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Looking at the Formation before him, Guang Chengzi turned grimmer. In the beginning, he thought it was just an ordinary tactical formation but it turned out to be the opposite. He was not clear about it, so he asked Dipamkara, who was grim-faced as well, "Teacher Dipamkara, do you know the mystery in the tactical formation? How could it be so influential?"

Dipamkara replied, "I also have never seen the Formation before. However, to be honest, the Formation is hard to handle, you can see it!" Then he pointed to the Formation all round and said to everyone, "The Formation should have the power of controlling the Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth, a little similar to the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation of the Wu Tribe, which is extremely dangerous."

At the mention of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, all the disciples in the Clan of Enlightenment were startled by its power and began to be more alert about it.

Hearing his words, Xuanyuan asked, "Does Master have any way to break the Formation?" Guang Chengzi shook his head because he did not know about the tactical formation at all, nor could do anything to break the Xuanyin Formation. Since Guang Chengzi had no way, Xuanyuan turned grim immediately.

At this moment, Dipamkara Taoist said, "I have an idea, but it'll be a little risky as we need you to enter the array with us." Then Dipamkara did not continue. It would be too risky to do that because Xuanyuan was the Sovereign of the Human Tribe.

Xuanyuan said at once, "Immortal Dipamkara, as the Sovereign of Human Tribe, I'll take the lead. Moreover, with the Xuanyuan Sword and the cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, I'll be able to protect myself, though I can't rival those Great Sorcerers."

Dipamkara nodded and said, "Well, there must be an Eye of Formation in every Formation. After we enter the Formation, what we need to do is to find it and then destroy it, so the Formation would naturally disappear. By that time, the abnormal state of the nine Li tribes would disappear with some strength weakened, then we'll be able to defeat Chi You with one strike."

Xuanyuan then said to his generals, "Li Mu and Bo Jian, you two lead soldiers to fight against the Nine Li tribes armies outside the Formation while I'll go into the Formation with Teacher Guang Chengzi and all the Immortals. You all must guide our army to resist their attacks until we destroy the Formation." Then Li Mu and Bo Jian obeyed and left.

Following Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, and the other disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment, Xuanyuan went into the Xuanyin Formation, only to see Evil Spirits and ghosts pervading. They entered the Formation when countless Evil Spirits began to attack them. All Immortals wielded their supernatural power to kill them. However, there were so many Evil Spirits that it was difficult to kill them all, which annoyed all the Immortals.

At this moment, a vehement emperor aura was emanated from Xuanyuan with a purple light sent out from his body. Evil Spirits nearby were hit by the purple light and then turned into dust and ashes before they were able to counter it. Hundreds of Evil Spirits had to dodge in any place where the purple light reached.

Guang Chengzi smiled and said, "My disciple, you're really extraordinary. With Zi Wei Emperor Aura, it'll save us some efforts to kill those Evil Spirits. If you lead the way, we'll not fear the harassment from Evil Spirits anymore."

Xuanyuan nodded and said, "It sounds great! Let's start off now." It was hard to tell the direction in the Formation filled with miasma. Fortunately, Xuanyuan had prepared before and he took out the South-Pointing Chariot, which was created by the Human Tribe to show the direction so that he would not lose his way.

Xuanyuan was clear that the situation would be less favorable to them if they stayed too long. Hence, he used the South-Pointing Chariot to tell the direction and then led the way toward the center of the Formation. Seeing this, all Immortals followed him immediately. After a while, they came to the center of the Formation.

81 people in the Wu Tribe, including Chi You and Xiang Liu, respectively held a flag in their hands, standing on a Tao terrace and brandishing their flags. Evil Spirits around also rolled all over. Noticing this scene, all Immortals were clear that Xing Tian and others were operating a tactical formation, so they sacrificed Spiritual Treasures to attack it at once.

Chi You and others were somewhat surprised by their arrival, so they rose to the challenge without operating the Formation. Suddenly, the two sides fought with each other. Although there were about 10 Great Sorcerers in the Wu Tribe, the Twelve Golden Immortals and Dipamkara in the Clan of Enlightenment were at the level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal with Spiritual Treasures. As a result, the fight was at a stalemate.

Guang Chengzi knew this kind of situation could not last too long, otherwise, it would be more unfavorable to his side, so he shouted to Xuanyuan, "My disciple, use your sword to destroy that Banner of Formation. Once the flags are destroyed, the Formation would disappear naturally."

Xuanyuan obeyed him at once, but Chi You could not let him succeed. He forced a disciple from the Clan of Enlightenment back and ran toward Xuanyuan. Noticing that Chi You intended to kill him, Xuanyuan had to leave the Banner of Formation behind and immediately fought against Chi You.

Xuanyuan was inferior to Chi You in both cultivation and battle experience, but his Xuanyuan Sword was powerful enough to help him tie with Chi You. Chi You was also afraid of the Xuanyuan Sword, as he recognized that it was the one that had killed him before. Therefore, he was somewhat cautious during the fight.

At the sight of this scene, Guang Chengzi was very anxious. He was held back by the Wu Tribe together with Dipamkara and other junior fellows, meanwhile Xuanyuan and Chi You fought with each other. In this way, no one would be able to destroy the Banner of Formation and then they would be defeated after a long stalemate. Moreover, armies of Xuanyuan would be routed as well. By that time, there would be no Human Sovereign in the Xuanyuan Clan.

This battle between Xuanyuan and Chi You naturally attracted attention from many Sages, particularly the Honoured Lord of the Origin in the Jade Pure Palace of Mount Kunlun. He was very worried about the unfavorable situation of Xuanyuan and the Clan of Enlightenment.

Helplessly, the Honoured Lord of the Origin threw out his Jade Ruyi to the Xuanyin Formation with no regard for his honor, intending to destroy the Formation. However, as a burst of a bell sound rang out in Heaven and Earth instantly, the Jade Ruyi was frozen in the air above Mount Kunlun.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin certainly knew it was done by Houtu in the Nether World when he saw the bell in front of his Jade Ruyi. Then he said coldly, "Houtu, Teacher appointed you to guard reincarnation, how could you take action without permission? It's a kind of action against the will of Heaven to pamper the Wu Tribe to go out and cause internal conflicts in the Human Tribe."

At this time, Houtu's voice came out from the Bell of Chaos. "Honoured Lord of the Origin, you're wrong. I don't shun my responsibility guarding reincarnation, so how could it be that I did something without permission? As for Chi You, it's God's will. The third Human Sovereign in the Human Tribe mainly masters weapons and armies, so he must rule the whole Human Tribe to actualize. With an aura of the Human Sovereign, Chi You belongs to the Human Tribe as well, how couldn't he be the Human Sovereign in the Human Tribe? But as a Sage, you should not intervene in it."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin turned to sulk when he heard that. Houtu made it clear at this moment, so the Honoured Lord of the Origin could not intervene in it. The reason was that he could not surmount the obstruction of the Bell of Chaos to control his Spiritual Treasure across the air unless His Veneration appeared.

In Pingxin City, Houtu felt a little relieved to see that the Honoured Lord of the Origin did not take any action. She really feared that the Honored Lord of the Origin would appear regardless of what she said. By that time, she could not stop the Honoured Lord of the Origin although she could control the Bell of Chaos. Then Chi You must fail in the end.

Certainly, what Houtu intended to get was just the status as the Human Sovereign, so she urged Chi You and those Great Sorcerers again and again not to kill disciples in the Clan of Enlightenment but to expel them. If they were killed, the Honoured Lord of the Origin would perhaps be furious about it. At that time, Houtu could not go out from the Nether World to prevent the Honored Lord of the Origin. Consequently, Chi You, Xiang Liu, and the other Great Sorcerers would be in danger of death.

Houtu was very happy to see Xuanyuan and Guang Chengzi become weaker inside the Xuanyin Formation. If Chi You became the Human Sovereign, the Wu Tribe could not only utilize the Luck of the Human Tribe to flourish but also recover themselves. However, she could not imagine that they could be the overlord once again because she had a clear estimation of the Wu Tribe.

Interests of many Sages were involved in the Human Tribe, making it impossible for the Wu Tribe to recover their status as the overlord. Perhaps, the result brought about was not prosperity but catastrophe. Moreover, even if the Sages did not intervene in it, the Wu Tribe could not recover their status without defeating the Human Tribe. With the Holy Land of the Human Tribe existing, there was no hope of it.

The Xuanyin Formation suddenly disappeared when Houtu's thoughts had drifted away. She was greatly surprised to see that the Xuanyin Formation had disappeared as her mind came back. However, at the sight of the person who broke the Formation, her countenance took on a ghastly expression. It was just in accordance with the proverb which said: As a man sows, so shall he reap.

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