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Every disciple in the Clan of Enlightenment heard the golden bell and hurried to the Yuxu Place, knowing it was the Honored Lord of the Origin summoning them. Moments later, the twelve self-imparting disciple along with Dipamkara Taoist and the listed disciples-- Old Immortal of the South arrived at the palace.

The Honored Lord of the Origin said, "Xuanyuan is already enthroned as the third Human Sovereign out of the Three Royals and Five Emperors, yet the Wu Tribe remnants still plan on rejuvenating their tribe through a mixed-blood. Moreover, Chi You of the Nine Li tribes doesn't understand Heaven's Calculation and wants to rise in arms, leading to civil strifes in the Human Tribe. I order you to leave the mountain and assist the Human Sovereign with Guang Chengzi. When the Human Sovereign achieves his merit, you'll naturally get a share."

The disciples were delighted to hear this. They didn't think they would be able to participate as only Guang Chengzi was supposed to assist the Human Sovereign. They would naturally gain merit if they made some contributions. That was better than nothing at all.

The happiest one was most definitely Dipamkara. His cultivation had been stuck at the peak level of Da Luo Golden Immortal for a long time without any signs of separation. Having felt impatient over this, he was naturally delighted with the chance to earn some merit. He might even be able to break into the realm of Sage-to-be.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin frowned to see how excited his disciples were, who were focused on the merit but forgotten about facing the many Wu Tribe elites. If they didn't pay great attention, they would definitely suffer a great deal after leaving the mountain.

Yet he was gratified to see how Guang Chengzi reacted. After receiving a blow the last time, he had become firm. With so many people leaving the mountain to assist the Human Sovereign together, his merit of being the Mentor of the Human Sovereign would naturally be shared by others. But he didn't show any concern nor resentment. With such an open mind, he was sure to get somewhere in the future.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin said, "It's too early to be happy. Though you have high cultivation and have Spiritual Treasures for self-protection, your opponents are the top Great Sorcerers of the Wu Tribe. They have been cultivating much longer than you and you can't rival their foundation. If you're careless, I'm afraid your lives will be in danger."

These words immediately disillusioned the excited disciples. They did forget that their opponents weren't ordinary people. Whether it was cultivation or combat experience, they were inferior to the Great Sorcerers. They could only rely on Magic Weapons. If they were careless, they might really lose their lives. They wouldn't expect the Wu Tribe, being the Wu Tribe, to show mercy just because they were the disciples of a Sage.

After Honoured Lord of the Origin gave them a few more pieces of advice, Guang Chengzi led Dipamkara and the others down the mountain. A few days later, they arrived at Youxiong tribe and went to the tent where Xuanyuan did his administrative affairs. When someone went to report about their arrival, Xuanyuan was discussing with his soldiers how to resist the attack of the Nine Li tribes. When he heard his mentor was here, he immediately brought his soldiers to meet him.

After exchanging greetings, the immortals were welcomed into the tent and were seated. Xuanyuan said, "The rebellion of the Nine Li tribes has caused much hardship on the Human Tribe. I very much appreciate you coming here to help us. Please allow me to express my gratitude on behalf of the Human Tribe."

The Clan of Enlightenment disciples quickly got up and said, "That's not necessary. It's our duty to do so." They didn't dare put on airs with Xuanyuan for he was the Human Sovereign even if he was inferior to a Heavenly Immortal. With their cultivation, how could they not realize there were several humans in the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal secretly protecting him from a distance?

Even if they were disciples of a Sage, the Human Sovereign represented the prestige of the Human Tribe, the strongest tribe in the Untainted Land with countless experts. Even a Sage would be respectful of the Holy Land of the Human Tribe. Never mind the fact that the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe was Ancestor Minghe's Self-centric Separation. Of course, they didn't dare to be arrogant.

Guang Chengzi felt much more reassured now that he had Dipamkara and his juniors supporting him. He got up and introduced them to Xuanyuan. The latter then ordered a feast and welcomed them personally.

Over at Chi You's camp, he and the other Great Sorcerers were naturally aware of the arrival of the Clan of Enlightenment disciples but they didn't care for them. After all, they were only a dozen of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Even the strongest one, Dipamkara Taoist, was just at the Peak Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Being much stronger, the top Great Sorcerers naturally wouldn't pay them any mind.

But this made Chi You frown. Since all the Clan of Enlightenment disciples were here, they must have come on the Honored Lord of the Origin's order. He was who Chi You was concerned about, not Guang Chengzi. It would be bad if the Honored Lord of the Origin intervened, but there was nothing to be done about spilled milk. They could only take one step at a time. If nothing else, they could ask the Ancestor of Sorcery, Houtu, for help.

Though he wasn't concerned about Guang Chengzi, he knew the disciples would definitely be armed with primordial spiritual treasures for self-protection. The Wu Tribesmen could use those treasures as well, but they wouldn't be able to decipher their mysteries and only use them as weapons. When it came to a fight, the Great Sorcerers would be at a disadvantage against the primordial spiritual treasures.

Thinking of this, Chi You took out a Jade Slip that recorded a powerful tactical formation called the Xuanyin Formation. It was a gift from the Ancestor of Sorcery, Houtu. She gained it when she comprehended the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation.

According to the record on the Jade Slip, the formation would be full of Evil Spirit once it was laid down. Anyone entering the formation would lose his life, be it an ordinary person or immortal. Moreover, the formation would constantly absorb the military spirit and morbid air of battles to enhance its power. It could be said that the formation was meant for war.

Chi You had started preparations for the formation a long time ago. He first collected the thousand-year cold iron beneath the North Sea with the Great Sorcerers. He then spent 81 days refining 81 banners using Xuanyin cold copper and the Great Sorcerers' Blood of Essence for the formation. When the formation was completed, an impatient Chi You immediately ordered his army to march to Chen Du.

Elated that Guang Chengzi and the other disciples had come to help him, Xuanyuan prepared a feast to welcome them and began discussing how to drive back the enemy after. But they didn't manage to come up with any solutions even after a long discussion. After all, Guang Chengzi and the other disciples were only Immortal Cultivators who knew nothing about military affairs. They could only help Xuanyuan fight against the Wu Tribe.

One day while the immortals were having a feast, someone came to report about Chi You coming with his army. Shocked, Xuanyuan immediately ordered them to prepare for the fight. He turned to Guang Chengzi and the other immortals. "Master, and all immortals here, the Nine Li tribes are coming to attack us. How should we handle them?" He looked at them expectantly.

Guang Chengzi said serenely, "Don't worry, my disciple. As the saying goes, different situations call for different actions. Since the Nine Li tribes are coming to attack us, we'll naturally fight back."

Xuanyuan was elated at Guang Chengzi's words and arranged for the formation to be laid down. He then got ready for the arrival of Chi You's army with the immortals.

Xuanyuan, the Yellow Emperor, stood before the two armies with his Li Mu, Bo Jian and the other generals. They could see a huge cloud of dark mist blocking the two armies. Within the mist, floating ghosts and wildfires were faintly visible. Things billowed inside the mist, carrying with it the roaring cold wind.

A muscular man, over two meters tall, stepped forward with a huge Devil Knife in his hands. The blade of the five-foot sword was black and surrounded by a bloody glow.

It was Chi You. When he saw Xuanyuan watching in front of the armies with the rest, he shouted, "Child, you'll never defeat our Nine Li tribes. Surrender while you still can or suffer a crushing defeat."

Just then, Guang Chengzi walked forward and said, "Chi You, you acted recklessly and plunged so many creatures into misery. The Heaven and Earth won't tolerate your existence. Besides, Xuanyuan is the Human Sovereign appointed by the God Farmer. It's a huge sin for you to rebel against him. If you retreat now, you can still avoid calamity. But if you don't, calamity will definitely befall you."

Chi You burst into laughter. "I'm blessed with the Supreme Aura of Human Sovereign. Why can't I be the Human Sovereign? Guang Chengzi, I suggest you return to your mountain as soon as possible lest you die without a soul."

Guang Chengzi wasn't angered to hear this, for he wasn't the same person as he had been in the past. But it was true what Chi You said about the Supreme Aura of Human Sovereign. This would be a troublesome issue. It was also because many tribes of the Human Tribe who supported Xuanyuan had decided to wait and see.

Guang Chengzi replied, "I left the mountain on my master's orders to assist the Human Sovereign. I'll never give up halfway. Chi You, you waged war against the Human Tribe for your benefit and even sent the Wu Tribe to wantonly kill the human cultivators. With those actions, what right do you have to be the Human Sovereign?"

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