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Above the Youxiong Tribe stood a young man who was surrounded by countless peculiar characters. These characters glimmered with Light in Seven Colors, by which the whole Untainted Land shone. In the Human Tribe, all people looked toward Heaven. Though these characters were small, all people in the Human Tribe could see them clearly and understand their meanings.

These characters were not Taoist characters, Demon characters, or Wu characters but characters that belonged to the Human Tribe. It was a man, aged about 10 or 20 who had created these 3,000 characters. The man, full of high spirits and Merits, was Cangjie, whose cultivation reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be.

Having finished creating the characters, Cangjie did not take these 3,000 characters back but coldly looked at the battlefield of Zhulu Plain. He waved his hands, 10 characters flying out from these 3,000 characters. Then Cangjie shouted, "There is righteousness in Heaven and Earth, so the Human Tribe should be strong." 10 characters were magnified several times instantly while their Light in Seven Colors was even brighter. For a moment, there seemed to be 10 more seven-colored suns in Heaven and Earth.

People in the Human Tribe all felt enthusiastic. They not only seemed to see that the Human Tribe had stood at the top of Untainted Land, but also saw the scene of their ancestors expelling the Demon Tribe in the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. The latter made them overwhelmed with more passion.

Moreover, when the 10 characters came out, great changes took place in the warfare on Zhulu Plain. Evil Spirits in the Xuanyin Formation were swept away completely by the brilliant lights of the 10 characters, so the Formation disappeared without being attacked. The combat capabilities of the Nine Li Tribes were certainly reduced a lot because they lost the tactical formation to increase their power but needed to burden the side effects of the tactical formation. For a moment, the battle situation was more favorable to Xuanyuan.

20 years ago, Hongyun was called Cangjie after his incarnation in the Youxiong Tribe. Zhenyuanzi left his Good Separation named Immortal Qian Yuan behind to take care of Cangjie. Immortal Qian Yuan, the Good Separation separated by the Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, excelled in calculations and reached the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be. Under his good separation protection, Zhenyuanzi felt much more reassured to leave.

Now Immortal Qian Yuan needed to look after Cangjie, so he could not live far away from Cangjie. Then he chose to live on a mountain nearby the Youxiong Tribe and paid attention to every move of Cangjie at all times. He always tried to foresee Cangjie's future by Prediction, though he had gotten nothing.

Immortal Qian Yuan was still not clear what kind of Fated Chance it was when Minghe mentioned it. It was hard for Hongyun to become the Human Sovereign without the Supreme Aura of the Human Sovereign. God Farmer got the status as the Earthly Sovereign that should have been given to Hongyun. So Hongyun's Fated Chance was on the third Human Sovereign?

However, before long, Immortal Qian Yuan gave up the idea because the third Human Sovereign, Xuanyuan, who was the son of the leader of the Youxiong Tribe, had been born. At the birth of Xuanyuan, Guang Chengzi, the senior disciple of the Honoured Lord of the Origin, went to the tribe to recruit disciples. In this way, Xuanyuan was the third Human Sovereign, so Hongyun had no Fated Chance of becoming the Human Sovereign.

As Cangjie, the incarnation of Hongyun gradually grew up, Immortal Qian Yuan did not find him anything special. Was Minghe wrong? Immortal Qian Yuan could not help but doubt it. However, the task given by Zhenyuanzi was to take care of Hongyun's incarnation body but not to intervene in Cangjie's growth. Hence, what he could do was to wait and see.

About 10 years later, Xuanyuan was really elected as the inheritor Sovereign of the Human Tribe by God Farmer, and then Xuanyuan was taken back to Chen Du. Before long, the Nine Li Tribes attacked and defeated the Youxiong Tribe, causing humans in the Youxiong Tribe to flee in all directions. Thus, Immortal Qian Yuan could only protect Hongyun's incarnation body in secret.

Cangjie fled all the way to Chen Du where Xuanyuan had arranged a new tribe territory for the tribesmen of the Youxiong Tribe. Therefore, the tribesmen settled in Chen Du, and Immortal Qian Yuan naturally followed them to Chen Du.

Then Xuanyuan fought with Chi You and the situation were unfavorable to Xuanyuan. Immortal Qian Yuan did not care about it but he was worried about Hongyun. After fleeing to Chen Du, Cangjie's family passed away one after another. Hongyun also became somewhat dispirited and insane, holding a branch to doodle on the ground all day. His behavior was laughed at by the other tribesmen.

After a long time, Immortal Qian Yuan was a little amazed due to the fact that he could not predict Cangjie's fate anymore. The secrets of Heaven were in the chaos. What was more important was that he began to understand what Cangjie was doing.

Character creation! Cangjie was creating characters. Immortal Qian Yuan was very shocked to get the idea. Was it the Fated Chance mentioned by Minghe? If Cangjie were able to create characters that belonged to the Human Tribe, there would be many Merits falling down. By that time, Cangjie would be able to recover his preexisted Veridical Soul, then Immortal Qian Yuan's task would be finished.

In the Untainted Land, there were three kinds of characters. The first one was the Taoist character, created by the Way of Heaven, which was the most original character in Untainted Land. The second one was the Wu character, which was inherited from the Great Divinity Pan Gu by the Wu Tribe. The third one was the Demon character, which was created by the Demon Master Kunpeng. Every kind of character represented the symbol of tribe culture.

As Xuanyuan and Chi You began a decisive battle in Zhulu Plain, Cangjie suddenly stood up, looking up to Heaven and laughing. People around looked at him strangely. Cangjie was just a little insane before but he never acted like he did at this moment. Was he completely insane?

Cangjie ignored their strange eyes and shouted to Heaven, "The Way of Heaven is above all. Now I, Cangjie of the Human Tribe, think that culture is deficient in the Human Tribe and there is nothing to inherit their culture. Hence, I create characters for the Human Tribe to do that. The way of Heaven, please prove it."

Though Cangjie was an ordinary man and did not have any cultivation, Cangjie's voice spread throughout the entire Untainted Land. In the Untainted Land, all were shocked. Who was Cangjie? They did not care about it at all. What they cared about was that Cangjie actually created the characters, which was a great event and attracted a lot of attention from innumerable Almighties.

In Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, Zhenyuanzi, who was in Closed Door Meditation, was startled to hear what Cangjie had said. Cangjie? He was the incarnation body of Hongyun. Character creation was a big event. Thus, in order to protect Cangjie, Zhenyuanzi finished his Closed Door Meditation at once and ran fast to the outside of Chen Du. Under no circumstances did he allow anyone to destroy Hongyun's third Fated Chance.

For the first time, Hongyun lost the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. At that time, he blamed himself very much for not protecting Hongyun well with powerful strength. For the second time, Hongyun experienced incarnation and lost the status as the Human Sovereign, which was grabbed by the Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu. At this time, he would not allow such a thing to happen again.

Looking at Cangjie in Chen Du, Zhenyuanzi was very happy. How could not he be excited about it when his old friend Hongyun would come back? Nevertheless, feeling that countless Spiritual Thoughts around were spying on Hongyun, Zhenyuanzi immediately initiated his aura to frighten those humans in order to prevent them from taking unusual action.

Once Zhenyuanzi's aura appeared, all humans in the Untainted Land were surprised. Who was Cangjie? Zhenyuanzi, an Almighty in the Untainted Land, should protect him. It was such big news that the Sages turned their countenance a little.

In the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, Musen, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi stood before the palace and looked toward Chen Du. Suiren-Shi laughed. "Hahaha! Heaven protects us. We went over once!" The three and Musen looked at each other, then they flew in clouds toward Chen Du one after another.

No matter what others' reactions were, Cangjie began to create the characters in the end. He used the branch in his hands as a pen, then he waved it in the air, finally, he would write a big character in the air. Cangjie shouted loudly, "Heaven!" The character was "Heaven".

After the "Heaven" character came out, the wind and clouds drastically changed their colors in Heaven and Earth with many dark clouds coagulated together. Humans in Untainted Land were startled to see the scene. Was it a tribulation? Character creation by Cangjie should trigger a tribulation. Therefore, it was actually against the will of Heaven. Even Zhenyuanzi by the side was in great trepidation.

A tribulation was not frightening. What was frightening was how Cangjie could ward off the tribulation without cultivation. The latter was exactly what Zhenyuanzi worried about. When Kunpeng created characters, there was not any Tribulation Thunder. However, why was there TribulationThunder as Cangjie created characters? Zhenyuanzi felt strange about it.

Cangjie completely ignored the Tribulation Thunder that coagulated gradually and continued his character creation. He waved his branch to write one more character and then shouted loudly, "Earth!" A big "Earth" suddenly flew in the air and danced with the character "Heaven".

"Human!" After a while, Cangjie wrote another word. It was also a character, "Human", but it represented the whole Human Tribe, which danced with "Heaven" and "Earth". The huge might of Cangjie was warded off by these three words and did not interrupt Cangjie at all, who was still creating characters. Otherwise, before the Tribulation Thunder fell down, ordinary Cangjie would have died under the coercion.

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