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Chapter 177: The Birth of Xuanyuan

Above the Blood Sea, Jingbae was looking at the immense Sea below and kept asking, "Master Ancestor, why the Sea is red?" "Master Ancestor, what are the black ones doing below?" "Master Ancestor... " It seemed that she had hundreds of thousands of questions in her head. She couldn't be quiet for a single minute. Although Liu er was always a clamorous monkey, he now just couldn't bear the clamorous little girl.

When they returned to the Sacred Island, Liu er told his mount Water Kylin to play with Jingbae while he and Kong Xuan went for Minghe. As soon as a ray of the Divine Five Colored Light flickered in Kong Xuan's hands, Wu Zhiqi appeared. He bowed to Minghe and said, "Nice to meet you, Your Majesty Ancestor Minghe."

Minghe looked at Wu Zhiqi and slightly sighed in his heart. Among the Four Monkeys of Destruction, the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey was the cleverest. Depending on his Heaven Endowed Magic Skill, he had successfully escaped from the Cultivation Tribulation between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes and had been living freely till now.

However, he had risked his life to kidnap the daughter of the sovereign of the Human Tribe from Chen Du. Once the Human Tribe got the news, Wu Zhiqi would be exiled from Untainted Land forever. He had clearly known the consequences and still did it and so there must be some reason that he couldn't resist. In the whole Untainted Land, only the Sages could force him to do that.

The Four Monkeys of Destruction all came to a sticky end. Wu Zhiqi, the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey, appeared first. When Yu the Great regulated rivers and watercourses, Wu Zhiqi raised winds and waves to prevent him. As a result, Wu Zhiqi was suppressed by Yu the Great, and although Wu Zhiqi lost his freedom, he survived in the end.

The Long-Armed Ape Monkey was next. In the Battle of Gods Investiture, he was trapped in the Mountain and River Map by Goddess Nvywa and then finally killed by Yang Jian. The third Monkey, Wise Monkey Sun Wu Kong became a tool of Buddhist dharma. He finally became a Buddha and lost all his disposition as a monkey. As for the fourth Monkey, Liu er Macaca Mula, he had an even worse end. He was subdued by the Tathagata and killed by Sun Wu Kong.

Looking at Wu Zhiqi, Minghe asked nothing. Even if he asked, he knew that Wu Zhiqi could not answer. It was more convenient and effective to investigate Wu Zhiqi's memory. As Minghe put out his hands, innumerable silver lights merged into Wu Zhiqi's Original Spirit.

Wu Zhiqi knelt and worshipped Minghe. He did not even dare move his fingers. He was defenseless when confronted by Liu er, let alone Minghe, a master of the Origin level. Anyway, his life now was not controlled by himself.

After a moment, Minghe took his hands back and sighed. The unknown Sage was so cautious that he had left no clues. There was no way to detect the truth. Although his ultimate aim was Minghe, the daughter of the Human Sovereign was also involved. If he had left some evidence behind, he and his religious section would never be tolerated by the Human Tribe.

Minghe looked at Wu Zhiqi and said lightly. "Wu Zhiqi, you'll be sentenced to death because you had kidnapped the daughter of the Human Sovereign. Besides, your Origin of the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey is essential to Liu er's cultivation, so you're doomed to die. However, I'll give you a chance and help you get into the reincarnation cycle, what's more, I'll also give you a present. I hope you can conduct yourself well in the future."

After these words, Minghe took out Wu Zhiqi's Original Spirit and sent a ray of black light into it and then sent the Original Spirit to the Nether World. As for Wu Zhiqi's human body, Minghe threw it into the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. It was not long before the Origin of the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey was completely refined, Minghe picked up one piece of it and handed it to Liu er, who was standing aside with glowing eyes staring at it.

Liu er received the Origin of the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey and hurried into the Closed Door Meditation. Minghe told Kong Xuan to bring Jingbae back to Chen Du. God Farmer was about to fulfill his merit. Kong Xuan, as God Farmer's teacher, could not be absent. Furthermore, the daughter of the Human Sovereign had been missing for so long. Kong Xuan would bring Jingbae back and calm down the turbulence.

As for the mention of the unknown Sage, Minghe had no idea, but he would not let it go. The one who seized quite an appropriate chance to set the whole plan must be the Mentor of Human Sovereign. Minghe believed he would give himself away one day.

The disappearance of the daughter of the Human Sovereign gave rise to a great riot in the Untainted Land. Beyond all expectations, Minghe and the Holy Land of Human Tribe did not take revenge when Jingbae was finally found. All of the tribes in the Untainted Land were quite confused.

The Sages were also puzzled. It seemed that Minghe had greatly changed since he honored the Human Sovereign. He had sent out several positions of the Mentors of Human Sovereign at first and then kept quiet for a long time. All those things were quite out of Minghe's character. As Minghe became calmer, the Sages got more and more worried. The silence before the storm was always horrible.

In the Yuxu Palace, the Honoured Lord of the Origin summoned the Twelve Golden Immortals and the Dipamkara Taoist. He looked at them in satisfaction and then said to Guang Chengzi. "Guang Chengzi, now the Human Sovereign God Farmer is going to actualize, the next generation of the Human Sovereign is about to appear, you go and teach him. When the Human Sovereign actualizes, you'll get the merit as a reward."

Guang Chengzi was very happy. He stepped forward and quickly replied. "Yes, my lord. I'll sincerely follow your words and teach the Human Sovereign heartfully. I won't let you down, I promise." The Honoured Lord of the Origin nodded and said, "Fine. This is a very serious matter that you can never be too careful with."

Guang Chengzi immediately nodded and then delightedly stood aside.

Dipamkara Taoist was involuntarily angry with the Honoured Lord of the Origin's arrangements. He had been at the peak level of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal for thousands of years and never had the chance to make a Breakthrough. Although he was the Deputy Sect Leader of the Clan of Enlightenment, his

Enlightenment, his actual identity was a complete embarrassment.

Till now, not one good thing in the Clan of Enlightenment had ever been assigned to him. Neither the Magic Weapon nor the merit. He could only maintain his position of the Deputy Sect Leader. Thinking of this, Dipamkara couldn't help hating the Honoured Lord of the Origin for his injustice. However, he was only a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and couldn't match with the Origin, the Sage. He had no choice but to be tolerant.

Somewhere 100,000 meters away in the north of Chen Du, the capital of the Human Tribe, lay a middle-sized tribe of the Human Tribe named Youxiong. It was built along the Ji River. The king's name was Shaodian. He had two wives, one was Nvdeng, the other was Fubao. They were sisters.

One evening, Fubao witnessed a ray of lightning flashing around the alpha Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper. In a while, the star fell down and Fubao was pregnant.

She had been pregnant for 24 months and then finally gave birth to a little baby. As soon as the baby was born, a Taoist arrived at the Youxiong tribe.

The guard naturally notified Shaodian about the Taoist. Shaodian got the news that a cultivator was waiting outside. He dared not to be arrogant. He instantly left the baby and hurried to the door to receive his visitor. Shaodian then saw a cultivator in a bluish white robe, with extraordinary looks. Shaodian hastily saluted the visitor with formal bows in welcome.

The Taoist was exactly Guang Chengzi. He followed the order of the Honoured Lord of the Origin and came here to teach the Human Sovereign. Many fellow apprentices were envious, especially Dipamkara. Guang Chengzi replied Shaodian's greetings and said, "I'm Guang Chengzi, the chief disciple of the Honoured Lord of the Origin, who was also honored as the Sage Jade Pure of Pangu. I come here today to teach your son. Take it easy and don't stand on ceremony."

Shaodian was extremely happy at what Guang Chengzi had said. He knew that the Honored Lord of the Origin was the Sage. If his son could be taught by the taught by the disciple of a Sage, his son would acquire great achievements in the future. Shaodian excitedly brought Guang Chengzi to the big tent at the center of the tribe.

In the tent, Shaodian arranged Guang Chengzi at the best seat. He himself sat in the lesser seat and ordered the tribesmen to bring the new-born baby.

Fubao soon came, holding a baby. Guang Chengzi, who was talking with Shaodian, spontaneously turned his gaze to the baby. He contently nodded and said, "He is gifted in cultivation. What a good boy!"

Fubao knew nothing about cultivation so she kept silent. Shaodian understood that the disciple of the Sage wanted to teach his son. He stepped forward in a hurry and said, "Your Majesty Immortal, please give a name to my new-born baby." Fubao was so clever, she heard the mention of 'Immortal' and realized that Guang Chengzi was an extraordinary master, so she stared at Guang Chengzi immediately and waited for an answer.

Guang Chengzi replied. "There is a destined bond between the baby and me. He was born in Xuanyuan Hill, so he shall be named Xuanyuan. I come here to recruit a disciple, and he shall be my direct disciple. Do you agree?" Guang Chengzi looked at Shaodian and Fubao patiently.

Shaodian was happy at first and then became anxious. He asked, "Your Majesty Immortal, this is a most welcome suggestion to me. I just wonder whether you'll bring my son back to the mountain for the cultivation?"

Guang Chengzi answered, "Don't worry. Xuanyuan is the successor of the tribe, I'll teach him cultivation right here instead of bringing him to the mountain outside."

Shaodian felt relieved at such words. After all, a father was always reluctant to separate from his new-born baby. Guang Chengzi then stayed in the Youxiong tribe and waited for Xuanyuan to grow up. In order to teach Xuanyuan in a most convenient way, he simply resided in the Youxiong tribe.

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