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In the Blood Sea, Minghe instantly flew into a fury after receiving Musen's talisman. He had been annoyed by Houtu since she trapped Hongyun and now she even tried to trick Minghe. Did she really regard Minghe as a man that could easily be bullied?

Thinking of this, the Clones of Blood God spread throughout the Untainted Land by Minghe, began to move, one after another. They shared a common goal, find the missing Jingbae. Finding Jingbae was indeed the first priority now.

Besides, Minghe decided to trace the person that had secretly kidnapped Jingbae from Chen Du. Chen Du was the capital of the whole Human Tribe. The whole Human Tribe regarded it as quite an important place, including the Four Ancestors of Humanity. Although no one dared to make trouble in the Human Tribe nowadays, the Holy Land of Human Tribe still sent out several Martial Artists and immortals with the cultivation of the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal to guard Chen Du, just in case.

Under such circumstances, someone could kidnap Jingbae successfully and no one had even noticed. It was obvious that he was among the very best of the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Besides, the Sage even helped him by covering the secrets of Heaven. What a fine plan!

Minghe's face revealed infinite Menace Intent. After finding out some secrets of the Chaos, he decided to give up some benefits in the Untainted Land. Now it seemed that somebody misunderstood his concession and regarded him as a coward. Houtu firstly trapped him, and now someone even trapped his disciple. It was time to make them realize once again, who on earth was the absolute dominator of Untainted Land, as he had used to do in the past.

The criminal himself had probably never thought that Minghe could take such quick action. Jingbae was soon found with the thorough chase. Minghe was shocked when he identified the criminal. He then sent out two talismans to notify Kong Xuan and Liu er, as the event ought to be settled by them.

In the Yellow River, a strange monkey was roaring down the waves and running towards the East Sea with a sleepy little girl curled up in his arms. The monkey was quite similar to Liu er, with white hair covering its whole body. He indeed had a close relation with Liu Er as the strange monkey was one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey, also named Wu Zhiqi.

The Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey knew about Yin and Yang and mastered the affairs of Human Tribe. He was also good at traveling. What was more, he could even escape from death and extend lifespan. Additionally, as one of the Four Spiritual Monkeys, he was proficient at changing appearances. His power was comparable with the Nine Dragons. When it came to the skills of controlling water, the Water God Gonggong was by no means easily able to beat him.

At first, Wu Zhiqi served in the Demon Tribe of the Heavenly Court. After the Demon Tribe had declined, he left the Heavenly Court and went to Untainted Land. Depending on his Heaven Endowed Magic Skill, he was soon well known in the Demon Tribe in the Untainted Land. After all, in the present Untainted Land, Sacred Demons reaching the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal were few.

To be honest, he was extremely unwilling to kidnap Jingbae from Chen Du. Nowadays, the Human Tribe was so strong that a humble Sacred Demon like Wu Zhiqi could hardly be matched with. But Wu Zhiqi had no choice, he was ordered by the Sage. Though he didn't exactly know which Sage gave the order.

Wu Zhiqi only knew that he couldn't resist the Sage. Although the Sage had offered rich remuneration, he did not look forward to it at all. He could only escape from the serious situation only if he sent Jingbae back to the East Sea before the Human Tribe and Ancestor Minghe noticed.

However, as the East Sea came closer, his worries became heavier. Looking at the sleepy girl, Wu Zhiqi visibly struggled with the idea of whether he should give up or continue with the plan. Unfortunately, he had no more time.

"Stop! You bastard! Do you dare to fight with me?" A black golden stick smashed into the sky with thunder roaring. Before the stick struck the water, the Aura around the stick firstly cut into the Yellow River. It gave rise to roaring waves and seemed to split the whole river in half.

Wu Zhiqi was shocked. He instantly took out a long grey stick and waved it in a circle in order to intercept the attack. The unexpected attack carried overwhelming power. If he failed to intercept it, he would be badly injured. Or even worse, he would die.

"Hum... " With a great sound, the black golden stick was intercepted by Wu Zhiqi as he originally expected. But the power he absorbed from the infinite water was also shattered. Wu Zhiqi's whole arm was now numb. He finally discerned who his opponent was and found out that his opponent was also a monkey. Wu Zhiqi was in a really bad mood.

At that moment, a ray of the Divine Five Colored Light flickered and Wu Zhiqi felt the weight in his arms was lost. The girl who should have been sleeping in his arms was now in the hands of a young Taoist standing aside. Wu Zhiqi was in a complete despair.

They were exactly Liu er and Kong Xuan. Liu er pretended to attack Wu Zhiqi and Kong Xuan seized the chance to take the sleepy girl back using the Divine Five Colored Light, thus they had no more restraints. Wu Zhiqi was at the Peak Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. However, Kong Xuan was also at the Peak Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. What was more, Liu er was at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be. How could Wu Zhiqi alone fight the two masters together?

Kong Xuan held Jingbae and examined her carefully. He made sure that she was fine and saw that she had only been cursed with a sleepy incantation. Kong Xuan gently touched her face and released the incantation. Jingbae gradually woke up and happily said, "Master Ancestor, will you play with me?"

Looking at the innocent and pure smiles on Jingbae's face, Kong Xuan's heart was filled with rage. If they came late, Jingbae would have been the Jingbae Bird as the mythology said. Kong Xuan furiously stared at Wu Zhiqi and restrain his killing intent.

After the attack, Wu Zhiqi and Liu er stood separately to face each other. Kong Xuan said to Liu er. "Brother, please look after Jingbae. I want to end the whole affair with the bastard." He then smiled and said to Jingbae. "Jingbae, you go and play with my brother, I have something else to deal with."

Looking at the little girl passed over by Kong Xuan, Liu er shook his head and said, "You look after her by yourself. I'll deal with the affairs." As Liu er spoke, he was fixing his eyes on Wu Zhiqi over the river. Wu Zhiqi was looking back in return as if there had somehow been deep hatred between them.

Kong Xuan was confused but he still followed what Liu er said. He certainly felt the weird atmosphere between Liu er and Wu Zhiqi. But they were seeing each other for the first time, why did they behave like foes?

Liu er looked at Wu Zhiqi and said emotionlessly. "Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey, I've heard of all of your Magic Skills from my teacher. Now that you've kidnapped the daughter of the Human Sovereign, did you ever predict that you would die today?"

Kong Xuan immediately understood Liu er's words. Minghe once told him that there were Four Monkeys of Destruction in the world. Liu er was one of them, the Liu er Macaca Mula. The five-colored stone left in the mending of the Sky was formed into Wise Monkey. The Origin of the Wise Monkey had been carved out by Liu er. If Liu er wanted to carve out the other two separations, he must find the other two members of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. Now that the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey was standing right before Liu er, no doubt Liu er would stare at him like that.

Looking at Liu er for a quite long time, Wu Zhiqi finally replied coldly. "What a surprise, to think that the chief disciple of Ancestor Minghe was indeed one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, the Liu er Macaca Mula. Or, should I call you the Taoist Liu er? It's really pitiable to meet you here today. Although I know what a serious situation I have been trapped in, I have no other choice, If you want to kill me, just do it."

Instead of killing, Liu er calmly asked, "Wu Zhiqi, who on earth has ordered you to kidnap the daughter of the Human Sovereign? If you tell me the truth, I promise to plead with my teacher not to kill you and help you get into the reincarnation incarnation. What about this idea?"

Wu Zhiqi shook his head and said, "Liu er, don't waste your time anymore. I truly have no idea of the person behind the scenes. There are only several Sages in whole Untainted Land. You can get the answer by yourself. I know I'm not your opponent. You can kill me as you like."

Liu er naturally understood Wu Zhiqi's words. The whole affair must have been arranged by a Sage. But it was hard to say which Sage would commit the crime. Even his teacher Minghe could not get the answer. It was pointless to ask Wu Zhiqi anymore. Liu er originally intended to take out the Origin of the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey. But he did not know how to take it out. Liu er decided to bring the Monkey back to the Blood Sea and asked Minghe for help.

Liu er glanced at Kong Xuan and Kong Xuan perfectly understood him. A ray of the Divine Five Colored Light flickered. Wu Zhiqi was obedient to the arrest and was locked into Kong Xuan's five-colored space. They held Jingbae and rode the clouds towards the Blood Sea.

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