. The Aura of Human Ancestors was something far rarer than the Aura of Human Sovereigns.

Now that he had incarnated as Cangjie and created the characters of the Human Tribe, he had already become the fifth Ancestor of the Human Tribe. As long as the Human Tribe exists, the Ancestor of Chinese Characters, Cangjie, would always be able to enjoy his Luck. This was the so-called blessing in disguise. He lost the position as Human Sovereign but obtained the position as Human Ancestor. He didn't suffer any losses at all.

However, one should reap what they sowed. Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu schemed against him and robbed his Fated Chance. Now the Karma should be settled. Cangjie effortlessly waved his hands and 10 of the 3,000 characters flew out. Then, he loudly said, "There is a vital energy between the Heaven and the Earth. The Human Tribe would be self-reliant."

The Heaven's power hadn't completely dissipated yet. Using that power, Cangjie was able to break Chi You's Xuanyin Formation in one hit. Although there were no ill feelings between him and Chi You, Chi You was a member of the Wu Tribe. Furthermore, the Supreme Aura of Human Sovereign that Houtu snatched from him back then was inside Chi You's body. Houtu obviously wanted to let Chi You seize the Human Sovereign position, but Cangjie would never let her succeed.

The Formation was broken, and it didn't look good for Chi You and many members of the Wu Tribe. Their Blood of Essence was on the Banner of Formation. If the tactical formation was destroyed, the boomerang's force would naturally fall on their body. In a while, Chi You's group sunk into a disadvantageous position. Xuanyuan also took advantage of this situation and injured Chi You with the Xuanyuan Sword.

In the Nether World, Houtu's expression became stiff after she saw the situation. She furiously said, "Hongyun! Damn you! You dare to ruin my scheme! Last time it was due to a moment of soft-heartedness that I didn't kill you, but now you dare to ruin the Xuanyin Formation of my Wu Tribe! You are looking for death!" Once her words were finished, the Bell of Chaos instantly extricated itself from Honoured Lord of the Origin's Jade Ruyi and flew towards Cangjie who was above Chen Du.

The Bell of Chaos' attack came, carrying the surging force of earth, wind, water, and fire. This was Houtu's furious attack and therefore wasn't something to be trifled with. Seeing the upcoming attack on the Bell of Chaos, Cangjie naturally wouldn't dare to be careless. The power the Bell of Chaos would display when it was in Sage's hand was completely different from the power it would display if it was in the hand of a Sage-to-be. The situation was even worse since this attack was Houtu's furious attack.

Cangjie waved his hand and the 3,000 characters started to move and form a Formation in the sky. "Boom!" The Bell of Chaos suddenly pounded against the Formation. The impact of that attack practically had the potential to destroy the world. Although the Bell of Chaos was blocked, the Formation was broken in an instant.

"Pfff!" Cangjie vomited blood and looked extremely pale. The 3,000 characters revolving on his side also became slightly dimmer. Successfully blocking the attack of Houtu was really a stroke of luck. If it wasn't because he managed to comprehend this tactical formation when the 3,000 characters blocked the tribulation, the full-strength attack of Houtu would probably have killed him.

Cangjie stared at the Bell of Chaos a few distances away from him as he wiped the bloodstains on the corner of his lips. He sneered and said, "Houtu, back then you robbed my Supreme Aura of Human Sovereign, and today I broke your Wu Tribe's Formation. It's the cycle of Karma. Since you dared to do it, you should have thought that this would happen."

Houtu stared at Hongyun with a frightened heart. She never expected that Hongyun would actually be able to block her full-strength attack. However, seen from Hongyun's present appearance, he seemed to have completely exhausted his power. If the grass was cut without removing its roots, it would grow again in the next spring. Since a huge enmity had been formed between her and Hongyun, she would better take this opportunity and thoroughly annihilate him, getting rid of future troubles.

Houtu coldly said, "Hongyun, don't think that there's anything extraordinary about Peak Level of Sage-to-be. You managed to block the attack a moment ago. However, are you able to continue resisting my attack?" Once her words were finished, the supernatural power on the Bell of Chaos fluctuated. Obviously, Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu was preparing her next attack, an attack that would be able to kill Cangjie.

At this moment, a silhouette suddenly appeared in front of Cangjie. It was Zhenyuanzi who had always been protecting him from the side. Zhenyuanzi moved to Cangjie's side and held out his hand. A Ginseng then appeared on his palm. He passed it over to Cangjie, saying, "Hongyun, eat this now to heal your injuries." In the Five Elements, Ginseng belonged to the category of wood. Apart from being able to raise cultivation, it could also be a potent healer to injuries.

Seeing this familiar fruit, Cangjie couldn't help but laugh, and said, "Haha! Zhenyuanzi, after not seeing you for so many years, you treat me to a Ginseng under this kind of situation! Hehe, Ginseng, I've really been missing you!" He then began to devour the Ginseng.

Zhenyuanzi felt relieved to see such a familiar scene. His old friend finally came back. He then turned around to look at the Bell of Chaos not too far from them; its supernatural power was fluctuating violently. The Book of the Nether World appeared in his hand. With a wave of his hands, the ground began to shake. Several mountains appeared out of thin air, forming a Formation in an instant.

The Nether World Book Formation, Zhenyuanzi's strongest tactical formation, was considered to be the formation with the strongest defense in the Untainted Land. Seeing this formation, Huo Tu sneered and her voice came, saying, "Zhenyuanzi, although the defense strength of your Nether World Book Formation is strong, can it block several attacks from my Bell of Chaos?"

Zhenyuanzi coldly said, "My Nether World Book Formation naturally cannot block the force of a Sage together with the Bell of Chaos. However..." His tone changed as he continued to say, "Houtu, I want to know whether the Karma you'd receive once you break the ley lines of the Untainted Land could pull you down from the Sage position. Would the Wu Tribe be exterminated because of the Karma they'd receive from startling the Heaven? I'm really curious."

All the Sages were stunned by Zhenyuanzi's words. They wondered, "Is this person is still the protector of others, the amiable-looking Immortal Zhenyuan?" It turned out the number of ruthless humans in the Untainted Land weren't little at all. Apparently, they just didn't know about it. Zhenyuanzi was definitely one of those ruthless people. He wanted to take down the Houtu and the Wu Tribe together with him.

The Sages began to carefully feel around. They naturally could feel that Zhenyuanzi's Nether World Book Formation was steadily connected with the Power of Ley Lines on the Untainted Land. Before long, the ley lines connected with the Nether World Book Formation grew wider. If this tactical formation was to be broken, the range of damage suffered by the Untainted Land would be wider and the Karma would also be greater.

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