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Chi You was now well-qualified to compete with Xuanyuan for the Human Sovereign position after receiving the vital force of Human Sovereign. Though Xuanyuan had the God Farmer's recognition, he didn't have the aura. It was naturally impossible for ordinary humans to determine who was the real Human Sovereign. Power, therefore, became the sole determinant in selecting the Human Sovereign.

With Houtu's permission, Xuan Ming' took Chi You to a hidden room with a large Blood Pond inside the Hall of Pangu. Besides the Ancestors of Sorcery, it was where all the oldest Wu Tribesmen originated from.

However, the Wu Tribesmen now reproduced through fertility means. 10,000 years had passed and none of them were born from this pond anymore. If Chi You immersed himself in the pond to rebalance his mixed-blood, his cultivation would definitely see an improvement. By then, he could double his efficiency when cultivating the Nine Cycles Arcane Techniques and the transforming exercises of Martial Arts.

After 49 days, he emerged from the pond with half human and half Wu blood and the cultivation improved to the Peak Realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. His human body was comparable to that of Great Sorcerers, but the price for all his enhancements was the nearly dried Blood Pond.

He soon left his closed-door meditation and left the Hall of Pangu with Xiang Liu, Jiu Feng, He Shi, Yu Bo, and several other Great Sorcerers. Hundreds of the elite Wu Tribesmen also tagged along, eager to leave. They were naturally predisposed to war and had long become sick of the peace.

Chi You made it back to his tribes with more than 10 Great Sorcerers and a great number of Wu Tribesmen after a week. The Wu Tribesmen claimed to have been impressed by Chi You's bravery and courage and decided to follow him. Their presence came as a shock to the entire Nine Li tribes.

The first tribe in the Nine Li tribes shared the Wu blood, so they naturally welcomed the Wu Tribesmen with open arms.

From this, the leader of the Da Xing tribe was amazed by how Chi You subdued the Wu Tribesmen and thought he was the true leader of the Nine Li tribes. Within a year, he abdicated his throne and handed off all powers to Chi You. Chi You, by nature, wasn't fond of bloody battles but had developed quite the cunning mind after being reincarnated as a human for years.

For a time, the Martial Arts of Immortality pervaded in the Nine Li tribes. Like all the other tribes, the tribesmen worshipped the Holy Mother of Human Tribe, Goddess Nyuwa and other sages in the Human Clan. They also enshrined the gods of the Heavenly Court and the Four Ancestors of Humanity. It wasn't appropriate for Chi You to step in then.

Though Great Sorcerers were powerful, they were nevertheless outsiders. Even if they fought for power and succeeded, the Nine Li tribes would definitely suffer.

The roots of the Wu Tribesmen in his Nine Li tribes wasn't firm yet, so Chi You didn't rush to wage war against Xuanyuan. Instead, he continued to expand the Wu influence by getting more and more elite Wu Tribesmen to join them. In the meantime, he led his tribesmen to invade and occupy surrounding tribes.

The Great Sorcerers were frighteningly apt at fighting. Wherever they went, they would let those who surrender live and kill those who don't. They were like the autumn wind sweeping over fallen leaves. Thanks to them, the population of the Nine Li tribes increased rapidly. Many of the Wu Clansmen were also made to live with and marry humans. Their offsprings were called Wu human.

With so many feats and exploits, Chi You gradually improved the prestige of the Wu Clan. The Great Sorcerers gradually wrestled power from the 81 clans in the Nine Li tribes. Decades later, the Nine Li tribes continued to dominate through conquest and supplemented their growth with labor.

It occurred to Chi You that he didn't have a powerful weapon in hand. The Wu Tribesmen couldn't cultivate their Original Spirits; they could only make a blood sacrifice to their Spiritual Treasures and those treasures couldn't be used freely. Now that he was in a human body, he could cultivate his Original Spirit and decided to refine a Devil Knife.

So he ordered Xingtian and the other Great Sorcerers to assassinate the Taoists in the Nine Li tribes for their Blood of Essence. He used the blood, along with the many treasures in the heaven and earth, to refine the Devil Knife. After 49 days, the knife was finally complete and its birth eclipsed even the sun and moon. A flash of crimson light surged high into the sky, heralding its great power.

Chi You swung the knife towards the enemy territory, and over ten thousand miles of land was soon veiled in a bloody mist. The wind carried the smell of blood and whoever breathed it in would turn pale and fall. Even Veridical Immortals would become lost in the mist and lose sight. Once a person became tainted by the Bloody Fog, his treasures and Original Spirit would both be sucked into the knife, allowing the knife to grow in power. Chi You named it the Tiger Soul Knife.

After following the God Farmer back to Chen Du, Xuanyuan followed the same procedure as when the God Farmer became Fuxi's successor. He became his assistant and familiarize himself with the responsibilities of the Human Sovereign. In three years, he would be enthroned.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye. The same thing happened on the same platform outside Chen Du, though the God Farmer and Kongxuan had replaced Fuxi and Liu'er respectively.

Underneath the platform, there were countless more humans who came to witness the crowning of the new Human Sovereign compared to when the God Farmer inherited the throne from Fuxi. Under the God Farmer's leadership, the Human Tribe had become larger and stronger. They were now indisputably the largest tribe in the Untainted Land.

After walking to the platform, the God Farmer nodded at Xuanyuan and they stepped forward and prayed. Myriads of golden petals fell down seconds later and seven silhouettes suddenly appeared in the sky.

It was the arrival of Minghe, Goddess Nyuwa, Laozi, Tongtian, Yuanshi, Jieyin, and Zhunti. Following them was the group from the Holy Land of Human Clan led by the Four Ancestors of Humanity and Fuxi, the Heavenly Sovereign. As it was a ceremony held for the Human Sovereign, there was no way they wouldn't come.

Since everyone was here, the abdication ceremony officially began. The God Farmer walked to the platform and said loudly, "I'm the God Farmer who have planted the Five Grains and tasted various herbs. I've now fulfilled my merit and is no longer suitable to be the sovereign. Today I'll abdicate the throne formally to a Great Sage of the Human Clan. He's Xuanyuan, the leader of Youxiong tribe. From now on, he'll be the Human Sovereign, leading you to a brighter future."

Like what happened with Fuxi, the crowd began to chant the names of the God Farmer and Xuanyuan. A thick beam of Golden Light of Merit suddenly flashed, stronger than the one appearing at Fuxi's ceremony.

The merit was divided into two parts: 80 percent was for the God Farmer and the rest for Kongxuan. Instantly, both of them were enveloped by the Golden Light of Merit. The Way of Dao, which used to be blurry, was now crystal clear to Kongxuan.

A cloud of Blessings with billowing air and three blooming flowers appeared over Kongxuan's head. A burst of light flashed and out jumped a man, who said, "Congratulations on becoming a Sage-to-be. Achieving the Way of Dao is just a matter of time for you." Kongxuan smiled and replied, "We're both one and the same. We share the same joy." Smiling, the man transformed into a light and entered Kongxuan's body.

Next to Kongxuan was a surprised Minghe. Though his disciple had achieved the separation of his bodies, his cultivation only developed to the Early Stage of Sage-to-be. His three separations were also abnormal, with cultivations only at the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Evidently, he didn't use a primordial spiritual treasure to achieve the separation.

Minghe looked at his disciple with a smile. Kongxuan was indeed Kongxuan, with his own pride. His disciple knew he couldn't catch up to Liu'er if he tried to become a Sage-to-be using the Way of the Three Separations and it would also bring him limited achievements. Thus he created another way to complete the separation.

He had once come to Minghe to ask why he had to complete his three separations. Minghe laughed and said, "Silly boy, the Way of the Three Separations is Hongjun's Way of Dao, not yours. You can follow and learn from another person's Way of Dao, but not necessarily."

Minghe felt comforted to see Kongxuan's achievements. His disciple had finally discovered his own Way of Dao. The separation earlier wasn't any of the Three Separations, but the Golden separation of the Five Phases Separation using mid-grade primordial spiritual roots inside the space of Divine Five Colored Light. It was reasonable that his separation didn't have a high cultivation.

The Sages also noticed the changes in Kongxuan's change after his separation, but it didn't concern them. Without Hong Meng Immortal Qi, Kongxuan had no chance of becoming a sage with merely Way of the Three Separations. He could only achieve The Origin through The Tao of Divine Law but that would take an indefinitely long time. Thus he posed no threat to the Sages.

However, two out of Minghe's three disciples were now Sages-to-be. That threatened the Humanity, Enlightenment, and Severity Tribes, as well as the Western Religious Sect. The best disciples had cultivation no higher than the peak stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Even with all of their disciples united, they wouldn't be able to defeat Liu'er and Kongxuan. This shamed the Sages greatly and they all hoped their disciples would become a the Fruit of Sage-to-be someday.

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