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Hearing what Guang Chengzi said, Chi Yu laughed and said, "Ha ha, Guang Chengzi, I'm not your opponent in speechcraft. Dare you fight with me?" When Chi You came out from the blood pool of the Wu Tribe, he was at the Peak Realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, and now, he had already broken through into the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. With his tough human body and Tiger Soul Knife, he could fight with Guang Chengzi, who was in the Secondary Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Faced with Chi You's invitation, Guang Chengzi did not flinch. He stepped forward with an immortal sword, which was impressively a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, and shouted, "Yes, I dare." He would surely show his dignity in front of so many people.

The two immediately fought with each other and the battlefield was filled with sword aura, knife aura, and killing intent. Immortals of the Clan of Enlightenment instantly played their tactics to protect Xuanyuan and his tribesmen nearby since the fight between Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals was not what they could bear.

Guang Chengzi and Chi You only used the knife and sword in the fight, otherwise, with their cultivation, everything would be in a mess and all humans present would suffer a lot. Even so, the world changed its look, which greatly shocked the humans.

Chi You was inferior to Guang Chengzi in cultivation, but he had a tough human body and an abundance of combat experience. In contrast, Guang Chengzi did not have much combat experience, let alone experience of such a decisive battle of life and death. Fortunately, with his higher cultivation and Magic Weapon, Guang Chengzi was well-matched with Chi You.

People saw the two fight back and forth with knife and sword, wherever the knife and sword went, stones were driven along and sand was whirled about. Chi You waved his Devil Knife, leading the Evil Spirit rolling up and down. Guang Chengzi waved his sword with one hand and issued Jade Pure Holy Light with the other hand so as to break the Evil Spirit. They were so well-matched that a victory could not be decided.

After fighting for a long time, the two finally stopped. Even if they kept fighting, it would be difficult to decide a victor. After exiting the battlefield, Guang Chengzi looked at Chi You and said, "Chi You, you're powerful. We'd better stop for today and fight another day."

Chi You laughed and said. "That's good, Guang Chengzi. I didn't expect that Sage Jade Pure had a disciple such as you. I'm delighted to have been able to fight with you today. As you wish, let's fight another day." This fight was just a feeler for Chi You, rather than a decisive battle. Since there was no point in fighting on, he immediately ordered the withdrawal of his army.

Seeing that Chi You withdrew his army, Xuanyuan immediately ordered a withdrawal as well. On their way back, one of Twelve Golden Immortals, Immortal Yu Ding walked to Guang Chengzi and whispered. "Brother, why didn't you use the Smashing Seal Fan or other Magic Weapons, you fought with only the sword in the fight? If you gained victory by a single blow, it would've greatly boosted the morale of Xuanyuan's army."

His words attracted other disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment. In fact, that was what they were all wondering. Guang Chengzi said with a faint smile, "It's not the case. Chi You didn't do his best either. What's more, I also learned much in this fight. When the matter of Human Sovereign is settled, I'll go into Closed Door Meditation to comprehend the Dao of Sword. As for the Magic Weapons, they're all external things after all."

All of the disciples were stunned by Guang Chengzi's words and realized that Guang Chengzi had changed a lot since the last insult. Even Dipamkara, who was envious of Guang Chengzi for being the Mentor of Human Sovereign and owner of several Magic Weapons given by Honoured Lord of the Origin, admired him. Such a person could be the mainstay of the Clan of Enlightenment.

After returning to the camp, Chi You looked at Xiang Liu and the other Great Sorcerers and asked, "Have you mastered the forms of the Xuanyin Formation?" In fact, Xuanyuan misunderstood them. Chi You and the others were simply maneuvering the tactical formation but that has been mistaken as an invitation for Xuanyuan to fight.

However, after this fight, Chi You put aside his disdain for the disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment and was surprised by Guang Chengzi's strength. Although Chi You did not do his best, he used most of his strength. Even so, he did not defeat Guang Chengzi, who was not at his full strength either. What's more, Guang Chengzi had other Magic Weapons to protect himself.

Xiang Liu laughed and said, "Don't worry, brother. I can't yet say that we've completely mastered the formation, but it's enough to deal with the small Human Tribe." This was not only the pride of Xiang Liu but all of the Great Sorcerers.

A few days later, Chi You once again came with his army and Xuanyuan also got his army ready to fight. In front of his armies, Chi You observed for a while and then waved his hand without any words. Seeing that, Feng Bo and Yu Shi, who were next to Chi You, started to arrange the formation at the same time.

As a result, at the side of Xuanyuan's army, a gale was blowing with rain and filling the whole sky, while it was still sunny at the side of Chi You's army. Xuanyuan immediately understood that Chi You intended to consume the strength of the Human Tribe's army, and then lead the Nine Li tribes to fight at a minimum cost. Meanwhile, Xiang Liu and the other Great Sorcerers arranged the Xuanyin Formation.

Suddenly, the battlefield was full of Evil Spirit. Being affected by that, the Nine Li tribes became cruel and bloodthirsty, running towards Xuanyuan's army with bloody eyes.

However, Xuanyuan's army, which lacked battle experience, were no match for the nine Li tribes. They constantly retreated during the fight. No matter how hard Xuanyuan shouted, it was of no use.

Xuanyuan could only look to Guang Chengzi and the other immortals for help, but they were also helpless. When the Wu Tribe cast the tactic and made it blow and rain on the side of Xuanyuan, they could only help to stop the storm. However, faced with the nine Li tribes, they were at a loss of what to do. According to the law set by the Holy Land of Human Tribe, no immortal was allowed to kill ordinary people without reason. Even if they were disciples of The Sages, they could not break the law.

Guang Chengzi sighed, "My disciple, the Holy Land of Human Tribe orders that immortals shall not kill ordinary people, the same with the fight for Human Sovereign. I can't break the law either. You'd better withdraw your army and fight another day. I'll follow in the rear."

Xuanyuan could only nod upon hearing his words. He never thought there was such a ban in the Human Tribe. No wonder those of the Wu Tribe only fought against Cultivators but not ordinary people. To his surprise, could it be that the Holy Land of Human Tribe was so powerful that the aggressive Wu Tribe and disciples of Sages all obeyed the law and dare not deviate from it? Xuanyuan was only an ordinary person in his twenties at the moment, so he had a narrow outlook.

After Xuanyuan gave an order to withdraw, Guang Chengzi and the disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment cast the tactic to restrain the Nine Li tribes so that Xuanyuan's army could retreat to their camp. After that, they arranged a tactical formation so as to guard against Chi You's attack.

Seeing Xuanyuan suffer a crushing defeat, Chi You did not order a pursuit. Though the Xuanyin Formation could boost the fighting capacity of the Nine Li tribes, it also had side effects which wouldn't allow them to fight a protracted war. Moreover, they were not skilled at the control of the Xuanyin Formation and need more time for running-in, so he ordered a withdrawal.

In Yuxu Palace, Honored Lord of the Origin had focused on Guang Chengzi and the disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment since they went down the mountain. For their defeat, he had no alternative but felt annoyed about the ban of the Holy Land of Human Tribe. Without the ban, the Nine Li tribes were nothing. However, the Holy Land of Human Tribe took charge of Kongtong Seal, so if Xuanyuan wanted to become Human Sovereign, he must be recognized by the Holy Land of Human Tribe. Guang Chengzi and other disciples surely would not break the law.

But now it seemed that even if Guang Chengzi and the other immortals stopped Chi You and the Great Sorcerers, Xuanyuan could not defeat the Nine Li tribes. The human bodies of Great Sorcerers were so strong that it was hard to deal with them. But Honoured Lord of the Origin was reminded of a lethal weapon. With this weapon, they would be able to deter Chi You and the Great Sorcerers.

Thinking of this, Honoured Lord of the Origin left for Mount Shouyang. After a while, he arrived at Eight Wonders Palace on Mount Shouyang and directly went into the elixir room under the lead of a Taoist child. Laozi was refining elixir at the moment when Honoured Lord of the Origin entered. He did not turn back but said peacefully, "My disciple came. Wait a moment, the furnace of elixir is near completion."

Origin nodded and sat on the seat, waiting for the completion of elixir, disregarding whether Laozi could see him. Three hours later, Laozi finally finished refining the elixir. He put away the elixir and came to Honoured Lord of the Origin. Honored Lord of the Origin immediately stood up and bowed. "Your little brother greets you."

Laozi nodded and said, "You're too courteous." Then they took the seats facing each other. Laozi asked first, "Guang Chengzi and other immortals are assisting Human Sovereign, how are you available to come to my Palace? Is there anything serious?"

Honored Lord of the Origin answered upon hearing the words, "Brother, Guang Chengzi was assisting Xuanyuan and everything went well. However, Chi You led the Wu Tribe and the Nine Li tribes to fight against them. You know that the Great Sorcerers have powerful human bodies and the Nine Li tribes are skillful in battle, so Xuanyuan is no match for them. I've to come to you for advice."

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