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Laozi did not pay any attention to what had happened in the Untainted Land when he was doing his Closed Door Meditation to refine elixirs. He counted his fingers when hearing his words. When he figured out what happened to Chi You, he started by saying, "To my surprise, Chi You owns the Supreme Aura of the Human Sovereign. It seems to be more difficult. The Nine Li tribes' betrayal and the Wu Tribe's attack are all the Human Tribe's tests from the Way of Heaven. If Xuanyuan can't defeat the Nine Li tribes, he can't actualize his Tao, and there will be no change to the Holy Land of the Human Tribe. So what can I do for you, my brother?"

When hearing this, the Honoured Lord of the Origin naturally understood that Laozi was waiting for him to ask for help, so that he could owe him a favor. However, in order for Xuanyuan to succeed to the status of the Human Sovereign, he could only begin to say, "Brother, I want to ask for one Nine Cycles Golden Elixir and a weapon, the Wu-killing Sword, for Xuanyuan, which can help him to defeat Chi You and successfully actualize his Tao to become the Human Sovereign."

Laozi nodded his head after hearing his words, and said, "Our teacher used to send the Wu-killing Sword to me, but I have figured out it has no connection and shares no destiny with me. Today, I find that it does have some connection with Xuanyuan, so I will give you this Wu-killing Sword and a grain of Nine Cycles Golden Elixir."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin took the two things and said thankfully, "Thank you for your generosity, my brother. Xuanyuan's situation is not optimistic. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll take my leave now."

Looking at the back of the Honoured Lord of the Origin, Laozi muttered to himself, "Supreme Aura of the Human Sovereign? Is this also a deal between Houtu and Minghe? But it seems that it doesn't serve Minghe's interests. Is there anything that I haven't noticed?"

In Xuanyuan's military camp, Guang Chengzi and many Enlightenment clansmen gathered there, all worried. In terms of cultivation, although many of them could not match those Great Sorcerers, they were not scared of them because they owned plenty of Spiritual Treasures. However, the biggest trouble for them was that they could just not defend the Nine Li tribes' army of the Human Tribe, and the Wu Tribe did not even take any action at all now.

All of a sudden, a flash of silver light flew into the camp. Everyone here found a sword and an elixir there at once. Right at the moment came the voice of the Honoured Lord of the Origin: "Guang Chengzi, this is the Wu-killing Sword, and the elixir is the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir. These two things are granted to Xuanyuan to help him win the battle against Chi You."

After hearing this, Guang Chengzi and the Enlightenment tribesmen all thanked the Honoured Lord of the Origin. Guang Chengzi went for Xuanyuan with the Wu-killing Sword and the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir, but the remaining clansmen were still worried. They thought even if Xuanyuan could resist Chi You and the Wu-killing Sword could largely frighten Chi You and the Great Sorcerers, their soldiers did not have the ability to withstand the Nine Li tribes' soldiers. That was really a big problem.

In the Heavenly Court, Haotian was focusing on every movement of Xuanyuan and Chi You through the Haotian Mirror. After he found that Xuanyuan failed in this battle, something occurred to him. He thought and said, "Xuanyuan is not in a good condition now. If I send someone to help him, he will need to be thankful for my Heavenly Court when actualizing the Human Sovereign. It will be a good way to show the stateliness of the Heavenly Court, and maybe I can get some merit through this."

Thinking of this, Haotian had made a decision in his mind and asked someone to call for Yaochi.

When Yaochi arrived, Haotian shared his idea with her, but Yaochi responded worriedly, "Haotian, the Human Sovereign is assisted by the Clan of Enlightenment. If we get involved, the Honoured Lord of the Origin won't be happy."

Haotian smiled and said, "Yaochi, you have worried too much. Now, the situation of the battle is unfavorable to Xuanyuan. If he can't turn into the Human Sovereign, the Clan of Enlightenment's assistance will go to waste. Even if we will occupy some parts of Clan of Enlightenment's merit after doing them a favor, the Honoured Lord of the Origin has no reason to make any trouble for us. After all, we have helped them."

After hearing this, Yaochi naturally had no counterviews, but she still felt a little uncertain, asking, "Since you have decided to send someone to help the Human Sovereign, who will you choose?" Through Yaochi's tone, Haotian realized that she must have found the right person to do this job. Then he asked, "Who do you think is the best one?"

Yaochi smiled and said, "Haotian, you know the situation in Untainted Land. Although Xuanyuan was defeated this time, he can also resist the Great Sorcerers and Chi You with the help of the Enlightenment clansmen and the Wu-killing Sword. However, the most difficult problem Xuanyuan and the Clan of Enlightenment are facing is that their army can't match the Nine Li tribes'. Since it is so, we can send the Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens to help them with three Heaven Books of Warcraft, which must do a great favor to the Human Sovereign."

The Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens was one of the most outstanding fair children they had recruited when they controlled the Heavenly Court in the beginning. She followed Yaochi to cultivate for many years, and with the help of the Power of Stars, she had come to the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. She was especially good at the art of war, so she was the best person to help the Human Sovereign.

After hearing Yaochi's words, Haotian started to weigh the pros and cons in his mind. For a short while, he had made a decision and said, "Yaochi, you are totally right. We can send the Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens to help the Human Sovereign." Then, the two of them sent someone to call for the Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens. With a few words of their orders, they asked her to descend to the world at once.

The Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens headed for Zhulu Plain upon leaving the Heavenly Court. She passed the three Heaven Books of Warcraft onto Xuanyuan when meeting him. The latter one was excited, ordering Li Mu and some other generals to immediately arrange formations on the basis of the Heaven Book of Warcraft.

Mysterious Lady's coming naturally could not escape from the Honoured Lord of the Origin's eyes, but the latter just turned a blind eye to this. Although he knew Haotian wanted to share part of his merits, he did not stop him because it was a good way to solve Xuanyuan and the Clan of Enlightenment's emergency. Besides, Guang Chengzi and the other generals were not good at Warcraft.

Guang Chengzi would not be opposed to this but felt released. With the three Heaven Books of Warcraft brought by the Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens, the fighting capacity of Xuanyuan's army could be largely enhanced. If only they could find a method to break Chi You's Xuanyin Formation, then it would not be that difficult for Xuanyuan to defeat the Nine Li tribes.

Besides, Xuanyuan had directly ascended to the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal after consuming the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir. That Wu-killing Sword greatly enhanced his ability to fight. However, he thought the name of the Wu-killing Sword was not elegant, so he changed its name to the Xuanyuan Sword. While Guang Chengzi trained with him day by day as his partner, Xuanyuan gradually mastered the power of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Xuanyuan got ready for the next battle, while Chi You was also busy preparing for this. He hastened to practice arranging the Xuanyin Formation with the Wu tribesmen so as to master it sooner and better. When it came to the next battle, Chi You believed that he could totally defeat Xuanyuan, becoming the Human Sovereign.

Both sides were speeding up their training. Xuanyuan naturally knew that the next battle would come soon. In order to have a greater chance to win, he ordered his soldiers to join the training day and night. Besides, he sent out many spies to keep an eye on the Nine Li tribes' action from time to time.

Half a month later, a spy came and reported to Xuanyuan that the Nine Li tribes' army had assembled and might start their attack soon.

After hearing this, Xuanyuan ordered the whole troop to keep alert. He was determined to win the battle, once and for all. If the combat dragged on longer, both of them would suffer great losses, and he would be ashamed to see God Farmer.

The next day, the two sides started the battle in Zhulu Plain. Chi You's army had already arrived. A belt of black fog shrouded the whole nine Li tribes' army, which was the Xuanyin Formation controlled by Xiang Liu and the other Great Sorcerers.

Chi You understood that this battle decided which one could become the Human Sovereign. It also determined the future of the Nine Li tribes and the Youxiong Tribe.

After the Xuanyin Formation was arranged, the whole army of the Nine Li tribes totally changed and every soldier's eyes were bloody with mad expressions on their faces. Looking in Xuanyuan's direction, they were waiting for Chi You's order. In a second, they could rush to kill their enemies immediately, utterly defeating Xuanyuan's army.

When Xuanyuan arrived with his army, he found the whole Zhulu Plain shrouded in black fog and the nine Li tribes' army were completely covered by the Xuanyin Formation. Inside, all the soldiers were moving in a strange way and roaring in a sharp voice. Faintly, some fried fire bloody cloud showed up but disappeared suddenly.

Between the Heaven and Earth, Evil Spirit gradually gathered there and was consumed by the Xuanyin Formation step by step, which enhanced its power again. This situation made Xuanyuan and all the Enlightenment tribesmen totally shocked and they could not help shaking with coldness. They had not met this kind of scene before.

Guang Chengzi and Dipamkara were the most unperturbed ones in the Clan of Enlightenment. Guang Chengzi's heart hardened nowadays, so nothing could interrupt him. Dipamkara had deep and profound cultivation, who had also witnessed so many battles between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes. However, Dipamkara still showed his worry because, in this formation, he seemed to find the shadow of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, which made him alert and cautious.

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