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Chapter 181: The Onset of the Wa

When God Farmer was surrounded by the merit, Musen took out the Kongtong Seal and spoke softly, "The Human Sovereign, appear." After a roar of a dragon, the Dragon Aura of Human Sovereign suddenly flew out from the Kongtong Seal and submerged into God Farmer's body. As a result, God Farmer got a surge of the momentum.

After a while, the Golden Light of Merit disappeared. God Farmer had improved his cultivation to the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, just the same as Fuxi, and actualized the Fruit of the Human Sovereign. From then on, he could survive from any disaster and Cultivation Tribulation. God Farmer bowed to Kong Xuan for the last time. Since he was the Human Sovereign now, he could not be the disciple of Kong Xuan anymore.

The handing over ceremony of the Human Sovereign had finished and the Sages left one by one except the Honored Lord of the Origin. He exhorted Guang Chengzi something and then finally left. Under such circumstances, God Farmer walked towards Xuanyuan and said, "Brother, I pass the Human Tribe on to you now and we'll wait for you in the Holy Land." He then instantly rode the cloud to the Holy Land of Human Tribe, together with Fuxi and the Four Ancestors of Humanity. Xuanyuan even had no time to reply.

With that, Xuanyuan knelt on the ground and shouted loudly as a reply, "I'll try my best to be worthy of your trust and protect the Human Tribe, I promise." The tribesmen had also knelt down as a respectful farewell to the Human Sovereign and the Ancestor of the Human Tribe until the two ancestors were finally out of sight.

Henceforth, the Human Tribe entered a new era, which was ruled by the Human Sovereign, Xuanyuan.

In the Nine Li tribes, Chi You got the news that Xuanyuan had taken the position as

Sovereign of the Human tribe and he thought the time was proper for a change. Now that Xuanyuan succeeded the sovereign and had no time to strengthen his position, it would be a good chance to launch a war. The Youxiong tribe would be the best target for attacking where Xuanyuan was born.

As for the Youxiong tribe, although Xuanyuan had arranged their military training long ago, the people in the tribe were all slack in their training since Xuanyuan went to Chen Du with God Farmer. They completely couldn't compare with the Nine Li tribes which were led by the Wu Tribe. After a few battles, they were naturally beat and fled pell-mell.

At that time, Chi You and the Nine Li tribes got a ringing reputation while Xuanyuan gradually disappointed his tribesmen. When God Farmer passed the crown to Xuanyuan, the tribesmen all distrusted Xuanyuan's abilities. They knew well that Xuanyuan had won a good reputation in the whole tribe, however, he had made no contribution to the Human Tribe. Fuxi had taught people fishing and God Farmer had told people to plant the Five Grains before they held the position of Sovereign of the Human Tribe, which was quite different from Xuanyuan.

Now that the Nine Li tribes attacked and defeated Xuanyuan, the tribesmen began to doubt whether Xuanyuan was qualified to lead the Human Tribe. The split even appeared within the Youxiong union.

Therefore, Xuanyuan had been trapped by both domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Some tribes in the Human Tribe even began to disobey Xuanyuan's orders, which made Xuanyuan feel completely embarrassed.

The leaders who had witnessed the actualization of the Human Sovereign played a principal role in determining the situation. They held the power of the stronger tribes in the Human Tribe. If they were willing to help Xuanyuan, Xuanyuan would be much relieved. However, they had perceived the vital force of the Human Sovereign in Chi You. They couldn't help but doubt whether God Farmer was the right chosen one or not. Under such circumstances, they decided to observe longer.

Xuanyuan was extremely anxious. He knew that he could only reverse the situation and rebuild his reputation if he defeated the Nine Li tribes. But the Nine Li

Li tribes were under the protection of the Great Sorcerers, how could his army be comparable with them? He really felt helpless.

Xuanyuan thought it over and admitted again that the Great Sorcerers could never be defeated by the Cultivators of the Human Tribe. However, he believed that the immortals in the Untainted Land must have the solution. His mentor, Guang Chengzi, was precisely a Veridical Immortal. So he was certainly able to cope with the Great Sorcerers. Xuanyuan was so happy that he immediately sent someone to call for Guang Chengzi in order to discuss the problem together.

It was chilly winter now, Xuanyuan sat in the tent of the Youxiong tribe and discussed the tactics with the ministers late at night. Since Xuanyuan became the sovereign, troop training had been highly regarded. But when Xuanyuan went to Chen Du with God Farmer, the training was gradually loosened, which made them fall far behind the Nine Li tribes in terms of military power.

In the past, the two tribes resided far away from each other and could live in peace and harmony. Nowadays, Chi You led the Nine Li tribes and constantly extended the territory, which caused the two clans to neighbor on each other. What's worse, the Great Sorcerers aggressively killed the Cultivators of the Youxiong tribe now and then at the border. It was impossible to guard against the enemy for the Youxiong tribe.

Xuanyuan and other tribesmen were greatly worried about it. But they had insufficient cultivation and couldn't match with the Great Sorcerers. They could only reinforce the defense and prevent the Nine Li tribes from attacking. All in all, Xuanyuan knew they had no choice but to fight with the Nine Li tribes.

The soldiers of the Human Tribe were much weaker than that of the Nine Li tribes, not to mention the strength gap between the Great Sorcerers of the Nine Li tribes and the leaders of the Human Tribe. Xuanyuan thought it over again and again and finally had to admit that they had no chance to win when confronted with the Nine Li tribes.

When Xuanyuan and the ministers were upset about the situation, the guard notified them about the arrival of the Mentor of

Mentor of Human Sovereign, Guang Chengzi. Xuanyuan got the news and was overjoyed to welcome Guang Chengzi.

As soon as everyone was seated, Xuanyuan began to tell Guang Chengzi of the severe problems and then sighed and said, "I'm not willing to fight against the Nine Li tribes, but they bully us a lot. If the war begins, I'm afraid that the Youxiong tribe will be defeated by the Nine Li tribes. Do you have any suggestions?"

Xuanyuan once heard that Liu Er and Kong Xuan had given directions to the Heavenly Sovereign Fuxi and the Earthly Sovereign God Farmer and helped them actualize, so he always regarded Guang Chengzi as his mentor. He was now driven to the point of desperation and naturally took Guang Chengzi as his hope.

After making clear the situation, Guang Chengzi was lost in thought. In accordance with Xuanyuan's words, they were indeed at an unfair disadvantage in competing with the enemy. Unfortunately, he had nothing to do with the problem. He, a single immortal, could never match with dozens of Great Sorcerers, let alone command the army.

Guang Chengzi had never thought that being the Mentor of Human Sovereign would bring such great trouble. The situation had now exceeded his expectations. During the scramble for supremacy between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes, which was unknown to Xuanyuan, an ordinary Great Sorcerer in the Wu Tribe equaled a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Additionally, the opposite camp now had Xiang Liu and Jiu Feng there. They were the best Great Sorcerers and naturally equaled two Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Seeing Guang Chengzi's silence, Xuanyuan became more anxious. He had to ask again, "Is there any way to defeat the enemy?"

Guang Chengzi hesitated for a while and then said, "They overwhelm you in terms of numerical strength... I have to go back the Yuxu Palace and ask your martial uncles for help."

Guang Chengzi clearly knew that even with the even with the help of his brothers, they would probably still be defeated by the Great Sorcerers. However, he couldn't shrink back when his disciple needed his help. After all, if Xuanyuan failed the war and couldn't unify the Human Tribe, Guang Chengzi would absolutely miss the merit given by the actualizing of the Human Sovereign. Guang Chengzi had no alternative but to return to Yuxu Palace and hope the Honored Lord of the Origin could come up with some ideas.

Guang Chengzi's words comforted Xuanyuan, who was very happy and then said, "Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it." Guang Chengzi nodded and went out, riding the cloud towards the Mount Kunlun. It didn't take long before he arrived at Yuxu Palace.

The Honored Lord of the Origin always paid particular attention to etiquette, and thus Guang Chengzi dared not intrude into the palace without permission. He asked the White Crane Lad to notify the Honoured Lord of the Origin of his coming. After getting permission, Guang Chengzi went into the palace and told the Honoured Lord of the Origin all about the Nine Li tribes and the Wu Tribe.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin frowned slightly. He knew that the last Human Sovereign's actualization would be the most difficult, while the merit was the biggest. But he had never thought that the Wu Tribe would help the nine Li tribes. He soon realized that Houtu was the backstage planner.

The key point was that Chi You now had the aura of the Human Sovereign, how did he get it? Was it given by Minghe? Not possible. If Chi You became the Human Sovereign, Minghe's interests would be harmed. Minghe was not a person to harm himself and benefit others. The problem now was figuring out where Chi You's aura of the Human Sovereign came from.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin couldn't make it clear at once. He thought it over and asked Guang Chengzi to ring the golden bell and summon the disciples. Guang Chengzi certainly accepted the proposal. He originally came here for help and the Honoured Lord of the Origin completely met his demand. Guang Chengzi thanked the Honoured Lord of the Origin a lot and went outside in a hurry. He exerted his supernatural power and rang the golden bell.

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