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As time flew, Xuanyuan gradually grew up. He had been studying cultivation with Guang Chengzi from before he was 15. From then on, he began to help his father Shaodian manage the affairs of the tribe. Guang Chengzi knew about this and told Xuanyuan to deal with the clan's affairs in daytime and study cultivation at night.

Henceforth Xuanyuan kept all things in good order and helped the Youxiong tribe grow steadily. Seeing this, Shaodian resigned his sovereign authority to Xuanyuan under the disguise of senility.

The Youxiong tribe developed quite well under the leadership of Xuanyuan. People in nearby tribes heard that Xuanyuan was not only the disciple of immortals but also a man with the qualities of a Great Sage, so they joined Xuanyuan one by one. Youxiong tribe thus rapidly became one of the strongest tribes and Xuanyuan's name was widespread in the Human Tribe.

At that time, the land available for farming was infinite in the Human Tribe, but people in the tribe always quarreled about the territory. After thorough consideration, Xuanyuan decided to greatly develop the farming based on the God Farmer's achievements and to measure the field by feet in order to avoid quarrels. He then redistributed the land and coordinated the farming. As a result, the output of grain was sharply increased in the Youxiong tribe.

When the grain was sufficient, Xuanyuan began to fix his eyes on the military training. He ran the army strictly and helped increase the strength of the army by a large margin.

God Farmer was looking for a successor in Chen Du. He heard that Xuanyuan, the leader of the Youxiong tribe, was a gifted man. Under his leadership, the Xuanyuan tribe had developed vastly compared to the past. God Farmer couldn't help but think that Xuanyuan might be the one he had been seeking out for so long.

God Farmer instantly left Chen Du and hurried to the Xuanyuan tribe. Firstly, he wanted to see whether Xuanyuan was a Great Sage as the story went or not with his own eyes. Secondly, he wanted to witness the changes in the Youxiong tribe, as it was said.

When God Farmer finally arrived at the Youxiong tribe, travel-worn and weary, he found a very thriving scene. God Farmer knew at once that Xuanyuan
 was equal to the reputation. He was looking forward to meeting Xuanyuan now.

When he entered the Youxiong tribe, God Farmer told the tribesmen who he was and demanded to see Xuanyuan. The tribesmen were all pleasantly surprised at his arrival. As it was well known that the God Farmer's prestige in the Human Tribe had completely surpassed that of the Heavenly Sovereign Fuxi.

Now the honorable man was present in the Youxiong tribe, how could the tribesmen not be surprised? God Farmer was welcomed to a room and waited for a minute. Xuanyuan then hurriedly came in.

God Farmer involuntarily looked Xuanyuan up and down. Xuanyuan was nine feet high, with dashing eyebrows and bright eyes, shining like the stars in the sky. He stood there quietly, surrounded by an aura of authority. His eyes revealed his sovereign position.

God Farmer looked at Xuanyuan and inwardly sighed. What an excellent guy! Xuanyuan was shocked at first when he got the news that the Sovereign of Human tribe, God Farmer, visited the tribe. He had no idea of God Farmer's purposes. So he hurriedly walked out and genuflected in front of the God Farmer. He said respectfully, "Your Majesty Sovereign, welcome to our tribe, I'm the leader of the Youxiong tribe, Xuanyuan."

Guang Chengzi came together with Xuanyuan and also saluted to God Farmer. He said, "Your Majesty Sovereign, I'm Guang Chengzi. It's my honor to meet you today." Since he was defeated by Liu er, Guang Chengzi's character had greatly changed. He would never think too much of himself again, though his pride somehow remained.

God Farmer laughed and held Xuanyuan up. He said, "Let's throw away unnecessary formalities. I've heard of you for a long time. It's said that you're a Great Sage of the Human Tribe. Now I see that you're indeed equal to your reputation." He then turned to Guang Chengzi and said, "Fellow Taoist, you should not take unnecessary formality neither."

Xuanyuan modestly replied. "Your Majesty Sovereign, you flatter me. I really don't deserve such an honor." God Farmer brought Xuanyuan into the room and began to discuss the problems in managing the tribe. Meanwhile, he observed Xuanyuan carefully.

God Farmer discussed with Xuanyuan for a long time, he then absolutely believed that Xuanyuan was a Great Sage. But Xuanyuan's way of governance was not a completely kingly way. It was a combination of the kingly way and the hegemonic way. God Farmer hesitated about whether he should choose Xuanyuan as the successor or not.

After much deliberation, God Farmer considered the present situation in the Human Tribe and eventually decided to take Xuanyuan as the successor to inherit the sovereign of the Human Tribe. God Farmer made up his mind and called Xuanyuan over. He said, "Xuanyuan, pack your luggage and come back to Chen Du with me. I'll abdicate the position of the sovereign of the Human Tribe to you."

Xuanyuan was greatly shocked and cried out. "Your Majesty Sovereign! You can't do so. I'm too incompetent for the position as sovereign. Please withdraw your order!"

God Farmer sighed and said, "Xuanyuan, I know full well whether you're qualified or not. All right, no need to say anymore. Go and pack your luggage and then come to Chen Du with me. This is an order." Xuanyuan had no choice but to follow God Farmer's words.

When God Farmer decided to bring Xuanyuan back to Chen Du, the clansmen of the Youxiong tribe were all excited. Guang Chengzi got the news at once and was overjoyed in his heart. Since God Farmer had made such a decision, it was obvious that Xuanyuan's work had received God Farmer's recognition. There was no doubt that the God Farmer would abdicate the position as sovereign to Xuanyuan. How could Guang Chengzi not be happy?

Under such circumstances, the position of the Human Sovereign was fixed to Xuanyuan. When Xuanyuan actualized the Human Sovereign, Guang Chengzi would naturally obtain much merit. Guang Chengzi was now at the Secondary Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal cultivation. Once he received much merit, his cultivation would be sharply promoted to be closer to the Sage-to-be Realm.

In the Untainted Land, the Human Tribe had nine big tribes in total. They were Quan tribe, Yu tribe, Square tribe, Huang tribe, Bai tribe, Chi tribe, Xuan tribe, Wind tribe and Yang tribe. They composed the nine Li tribes, or as they were also called the nine Yi tribes. There were nine different clans in each tribe, totaling 81 clans. The population was large and the strength of the tribes couldn't be underestimated.

Soon after Xuanyuan was born in the Youxiong tribe, the nine Li tribes also welcomed a baby that weighed 8.5 kilograms. He began to speak when he was seven years old and named himself Chi You. He was now 13 years old, with a height of two feet. He admired neither Heaven nor Earth. He also refused to worship the Sage or learn the way of Dao. He was born with superhuman strength and could easily tear beasts into pieces like child's play. With fierce Evil Spirit floating around, all Exotic Beasts in the Untainted Land dared not to provoke Chi You.

He was so distinguished that Li, the leader of the tribe, decided to pass the crown to Chi You. But people in the nine Li tribes didn't know the true origin of Chi You. When Chi You was seven years old, his veridical soul finally awaked. He remembered that he was exactly the incarnation of Ancestor Chi You, the thirteenth Ancestor of sorcerer.

Tribesmen of the Wu Tribe normally returned to Heaven and Earth when they died. However, for some unknown reasons, when Chi You was killed by the Wu-killing Sword, his resentments remained and carried his veridical soul along with them, wandering in the world together. When Xuanyuan was born, the veridical soul of Chi You was also reincarnated in the nine Li tribes. How dramatic the fate was.

Chi You's incarnation was a human body. When he was seven years old, his wisdom developed and he also remembered his previous incarnation. Chi You was a person unwilling to remain out of the limelight. He had succeeded the nine Li tribes with great effort, but he was not satisfied. Every time Chi You thought about the decline of the Wu Tribe, his heart was filled with regret.

Chi You thought over and over again and finally came up with an idea. He planned to summon the remainders of the Wu Tribe and strengthen the nine Li tribes. By then, they would be able to fight against the other tribes and unify the Human Tribe in Untainted Land. As a result, the Wu Tribe could also be prosperous. The tribesmen of the Wu Tribe could occupy a high position in the Human Tribe and he could even monopolize the position of the Human Sovereign. What a fine thing! So, Chi You bid farewell to Li with the excuse of finding masters to help the nine Li tribes. He then went to the Hall of Pangu in order to summon the remainders of the Wu Tribe.

After the final battle between the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe, most elites of the Wu Tribe were assembled in the Hall of Pangu, while others were gathered in the Nether World. The Hall of Pangu was guarded by the Great Sorcerer Xing Tian, Xiang Liu, Jiu Feng, He Shi, Yu Bo and so on. No one in the Untainted Land dared to invade it. Therefore, the Wu Tribe had lost the sovereign of the Untainted Land, though they could still live a tranquil life.

Chi You was quite familiar with the path to the Hall of Pangu, just like a duck to water. When he was nearly half a mile away from the Hall, a giant guy appeared that was almost 30 feet tall. His eyes were as big as a pair of brass gongs. He stared at Chi You and cried out. "My dear brother!"

Chi You laughed aloud and stepped forward. He said, "Although I've changed my appearances, you still recognize me, my dear brother." The Wu Tribe cultivated in the Original Spirit. They knew nothing about the way of Dao, but they had Inborn Sensitivity. It was an instinct of battle. When confronted with cognations of the Wu Tribe, they could be telepathic with each other. Chi You's body belonged to the Human Tribe, however, his veridical soul remained unchanged. So Xing Tian easily recognized him from far away.

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