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Xiang Tian exchanged a few courteous words with Chi You before leading him to the Zu Wu Palace, where the Great Sorcerers were all startled to see him. Xuan Ming, the Ancestor of Sorcery who governed the Hall of Pangu, cried in surprise, "My thirteenth brother, you must have the blessing of God the Father to get such a chance to live in the Untainted World. How's your life in the Human Tribe?"

Chi You replied, "Greetings to Sister Senior. You may not be aware of this but I currently command some authority in the Nine Li Tribe of the Human Tribe. I'll likely be its leader in the future." With only two women among the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, Xuan Ming, and Houtu, he addressed them Senior Sister and Junior Sister.

Xuan Ming laughed. "Blessings always follow misfortunes." The Wu Tribesmen became silent at the mention of the Human Tribe. They never thought that such a weak tribe would end up thriving in such a short time and even taking the coveted the position of the ruler of Heaven and Earth. Life was really capricious!

Chi You could sense their dejection and immediately added, "I'm sure you all know about our golden chance. The Human Tribe is choosing their Three Royals and Five Emperors and will soon be enthroning their third Human Sovereign. If you can help me get that position, I'll make sure our Wu Tribe will prosper again with the Luck of the Human Tribe even if we can't return to our heydays."

The eyes of the Wu tribesmen sparkled with hope. It was true they couldn't contend for the position, but Chi You, being a mixed-blood of both tribes, was naturally qualified to do so. If he truly succeeded, their tribe would likely thrive again.

But the decision was too grave for Xuan Ming to make alone. She must consult Houtu, the only Sage in their tribe, as it involved the competition among all the Sages. With Houtu trapped in the Nether Land, they would probably lose the fight against the other Sages even with Great Sorcerers like her and Xing Tian.

After careful consideration, she said, "This involves Sages, so I can't promise you right now. But what you said is right. It's indeed a heaven-sent opportunity for the Wu Tribe. Why don't I take you to the Nether World for a discussion with Houtu?"

Chi You nodded. This truly needed Houtu's permission. If he had a Sage backing him up, he would be better grounded in contention for the position against other Sages.

He might be courageous and strong among humans but lacked strength compared to the ordinary Wu Tribesmen because he wasn't a pure-blooded Wu. He had just improved his Martial Arts cultivation to the level of Conversion Spirit into Emptiness. He could only give up cultivating the Nine Cycles Arcane Techniques of the Wu Tribe as it would take far too long for a mixed-blood like him.

Xuan Ming flew all the way to the Nether Land with Chi You, being discreet to prevent the Sages from noticing. Since the Sages were so preoccupied with the position of the Human Sovereign, they rarely paid any attention to the happenings inside the Wu Tribe. What she didn't know was that the minute Chi You recovered his memory, Minghe's Clone of Blood God had sent him the news. Naturally, he started focusing on the Wu Tribe.

When they arrived at the Nether World, Xuan Ming took Chi You to see Houtu. The latter was startled to see him and immediately put up a shield all around them to ward off eavesdroppers. When she heard about Chi You's plan, she became intrigued as well.

Houtu smiled when she saw how expectant Chi You's eyes looked. "We share the same thought. It's my plan to help enthrone a mixed-blood of the Human and Wu Tribes. When he becomes the Human Sovereign, we can at least some of his merit and use the Human Tribe's luck to rejuvenate or our own. With you here, it saves me the trouble of having to choose someone."

Chi You and Xuan Ming rejoiced to hear these words. "Second Sister, I'm now an adult and it won't be long until I'm made the leader of the nine Li tribes. If I have Xing Tian and the others supporting me, I'm sure to successfully unify the other tribes carrying the Wu blood in them. When that happens, it'll be an easy task to get the position of the Human Sovereign," Chi You said.

Houtu shook her head. "You're too naive, Chi You. The God Farmer has already decided on Xuanyuan of the Youxiong tribe as his successor. And Xuanyuan has the Primeval Lord of Heaven's support as well. It's impossible for you to fight for that position for you have neither the support nor credibility. Even if you have our Wu Tribe backing you up, you'll be hard-pressed to win Xuanyuan who has the Primeval Lord of Heaven. The Holy Land of the Human Tribe may even be supporting Xuanyuan. When that happens, your chances will be even lower."

Her words came as an especially harsh blow for Chi You. It was true that not even a united Wu Tribe would be able to match up to the Holy Land of the Human Tribe. Never mind the fact that Xuanyuan had the Primeval Lord of Heaven's support and Houtu was trapped in the Nether World. With such slim chances, it was unlikely Houtu would allow the Wu Tribe to participate in this power struggle.

Xuan Ming asked in confusion, "If you know our chances are slim, then why did you say you'd pick someone out of the mixed-bloods of the Wu and Demon Tribes and make him the Human Sovereign? Do you have a plan in mind?" Chi You's eyes looked hopeful again.

Houtu smiled without saying anything. With a simple wave of her hand, a gilded stream of golden air in the shape of a dragon appeared. They could faintly hear the sound of roaring. Chi You felt a weight pressing on his back, though he didn't know what it was.

Unlike him, Xuan Ming recognized it to be what the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe used to get the Human Sovereign position when Fuxi was actualizing. She cried out in surprise, "The Supreme Aura of Human Sovereign! How did you get it? Did Minghe give it to our tribe?" Though it was much smaller than what Fuxi received, it was nevertheless a beyond priceless item.

Houtu's expression shifted and she said placidly, "You're right, but it's not from Minghe. I got it from Hongyun when Minghe sent her purusa to go through reincarnation. If Chi You has it, he'll have the right to fight for the position. There's nothing the Primeval Lord of Heaven can do about it but send his disciples to assist Xuanyuan. This way, the Holy Land of the Human Tribe also has no ground to favor Xuanyuan."

Though Xuan Ming was happy to hear that, she soon asked in deep concern, "For Hongyun to have that aura with her during reincarnation, then that must mean Minghe plans for her to be next Human Sovereign. Now that you've taken it from her, won't you be foiling Minghe's plans?"

"Minghe was indeed a friend before," Xuan Ming said indifferently, "but he allowed our nemesis, Fu Xi, to reincarnate as the Human Sovereign. Has he cared about our reaction? This time, my actions are a reminder to him that I'm the founder of the Six Path of Reincarnation and the Nether World he owns is the benefit he reaped from me. At the end of the day, the Sixth Path of Reincarnation is still the most crucial part of the Nether World. I'm only reminding him who's the true owner."

Naturally, she could sense her sister's fear and worries. After all, Minghe was the powerful Origin and defying him would bring no advantage to their tribe. She thought differently, however. It was something worth trying. She laughed and said, "Don't worry. I now have the power of a Sage at the Secondary Stage and the Bell of Chaos as well. Minghe is still in the early stage of the Origin; he's completely not my match. Don't overthink this. Minghe wouldn't fight me over this."

Xuan Ming nodded, though she still worried about it. Chi You, however, never turned his attention away from the Supreme Aura of Human Sovereign. Houtu smiled and pushed the aura directly into him. "Chi You, you're pure-blooded and your cultivation is still low. You may enter the Blood Pond in the Hall of Pangu to increase your blood flow. But remember to increase your blood to no more than half human, half Wu. Otherwise, even with that aura, you'll lose your right to fight for that position."

Houtu then turned to Chi You. "Make arrangements accordingly besides sending Xing Tian to help Chi You. Though Xing Tian is a Great Sorcerer, he's also a Sage-to-be now. I suppose none of the Primeval Lord of Heaven's disciples have anything against Xing Tian and when that happens, he himself may step in. That'd be disastrous for us."

Xuan Ming nodded in agreement, knowing too well the severe consequences it might incur. It was hard for her to defeat Xing Tian with his complete set of Shields and Broadax, never mind those disciples of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. They were no more than the disciples of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, and if they were hurt during the fight, the bad-tempered Primeval Lord of Heaven would definitely kill Xing Tian.

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